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Utumiaji wa bangi wahalalishwa California



The sale and recreational use of marijuana is now legal in California.

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, California became the sixth of the 50 U.S. states, along with the national capital of Washington, D.C., to sanction pot use, even though the federal government still classifies its sale and possession as a criminal offense. Colorado, Washington, Oregon,  Alaska and Nevada are the other U.S. states with regulated recreational marijuana sales.

With marijuana legalization in California, home to 39 million people, more than one in five Americans now live in states where the drug is sold for general use and not just for medicinal purposes.

In California, adults 21 and older can grow up to six plants and legally possess an ounce of the drug, similar to laws in the other five states that have legalized it.

But initial sales of marijuana in California could be somewhat limited compared to what might evolve in the coming months. Only about 90 businesses secured the necessary licenses to operate marijuana retail outlets from the outset of the new year, none of them in the state’s biggest city, Los Angeles, or in the third biggest, San Francisco.

The California marijuana law was one of dozens of new statutes to take effect in the U.S. as the calendar turned from 2017 to 2018.

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Also in California, employers can no longer ask job applicants about their prior salary history, while Vermont companies are now prohibited from inquiring about employees’ social media use. New York workers can now take up to eight weeks of paid family leave to care for a newborn, adopted or foster child or an ill family member.

In Illinois, pets will now be treated more like children in property splits during contentious divorce cases, with spouses given partial or joint custody.

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My friends were not amused when I bought my wife a car: Bonfire CEO



When Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu bought his wife a Range Rover Sport for her birthday, he didn’t expect any backlash.

His only mission was to make his wife’s birthday memorable and ‘fun’.

But he told The Nairobian that after the incident, some of his friends approached him, claiming he had raised the bar too high!

“The birthday was not meant to be a publicity stunt. I settled on the car because I wanted to surprise her. She was not at home at the time. She was at work and that was the best choice.

“If she was at home, I would definitely have taken the gifts there. We always do it big. In 2015, we went on a cruise in Europe. In 2016, we went to Seychelles and in 2017, we were to go to London, but our six-month old daughter did not have a passport, hence I settled for the Range Rover.”

When asked why that specific car, he added, “Range Rover Sport has always been her favourite car. She always desired to have one by the time she turned 40. I decided to get it for her 39th birthday as a surprise.”

“I always wanted a Range Rover Sport and checked online about the new models. I saw the Velar and promised myself to get it for my 40th birthday, but my hubby surprised me. I was over the moon,” Sarah said during a past interview.

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Blurred cleavage: Row at BBC over female body censorship



An internal row has reportedly erupted at the BBC over the censoring of female body’s after an interviewee’s body was blurred in an interview shot in Nairobi.

According to The Guardian, top editors at the British broadcaster are engaged in a tussle after a documentary on how people portray themselves on social media was edited and an interviewee’s cleavage blurred out.

This was supposedly to avoid offending viewers from conservative African countries where it was shown.

The BBC Africa documentary featured Glamour Pam – a Kenyan lady who describes herself as an interior designer, makeup artist and Kenyan social media star.

She was featured as an interviewee in BBC’s fake news documentary dubbed Fake Me: Living for Likes.

The Guardian said a staff member at the BBC said the decision to blur Pam’s cleavage was arrived at by senior editors after efforts to zoom in to avoid exposing her cleavage proved futile particularly with the wide shots.

Pam discussed in the interview her attitude towards social media explaining that for best Instagram photos, one must look “elegant and sophisticated”.

Following the said row, The Guardian quoted a BBC spokesperson as having said “#thesheword is broadcast via a number of BBC partner stations in Africa which are subject to watershed rules similar to the UK’s. As the majority of our partner stations show the programme pre-watershed, we ensured the film was suitable for broadcast in those markets.”

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Betty Kyallo posts sexy photo of self, keeps Kenyans guessing her next move



Long after Kenyan news outlets announced that former KTN News anchor Betty Kyalo was set to make her debut as an anchor at K24 TV station after ditching the Moi family owned media House along Mombasa Road, she is yet to grace the screen.

On Saturday she took to Twitter with a sexy photo of herself captioned: Weeeuuh it’s been a while… mko poa lakini? Kupitia tu😘😘😘

According to sources, Managers at MediaMax Network were to repackage K24’s English evening news team with Kyalo set to replace Anjlee Gadhvi, who currently hosts the Weekend Edition from Friday.

“Gadvhi might be pushed to Sunday as Betty is expected to take up the 9 pm bulleting on Friday and Saturdays,” opined Kenyans.co.ke, a leading Kenyan online publication.

Gerorge Omwami wrote: I am tired of waiting, but happy to see your beautiful self.

Weeeuuh it’s been a while… mko poa lakini? Kupitia tu😘😘😘 pic.twitter.com/zrS3hhMjoW

— Betty Kyallo (@BettyMKyallo) November 15, 2018

It is not clear when or even whether the controversial beauty will report to the new work station.

News anchor Betty Kyalo

According to sources, Betty was expected to fill the gap left by Richard Kagoe, who joined BBC, and Michelle Morgan, who quit to pursue personal interests.

K24 has been said to be planning an extensive makeover to position itself as one of the leading broadcasters in the region.

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“The Kijabe Street-based TV station has been giving viewers teasers of what to expect with a series of short clips meant to arouse expectations,” wrote Kenyans.co.ke.

K24 studio

The move is aimed at updating studio equipment, redesigning the television studios as well as possibly introducing brand new anchors and presenters to give the channel a fresh appeal.

Top NTV Journalist Dennis Okari is officially taken!

According to a Heads Up source, the born again journalist tied the knot at a secret traditional wedding held in Ukambani.

Betty Kyallo’s ex husband Dennis Okari (Right) got married to his girlfriend (left) in October 2018. FILE PHOTO

The father of one has been dating his new wife for a while now, though he kept it on the low to avoid another bad omen after his highly publicized first marriage to a fellow TV anchor Betty Kyallo hit a dead end just weeks after their honeymoon.

The red and white themed traditional wedding was held on October 27.

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