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VIDEO: Prof Margaret Kamar now says she was Nicholas Biwott’s wife



University lecturer-turned-politician Margaret Kamar has cleared the air on her relationship with former powerful Kanu-era politician Nicholas Biwott.

Prof Kamar, who is running for the Uasin Gishu senatorial seat seat, on Wednesday introduced Mr Biwott’s family, including herself and her two co-wives Hannie and Kalista.


She introduced Hannie as the matriarch of the family and thanked her for “taking care of mzee during his younger age”.

“I think we have put this to rest,” she said during Mr Biwott’s requiem Mass in Toot Village in Elgeyo-Marakwet County.

“You’ve known nothing but the whole truth.”

While Prof Kamar had named Mr Biwott as her husband on her CV and online pages, she had never been seen in public with Total Man.

And while she was present throughout the requiem Mass at AIC Milimani on Tuesday, there was no mention of her.


When Mr Biwott’s cousin, only identified as Chirchir, asked members of the Biwott family to step forward for introduction, Ms Kamar did not rise.

Neither was she given an opportunity to address mourners.

Prof Kamar entered the church shortly before the service started and quietly took a seat among the family members, just behind Hannie and her children.

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However, she neither exchanged pleasantries with nor talked to them throughout the three-hour event.

But on Wednesday, the three wives introduced themselves and proceeded to hold one another’s hands as they introduced their children.

Mr Biwott had seven children — six daughters an one son.


Hannie recounted how she was surprised in the 1990s when Mr Biwott was accused of murder and corruption.

Mr Biwott was linked to the murder of Foreign Affairs minister Robert Ouko.

He was also adversely mentioned in the infamous Goldenberg scandal.

He denied playing any role in Mr Ouko’s death and the mega scam that almost brought Kenya’s economy to its knees.

“I told him to buy space in a newspaper and defend himself but he declined, saying that it was above his dignity to fight back,” she said.

While at university with Mr Biwott in Australia, she said, she knew him as a man of high moral principles.

She said she regretted her husband’s negative publicity in the media.

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Tanzania Star Singer Diamond Platnumz Involved in a Car Crash in the US



Tanzania star musician Diamond Platnumz on Friday cheated death and escaped unhurt after the car he was travelling in was involved in an accident in Oakland, California on Friday.

Taking to Instagram, the Bongo flavor singer, who is in the United States for an album tour dubbed – ‘A Boy from Tandale’, said he almost perished in the crash and thanked God for giving him a chance to continue inspiring young people.

“Dah!!! Almost died tonight!… but god gave me another chance to breathe and continue inpiring & creating more future for my fellow youth!!!…(Dah Tumepata ajari na kunusurika kufa usiku wa leo wakati tunatoka kwenye show….ila Mwenyez Mungu amenipa nafasi nyingine tena ya kuishi na kuendelea kushikana mkono na vijana wenzangu mtaani kwa pamoja tuziokoe familia zetu duni….) Read Diamond Platnumz’s caption.

The crash happened when the artiste was coming from a show in company of his brother Romy Jons and two others. Their car was hit by another vehicle from the side.

Tanzanian music super star Diamond Platinumz. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Aisee wacha mungu aitwe mungu….Pengine ilikua iwe siku yetu ya mwisho leo ila Mungu akaona atupe nafasi nyingine ya kuishi…..Alhamdulillah mungu nikushkuru leo,kesho na kesho kutwa!!!!tusisahau kusali binadam wenzangu maana kifo tunatembea nacho mkononi!!!!!,” said Diamond Platnumz’s brother Romy Jons.

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White House spokeswoman kicked out of a US restaurant by the owner



White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders  has confirmed that she was asked to leave a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, on Friday against her wish.

Sanders confirmed the incident Saturday following a social media post which has gone viral on the internet.

“Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for ⁦‪@POTUS‬⁩ and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so,” Mrs. Sanders said through her Twitter account Saturday.

A person claiming to be an employee of the restaurant posted details of the incident shortly after it happened Friday night.

The President’s spokesperson has, without a doubt, made many friends and foes since she took over from her predecessor, Robert Gibbs.

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Kenyan men in US form “Maendeleo ya Wanaume” network group



By Erastus Mong’are

As cases of the Diaspora Kenyan men running into hard times in the USA and other parts of the world have increased in recent years, a group of men has come together to form the first group that will be focused on “being my brother’s keeper.” Kenya Men Empowered Network (KEMEN) was officially launched on Saturday, June 16, 2018 in Taunton, Massachusetts, as part of 3 days of activities planned for the participating men.

Over 150 men from across the USA gathered in Taunton for activities ranging from a golf tournament to empowerment workshops to nyama choma eating on the final day. Coincidentally, the launch happened during the month of June, which is Men’s Health Month in USA, International Men’s Health Week, June 11-17 and on Father’s Day weekend.

Founder member, Antony Kamnao, speaking during the event, said that the group aims to create a forum where Kenyan men in the Diaspora can address issues that affect them and find appropriate solutions to solve them. “Through the KEMEN platform, the association will engage, inform and educate the community of Kenyan men on how to address the challenges of their daily lives,” said Kamnao. “The ability to generate, access, and use information has become a key factor in personal, social, and economic growth. That’s why through free flow and sharing of information, this forum will expand its global outreach to the Diaspora society in reshaping our personal, education, and social activities and values.”

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Empowerment workshop topics included higher education and careers, health and wellness, mentorship and entrepreneurship. The speakers who came from across the USA and each connected his presentation to an issue that was selected as important to Diaspora men.

Speaking during the launch, Dr. David Angwenyi, Founder, Global Connections Kenya (GCK), said that the launch of KEMEN has opened a new platform for Kenyan men in the diaspora to network and empower one another in an unprecedented manner. “The open discussion and the sheer talent that was on display at the launch should send a strong message to anyone who is quick to dismiss this organization.  In one sentence, KEMEN has opened a new frontier for Kenyan men in the Diaspora to move the great ideas and unity of purpose into action, and the power that would come out of this organized group of men is simply unstoppable.”

Toward the end, the men who were present were encouraged to reach out to a fellow man if they needed help on issues that could lead them to major issues.

Former Presidential candidate, 2017 Dr. Jeff Kaluyu who graced the events noted that KEMEN would succeed because of the integrity of the men behind the idea. “For me, KEMEN is a practical approach and a refuge for men issues on both Diaspora and domestic fronts,” he said.

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“As I leave here today, I have learned that many times Kenyan men don’t ask for help. It is an ego thing. Don’t let ego kill you,” a participant in the launch said. “You cannot squander this opportunity now that we have a group dedicated to men.”

After Saturday’s launch, KEMEN will focus on making its structures stronger so that the organization can focus on being a go to place for men seeking help and for empowerment.


Diaspora men in the USA seeking to start a chapter in their state or engage in other ways can contact KEMEN through their website,

The next KEMEN event will be held on June 28 – 30, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia where the first chapter of the group was started. Massachusetts where the launch event was held takes the bragging rights of starting the second chapter of KEMEN.


Erastus Mong’are, HSC, is the Founder and Executive Director, StartUpAfrica and Board Member of Kenya Men Empowerment Network (KEMEN) where he also serves as the National Events Director

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