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VIDEO: Shock as Susan Njeri Thomi Kariuki, a Kenyan media entrepreneur in US, dies after short illness




US-based Kenyan media personality and entrepreneur, Susan Njeri Thomi Kariuki, has passed away. According to family sources, Ms Kariuki died at  Texas Presbyterian hospital in Plano, where she had been rushed after a short illness.

Sources told Kenya Satellite News (KSN) that she passed away while receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Ms Kariuki, the President and CEO of Karisan Media, became ill suddenly on Thursday and was rushed to the hospital. Speaking to KSN on Friday, Mr Henry Pasha, the co-owner of Karisan Media company and a close friend to Njeri, said that he was still in shock after learning of the demise.

“I am in Alabama but I am taking the first flight out to Texas. I am confused…but I can confirm to you that indeed, Njeri is no more,” he said in a phone interview with this reporter.

Njeri’s mother, who is visiting the US, was informed of the death and, on Friday night, was on her way to Texas from New Jersey, where she was being hosted since she arrived from Kenya.

“It is extremely devastating for her as she had not met her daughter since she arrived in the US,” said a family source.

By the time of going to press, the actual cause of death had not been made public.

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News of Njeri’s passing caught many by surprise as she was not known to have any medical issues prior to Thursday.

Pasha had earlier written the following on Facebook: “I have received very bad news, my mentor, friend icon to diaspora has passed away…I am the only Kenyan who knows where she lives…I am very far away,I don’t know where to start because I was the only one she had..and I was not there to see her off…I cannot even know why,because I am far…”

Another friend, Monica Macharia, wrote the following on Facebook: She was at my house Sunday! We agreed I call her leo after work so we can host a radio show tomorrow! Am shocked! Pole sana Pasha, may her soul Rest In Peace.

Essy W Harry said the following in this lengthy post: “Am lost for words, Njeri Thomi Kariuki I cannot believe you are gone. I ask myself how, why……..We forged our friendships here on Facebook back in the day when active on diaspora matters and radio, some of us gave up, but you never did, I admired your tenacity and passion for what you believed in.”

Mukurima Muriuki wrote: “Devastated to learn about the passing on of Njeri Thomi Kariuki. I doubt there is anyone in the Diaspora who did not know about Njeri, for her contribution to Diaspora affairs went beyond the ordinary call of duty. Njeri never hesitated to speak her mind even when her position was the least favored.

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May the Lord rest her soul in eternal peace.”

Here is a message from Njeri’s Mother and family…

Following the sudden death Susan Njeri Kariuki, her mum, family and friends invite you to join them tomorrow Sat August 26th at David and Grace (Her cousin) home at 409 Vista Noche Drive, Lewisville TX 75067 from 7pm. This will be  the first meeting to formulate a send off committee. Susan knew no boundaries, she has lived amongst us with joy, her voice will live in memories for long.

For further information please contact the following
Grace Waigwa  2147266839
David Gachie.   4109004527
Betty Ellis.         8326466491
Alex Karundu.   4694388388
Grace Chege.    2146169894

More details to follow.

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VIDEO: Atwoli brags about his prowess in bedroom matters with his latest wife Mary Kilobi



COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has for the first time spoken about his relationship with KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi after their marriage came to light a week ago.

Speaking during an interview at Citizen Tv with Jeff Koinange on JKL, Atwoli revealed that he met Kilobi 13 years ago when she was 21 and vowed to marry her.

“When I met her about 13 years ago, that’s in 2005 in Kampala and she was at that time with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) and I was in the company of my second wife whom I have released to go and do politics and she has taken over.

“At that particular time we talked and she was still young at around 21 years old and I told her when you mature even if it takes 1000 years I will marry you. After her stay in Uganda she came back to Kenya, got a job with KTN.

“And because of the nature of work I do, you need somebody to assist you, you want somebody to rush and get you something and it must be a person you trust. She is my assistant, she is my lover, she is my wife and she got to take care of me. I’m a stupid lover,” said the COTU boss.

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Asked to comment about his wife Mary Kilobi, who was watching the show at home, Atwoli described the Kiswahili anchor as a nice lady who is taking good care of him.

“I tell her she is a nice lady, she is taking care of me, she is committed to our relationship and that’s all. But that does not mean I don’t respect my elder wife. She is a wonderful mama she has kept my family together and she is doing a commendable job,” added Francis Atwoli.

When asked about the age difference he responded, “There is no age limit between a man and a woman, everywhere in the world.’’

Atwoli is 36 years her senior.

“Na kazi unaweza? Bado unasoma katiba?” asked Jeff. Watch:

In a candid interview with the Nairobian, the pretty media personality revealed that they met while she was in Uganda where she was working as an intern with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.

Atwoli was in the station for an interview and upon hearing of a Kenyan girl who was working there, he insisted on meeting her.

They exchanged numbers and in 2016 he won her heart.

‘’He proposed to me but I said no. But he insisted. He persistently stated that he was serious and would wait for even 1000 years for me to say ‘yes’ and marry him,’’ said Kilobi.

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VIDEO: I have lost many friends because of bomoabomoa – President Kenyatta



President Uhuru Kenyatta has reassured Kenyans he would not relent in his fight against impunity and rampant corruption and not even his friends would be spared in the ongoing crackdown on illegal properties erected on wetlands. The president disclosed he had lost many friends in the past few weeks due to the demolitions, but he was not bothered by it.

Addressing a congregation at the Faith Evangelistic Ministry in Karen, Nairobi, on Sunday, August 12, Uhuru advised Kenyans not to be afraid of losing friends because of doing the right thing in the eyes of God. “I have lost many friends. Many have called me asking ‘how can you be watching when all the destruction is going on?’ I say a time has come to fight impunity. Let us lose our friends and do what is right in the eyes of God. Let us create a society that respects and treasures hard work and integrity, a nation with a conscience,” he said.


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Anglican priest ‘busted’ at city lodging with married woman dies



Anglican priest, Reverend Elijah Githinji, fell prey to a similar gang that allegedly blackmailed Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri in 2014 and later died in India after suffering a sudden ailment said to have been triggered by the dehumanising ordeal that left hima at the mercy of his followers.

He was buried at his rural Kabaro home, Ndia, Kirinyaga West Sub-county the same Monday Ndambiri identified the third suspect.

Ndambiri who arrived at the burial after 6pm told mourners that he was late for Githinji’s funeral as he was held up at a police identification parade in Nairobi.

“Although our brother has left without justice having been served, those who set him up will certainly be punished since we believe they were the same ones who subjected me to the dehumanising condition after falling into their trap,” he said.

Mourners at Githinji’s funeral recalled how the gang allegedly busted him from a lodging in Nairobi where he was a priest with a married woman leading to a thorough beating from the ‘husband,’ but Githinji maintained his innocence until his death.

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