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African American woman relocates to Kenya, says she loves it




My name is Preshay Knight but my friends call me Shay, I am an African American who has been living in Nyeri County for the past one year.

On September 2015, I packed my bags and headed to the airport, I decided to give up my American dream for an African future, I boarded a plane and decided to come live the rest of my adult life in Kenya.

I was born in the US in 1984. My mother was a single mum. In the 1980s, she had come to Kenya to do some missionary work and lived in Nyeri County for several years where she met and fell in love with my father.

When I was conceived, my mother went back to California, US and after I was born she raised me as an American. It was not until I was 16 years old that my mother informed me that my father was Kenyan, and explained why we were not in contact with him.

I had never visited Kenya or reached out to him before I came to the country last year, but I was glad to know where I came from.

After high school, I joined Georgia Guinnet University to study Special Education, and I had to work three jobs to make ends meet.

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It was really hectic because I worked as a waitress, transport officer in charge of child safety and as a care giver for persons living with disability while attending university lectures.

I started to feel that the American dream is overrated and seemed unattainable to me. I was also unable to keep up with all the pressure and strain of living a life of constant running around just to meet my basic needs.

To make matters worse, being an African American there were blatant issues of inequality facing me because of my race. The Black Lives Matter movement was just beginning to form after several African American young men were gunned down by police under controversial circumstances.

It was then I made a decision. I wanted to make a drastic change in my life and while I had never visited Kenya, I knew in my heart it was the place to start my life over.

My mother also decided to join me and we flew out together and are now living in Kenya as I start getting to know my father.

We have both applied for permanent residency permits which will allow us to become Kenyans if our applications are successful, and hopefully we shall be Kenyan Americans one day.

Today, I hawk and bake cakes. I have the necessary permit and documentation to do what I do and atleast three times a week, I carry a variety of cakes in a basket and offer free samples to customers before I sell them their preferred flavour.

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I did not know that hawking is a profession that people look down upon in Kenya, but I am not afraid of the judgmental stares I receive.

The only real challenge has been overcoming the language barrier since my English is very accented. I have, however, learned a few Swahili words which help me sell my cakes.

I consider myself a professional hawker and even though it is difficult to start my life over and I do miss my family back in California, I know I made the right decision in coming to Kenya and making it my home.

The atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxed, I can make a living without being harassed because of my race. I am hopeful that I will have a bright future here and will one day settle down and have a Kenyan family of my own.


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US warns Kenyans over fake marriages, says they won’t be allowed to fly out



The US embassy in Nairobi on Monday issued a warning to Kenyans getting duped into fake marriages to acquire a visa.

Through their official social media pages, the embassy advised caution in the event somebody offers to get you a green card using dubious means.

“Has anyone ever told you they can get a green card for you? Don’t believe them! They are lying and just trying to steal your money. Don’t believe them when they say you can have a fake marriage and still get your green card.

“If you apply with a fake marriage, you will get caught and you will not get your green card. You will become permanently ineligible to ever go to the United States, and you will never be able to get a U.S. visa or a green card,” the embassy warned.

Visa denied FILE/PHOTO

Kenyans were further urged to apply for a visa or the green card lottery by themselves.

The statement conveyed: “You don’t need to use a fixer to apply for the diversity visa or green card lottery. You can do it yourself and pay the required fee.”

The embassy stated that one should only apply through the Embassy’s official website.

“If you know about anyone promising they can get a green card for you if you enter into a fake marriage, go to the police and report them. You should also report them to the U.S. Embassy,” the statement concluded.

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Earlier last week, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec announced that the United States government was gearing up to fight fake news in Kenya adding that it had eroded confidence in Kenya’s real news media.

Speaking during an interview, Godec stated: “Fake news is being weaponized. It’s undermining democracy in Kenya.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta with US Secretary of Transport Anthony Foxx (C) and Ambassador Robert Godec when he led a US business delegation to State House, Nairobi on June 25, 2015. PHOTO | PSCU

He further remarked: “We’re not asking them to believe any particular thing. We’re just urging people not to take everything they see on their phone via WhatsApp as the truth because it may not be.”



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Kenyan women in US gather in Atlanta this weekend for third KWITU reunion



KWITU, a group of Kenyan women living in the USA are in Atlanta starting August 2nd to August 4th for the 3rd Annual Grand Reunion. The reunion is the largest gathering of Kenyan Women Living in the USA.

The theme this year is; “Unity and Integrity among the Kenyans Living in the Diaspora.” The line up and details of the three-day event are as follows:

August 2nd Karibu Night: ‪Thursday the 2nd of August will be “Karibu Night”.

Guests will have a meet and greet in a lounge, to welcome all who will be arriving from all corners of the USA and Canada! Karibu Night will be at: La Pura Vida 1995 Windy Hill Road Smyrna GA 30080

Networking & Panel Sessions:

Friday the 3rd, will be the networking and panel sessions.

There will be a keynote speaker and panels of speakers. Discussions will include issues affecting our Kenyan Community here in the USA, among others.

Hors D’oeuvres will be served on Friday. The topics of discussion on Friday includes:

1. Single Parenthood

2. Drug Addiction

3. Mental illness & Suicide

4. Domestic Violence

5. Access to education

6. Women in Business August

4th – Grand Gala: Saturday will be the Grand Gala event. There will be entertainment, a three-course dinner, keynote speaker and various presentations. KWITU – Women uplifting one another!

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According to the group’s mission statement posted on its website, KWITU aims to provide Kenyan women in the USA the sense of empowerment and see them soar to the heights of success. “As an organization, we aim to eradicate the factors holding back Kenyan women. By alleviating their difficulties, it’s possible to make Kenyan women realize the true potential that lies within them,” adds the statement.

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Kenyan man jailed for raping a minor in North Carolina, USA



A 24 year old Kenyan man has been sent to prison in the United States after pleading guilty to rape charges.

Leonard Kiptoo Langat, the son to a former Woman Representative from the Rift Valley, was sentenced to 12 to 24 years in prison for the sexual offence.

Langat, a member of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland,  pleaded guilty to indecent liberties with a minor, who police said was also his family member.

The Capital, a local publication, reports that Midshipman Leonard Kiptoo Langat, 24, is on a leave of absence pending an administrative process to separate him from the academy after he was sentenced to 12-to-24 years in prison for a sex crime involving a girl in Concord.

He was undergoing military training at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and now faces expulsion from the military academy.

The minor is reported to be the sister to his elder brother’s wife. The New York Times reported that the man is currently on leave of absence pending dismissal from the military school after being convicted.

Langat was on holiday when he committed the offence on December 30th last year. He entered the room of the minor and forced her to have sex with him, but was found in the act by a woman related to him, said Capt. John Tierney of the Concord Police Department.

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“Langat, who lived in North Carolina, left the state after the incident and returned to the Naval Academy,” Tierney said.

He was arrested on January 9th and was charged with first-degree forcible sexual offense and statutory rape of a person less than 15 years old.

He pleaded guilty to indecent liberties with a minor before Cabarrus County Superior Court in North Carolina.





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