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20-year-old shot dead while filming prank robbery for YouTube video



Twenty-year-old Timothy Wilks and his friend were on the streets filming a YouTube video about a “prank” robbery when he was shot and killed.

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department report, Wilks and his colleague approached a group of people in the parking lot of Old Hickory Boulevard’s Urban Air with butcher knives.

As it happened, 23-year-old David Starnes Jr. was part of those approached and, unaware that the two young men wielding knives were pulling a prank, shot Wilks in self defense as well as to protect those he was with.

The police report further adds that as much as Starnes admitted to shooting Wilks, evidence points to unintentional shooting and therefore no charges were filed against him.

Witnesses at the scene of the crime also corroborated Starnes’ story, but investigations are still ongoing.

The shooting occurred at around 9:20 p.m.

A section of those who followed the story were of the opinion that some pranks are far-fetched, and that Wilks’ story should serve as an example to others on how far one can go with such games.

Jeiska Collazo-Cabrera:

“Well that’s what he gets. Should have never done a prank like that smh people do not think.”

Joe Jacobowitz

“These prank videos take it too far Very sad but hopefully a lesson is learned to other idiots messing with the public for clicks and likes.”

Dave Holmes

“Not sure what to think. It’s sad. And yet it’s pure stupidity.”

By Tuko

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