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VIDEO: Kenyan woman in US causes online furore over Msando

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VIDEO: Kenyan woman in US causes online furore over Msando

VIDEO: Kenyan woman in US causes online furore over Msando
August 19
05:20 2017
BY Maggie Marikah Kwabena
 Here is a tribute from the wife:

Here are some of the comments:

Salania Tall  I think you give too much time to this negativity. This so called ‘woman in the US’ always has vitrol on people who have departed. Let’s let the families mourn their loved ones in private and peace!
Julius Kanuhi I guess the so called wife doesn’t show any sign of grief. I feel like she should be investigated as possible suspect or accomplice
Salania Tall So Julius you want her to put on a sack cloth and sprinkle ashes on her head?
Maggie Marikah Kwabena Salania Tall… Just because you have departed is no reason for people to get sanitized. Vitrol my ass. In Chuka we say Yakagwa na miti iria mtu aratuite. Figure it out. When I depart do not try to sanitize me. Call a spade a spade. That’s all. And I have a noun … It is Maggie Marikah Kwabena. I stand by every word on that article.
Salania Tall Maggie Marikah Kwabena well unfortunately not everyone hails from Chuka. I also still stand with my statement that when the loved ones of the deceased are mourning it’s prudent to let them be whether the person was a saint or not!
Maggie Marikah Kwabena Salania Tall… I did not say everyone hails from Chuka google is a friend. Figure it out. You are probably one of those serial kumangamanga type hence the message strikes a nerve. Feel free to get offended times a million. If the shoe fits wear it witSee More
Salania Tall Maggie Marikah Kwabena I don’t look down on you or any woman just to clarify that. As I said again we need to be sensitive on the families of the deceased and not just to speak in the name of calling a spade a spade. A couple of months ago, a Kenyan young man was shot under mysterious circumstances on Franklin Rd and what did you write at that time?
Maggie Marikah Kwabena There was nothing mysterious about it. He was a drug peddler that had been peddling drugs and got into several run ins with the police. That is a matter of public record not a state secret. What part of that did you not understand? Nothing unclear abouSee More
Ndungu Dan Muigai Point well taken. This was a random crime, not a state sponsored assassination.
Salania Tall I’m not privy of how Chris, the young man who was shot lived their lives. I wouldn’t speak of that as there’s always two sides of the coin. All I’m saying is when families or friends are mourning you can’t eulogize the short comings of the deceased as See More
Julius Kanuhi Any of you remember the two most wanted men in kenya in the late 90s. Wanugu and Wacucu! How would you eulogize them

Maggie Marikah Kwabena I do not know where you come from or what your point of reference is for your positions. Where I come from we call a spade a spade. You live on the fast lane and die on the fast line… We state it as it is.

Image may contain: text
Maggie Marikah Kwabena Julius Kanuhi… Funny story… A priest in Mwea had the difficult job of burrying a notorious criminal shot down in Nairobi. The moment came for the sermon. Pins and needles. Because the service was done in Kikuyu… I will give you the exact words…See More
Julius Kanuhi Hehehe plain and clear
Maggie Marikah Kwabena #Word. Someone had to say it. I take one for the team. You are welcome.
Ndungu Dan Muigai  This Msando incident should be evaluated on the basis of a Murder Investigation, plain and simple. The who, why and how is a bit above our pay grade. Frankly, I don’t think the State did it, simply because it was carelessly done with treasure troves of forensic evidence at the crime scene. When and if the any State decides to silence you, they don’t leave evidence and the body is usually never found. Whoever did this was a low budget operative. A careless, sloppy, armature at best. If a half decent investigation team is looking into this the guy(s) should have already been arrested or probably are really close to getting arrested. The possibility of eye witnesses is huge, phone records exist. Somebody somewhere know something. (Anyways, I don’t need to teach the folks at CID how to do their jobs. They are pretty good at it). Unfortunately this murder has become politicized, with finger pointing and conspiracy theories. To the family, “My sincere condolences.”

Reply51 mins


The late IEBC ICT Manger Christopher Msando will be buried today in Lifunga Kobiero village, Ugenya, Siaya County after his brutal killing last month. Many Kenyans don’t know about Msando’s history, a man that has been described by colleagues at the electoral commission and friends as a ‘smart worker’ who was dedicated fully to his job. ALSO READ: Who killed my father and why? Msando son’s question stuns Raila Christopher Chege Msando was born at Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda on 28th December 1972.

He was a brother to Maurice Msando, Peter Msando, Alice Odongo, Thomas Msando, Patricia Apondi and the late Celestine Msando. He was also a step brother to Akinyi Msando, Awino Msando, Eric Msando, Benson Msando, Boniface Msando and Achieng Msando. Msando was baptized at Nsambya Catholic Church in Kampala in 1973. He attended Busia Primary School where he completed his KCPE examinations in 1985.

After passing exemplary well, the late then joined Sigalame High School in Busia County where he completed his KCSE in 1989. In 1999, Msando enrolled at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Communication technology. He was also blessed with a son namely Jacob Msando. Thereafter, Chris pursued a Masters degree in strategic Management at Kenyatta University, Nairobi. In 2001, Chris returned to Kenya after completion of his studies and was employed by International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) in Mbita as a web and database designer, where he worked for two years before leaving to join Swissport International LTD at JKIA Nairobi.

He later worked at Virgin Atlantic for some years then joined National AIDS Control Council (NACC) as a management Information Systems Specialist and worked for about two years. Chris then joined the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in November 2016 as a Manager of Information and Communications System

Meanwhile, May the killers of Chris Msando, the elections technology manager, forever lack peace, a distraught Eva, his widow said Thursday, two days before her husband is laid to rest in Siaya.

In a one-minute off-the-cuff speech before she read her tribute, Mrs Eva Buyu Msando, laid bare her grief and torment in front of hundreds of mourners who had gathered at the Consolata Shrine in Westlands, Nairobi, for a requiem mass.


She wondered aloud why her husband was killed, how she would get on with her life without him and how she would take care of her five children — aged between two and 17 — on her own.

“I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to tell you. All I have is why? Why? Why?” she said and fondly described Msando as a deeply loving man who witnessed the births of all their children at the delivery room.

She married him 2006, she said, adding that she used to call him “sweetie”.



She referred to the first verse of the Kenyan National Anthem that says “Justice be our shield and defender”, and asked Kenyans to stand with her in her own fight for justice.

“It is wrong. It is not fair,” she said of Msando’s murder.

“Look at the babies. My oldest is 10. If I include Jacob, my oldest is 17. And our youngest baby with Chris is only two,” she said.

Then Mrs Msando, the second last-born daughter of Rev Andrew Buyu, looked straight at the 10 television cameras, some of which were beaming her tribute live, and delivered a straight-shooting message to her husband’s killers.

“Are you happy? Because I know you are watching! May you not have peace! And vengeance is of the Lord. Na Mungu atatupigania (And God will fight for us). Chris’s death will not go in vain,” she said.

Mr Msando, whose body showed marks of torture, was murdered on July 29 and dumped in Kiambu County a day after he disappeared, only a week to the August 8 General Election.

An autopsy showed he was strangled to death.

He was the head of data and infrastructure at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and had become the face of the elections technology system deployed in the high-stakes polls.

Mrs Msando read a five-minute written tribute describing her husband as osiepna, ma wuon nyithinda (My friend, the father of my children).

“Chris was meticulous in his work and took great pride in all that he engaged in.

“He never disappointed in the delivery of his targets. This can be attested to by how he tirelessly worked to ensure proper systems were in place for a free, fair and credible election.”

The family said it believed his murder was connected to the election.

“We as a family believe Chris was killed because of his job. If he were still working for the National Aids Council, I know my brother would still be here,” Msando’s elder sister, Pamela, said.

Mr Msando worked for the council until November 2016 when he joined IEBC.

“I am telling the government: Tell us who killed Chris, because you have the capacity.

“To Kenyans: Please stand with us as we demand justice. Do not talk about peace without justice. They go together,” Pamela said.

The suspicion that Mr Msando was killed by people that wanted access to his perceived knowledge of the IEBC systems and particularly the elections technology he managed have further been reinforced by opposition chief Raila Odinga, has said some unscrupulous individuals used his password to access, hack the IEBC system and alter the results.

At the mass, IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati and CEO Ezra Chiloba mourned Mr Msando as a man they said had come to be the go-to person in terms of the elections technology.

Quoting American entrepreneur Jim Rohn, Mr Chebukati said Mr Msando exemplified leadership:

“The challenge of leadership is to be strong but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly.”

Mr Chiloba, to whom Mr Msando reported to directly, lead the congregation in singing the legendary tribute “It is well with my soul”.

“At the end of the day, God will bring us justice to his family, friends and the country,” Mr Chiloba said.

Kisumu Governor-elect Anyang’ Nyong’o termed Mr Msando’s death as cruel, likening it to the assassination of Tom Joseph Mboya in 1969.

“There is something rotten in this country,” Prof Nyong’o said, quoting playwright Shakespeare.

Other leaders who attended the mass included United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Secretary General Mukisha Kituyi, Mr Odinga’s elder brother Dr Oburu Oginga, Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, and Kisumu Senator-elect Fred Outa.

“We shall continue to ask questions of who murdered Chris, and most importantly, who sent them to murder him so they can benefit from his death,” Mr Wandayi said.

Mr Msando will be buried on Saturday at his home in Kobiero, Ugenya in Siaya, after a funeral service at Lifunga Primary School.

Below is Chris Msando widow’s speech during his requiem mass:

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