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VIDEO: Dirty Nairobi rivers turning men, pigs impotent – Study



The polluted waters of Nairobi rivers may be turning city men, boys, and pigs impotent, suggests several studies from the University of Nairobi. The studies show that many mature male pigs (boars) feeding from the rivers in Dandora, Mathare, and Kibera have developed abnormal testicles.

They also show that in many piglets testicles are not descending into the scrotum, a problem researchers blame on their sewer-drinking mothers. The studies further prove that the rivers carry chemicals known to cause infertility in men and males in other animals.

The same chemicals have also been linked to the development of ovarian and breast cancers in women and prostate in men. Putting this evidence together, the researchers suggest that men and boys may be facing a similar fate with the boars and male piglets in Nairobi.

The studies led by Prof Henry Mutembei and Dr Ambrose Kipyegon Ng’eno of University of Nairobi, suggests that food produced using water from polluted rivers, including kales, could also be hurting fertility in men. “We are proposing a major study to establish the effects of these chemicals on human food, including vegetables, milk, meat, and eggs,” Mutembei told The Standard.

They will look into the link between the chemicals and the possible development of breast and ovarian cancers in women and prostate cancer in males. “We started investigating the issue following complaints by pig farmers in Nairobi that too many of their male piglets had retained testicles,” explained Mutembei.

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The farmers, who had complained to the university’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, had suspected the culprit to be the polluted waters of Nairobi’s rivers from which the mothers fed. ALSO  “We investigated and found 10 per cent of male piglets in the areas of Dandora, Mathare, and Kibera indeed had retained testicles,” says Mutembei.

A pig with two undescended testicles will be infertile. Next the team moved to investigate whether mature pigs or boars had any problems with their reproductive organs. In their study, which was published in the International Journal of Veterinary Science in April, the team harvested testicles from a number of boars feeding in the polluted waters of Nairobi rivers. They also collected testicles from boars fed on unpolluted waters as a control.

This information, the study says, is important for humans because the domestic pig has over 80 per cent genetic similarity to man. But to get an even clearer picture, Mutembei says they had further done similar tests on mice. The researchers fed mice on the contaminated waters of Nairobi River. On examining their testicles, they found similar deformities to those found in the boars.

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Jaguar’s baby mama pregnant with second child



Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua’s baby mama, Magda Ngima, is expecting her second child.

Ngima, who has lately been flaunting her growing baby bump lately on social media, recently threw herself an exquisite baby shower at a Nairobi  hotel.

The gold-themed event was attended by Ngima’s family members and close friends.

In a recent photo posted on social media Ngima wrote the telling message: “And yes yes, you come first in my life, the rest can follow.”

She followed it up with another photo of herself all smiles with her daughter Tamara Wambui, who also happens to be Jaguar’s first born.


Jaguar and Ngima are no longer in a relationship but they are co-parenting their daughter.

The singer-turned-politician has managed to keep his private life under wraps and although he has children with two women, he has never been subjected to any baby mama dramas.


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Michelle reveals boyfriends she had before Obama, details of her first kiss ever



In her new memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama not only talks about her public role and her family but also delves into her love life revealing, for instance, the first time she had a kiss as a teenager.

“I arranged my first kiss, in fact, over the phone,” she writes.

“It was with a boy named Ronnell. Ronnell didn’t go to my school or live in my immediate neighbourhood, but he sang in the Chicago Children’s Choir.”

At the time, Michelle would observe how other girls her age were changing due to the onset of adolescence and how the rush of hormones made her accompany her friends to watch boys play. To increase her chances of being noticed, she would often tag one of her popular friends along.

“Being around boys, I was slowly coming to realise, was fun,” she writes in the book that comes out this week and for which she and her husband, former US President Barack Obama, were paid a joint advance fee of $65 million (Sh6.5 billion).

In her gap year, she worked in a bookbindery, where she met another prospective boyfriend, David.

And when it was time for her to join Princeton University, David and her father drove her all the way to the campus.

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However, she says that even by then, she had made up her mind to move on.

“David was easy-going and also more of an adult than any boyfriend I’d had. He sat on the couch and watched ball games with my father. He joked around with Craig and made polite conversations with my mom… We fooled around and smoked pot in his car…”


Once in Princeton, a new vista opened up for Michelle and, in time, she met another boyfriend, Kevin, a football player but it did not work out.

He eventually became a doctor and married a college mate of Michelle’s.

She, too, graduated with a law degree and joined a prestigious law firm in Chicago, Sidley & Austin, and that was where one of the senior partners asked her if she would be willing to mentor one of the young lawyers, known as summer associates, that the company was grooming.

“Of course you will,” she writes. “You have yet to understand the altering force of a simple yes … Next to your name is another name, that of some hotshot law student who’s busy climbing his own ladder. Like you, he’s black and from Harvard. Other than that, you know nothing — just the name, and it’s an odd one.”

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And that is how she met Barack Obama, the son of a Kenyan student.

Obama would later become the 44th US President before handing over power to Donald Trump.

Michelle has made it clear that there is no love lost between her and President Trump.

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Maribe arrives at a wedding in a chopper accompanied by Moses Kuria



TV journalist Jacque Maribe on Saturday made her first appearance in public since her release from prison.
Maribe landed at the wedding venue in a chopper flanked by Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria.

The Citizen TV news anchor was among the dignitaries who attended the wedding of Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda at Lesirai in Samburu County.

The embattled journalist, who Nairobi News understands was among the invited guests, landed at the venue in a chopper alongside Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria.

Dressed in a golden-cream sleeveless dress with matching accessories, Maribe appeared cheerful in several photos which the lawmaker shared in his Facebook time.


TV anchor Jacque Maribe (second right) flanked by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (second left) and two other legislators. PHOTO | COURTESY
TV anchor Jacque Maribe (second right) flanked by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (second left) and two other legislators. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Off to Samburu for the wedding of Hon Naisula Lesuuda, colleague and long time close friend since media days,” Kuria captioned the photos.

In one of the photos, Maribe, Kuria and two other legislators posed for photos with a chopper right behind them.

TV anchor Jacque Maribe (second right) flanked by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (second left) and two other legislators. PHOTO | COURTESY
TV anchor Jacque Maribe (second right) flanked by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (second left) and two other legislators. PHOTO | COURTESY



Lesuuda and her longtime lover Robert Kiplagat exchanged vows at a lavish wedding at ACK St. Phillips Lesirai in Samburu County.

Maribe, who is battling murder charges in related to the gruesome murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, is currently out on bail after spending five weeks in custody.

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TV anchor Jacque Maribe (second right) flanked by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (second left) and two other legislators. PHOTO | COURTESY
TV anchor Jacque Maribe (second right) flanked by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria (second left) and two other legislators. PHOTO | COURTESY

Understandably, the journalist has opted to maintain a low profile since she secured temporary freedom amid strict warnings from the court on what she should and shouldn’t do.

Her fiancé Joe Irungu alias Jowie who is the main suspect in the murder case remains in custody having been denied bail.

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