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VIDEO: Late night Kenyan drinkers welcome the outlawing of Alcoblow



The Court of Appeal’s decision to invalidate the Traffic Breathalyser Rules 2011 commonly referred to as Alcoblow has been received with mixed reactions by Kenyans, with most who reacted on social media generally praising the court for the ruling.

On Friday, a three judge bench ruled that the law used to arrest drunk drivers was illegal in Kenya.

Moses Nyange wrote on Facebook: “Ilikuwa njia tu ya kujitajirisha juu hatujaona mabadiliko yoyote tangu alcoblow ianzishwe. The only difference we have seen is of officers getting richer and fatter by the night. I will continue drinking a little and driving home without a worry in the world.”

Katana nza wrote via snapchat: “The law was an infringement and an intrusion into my privacy. Shame on NTSA. Glad I won’t have to pay a bribe again.”

Jkarume says via twitter: Good riddance. There is no date to show that cases of road accidents have decreased due to the introductioon of Alcoblo. Ni mathii makiumaga!

Oketchoo wrote on Instagram: It is sad that accidents continue unabated but I must say these guys were bullies. I won’t miss them.

Judges GBM Kariuki, Fatuma Sichale and Festus Azangalala noted that the laws introduced by NTSA are inconsistent with the Traffic Act and should therefore be taken back to Parliament for review.


Baba sichale says: “We don’t want the law reviewed. We can take care of ourselves without the help of NTSA.”


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Minister caught on video masturbating says clip was for his wife



South Africa’s embattled Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba, has resigned two weeks after a video of him masturbating was widely circulated online.

A statement from the presidency said Mr Gigaba – a senior member of the governing African Natuional Congress (ANC) – was “stepping aside for the sake of our country and the movement to which he belongs”.

Mr Gigaba had accused South Africa’s security services of hacking his phone and releasing the 13-second video which, he says, was for his wife.

The 47-year-old has courted controversy in recent years over allegations that he used his powerful roles in various ministerial portfolios to assist the controversial Gupta business family.

The Indian-born businessmen were widely linked to several corruption scandals under ex-President Jacob Zuma’s administration.

All parties, including Mr Gigaba, deny any wrongdoing.

Many questioned Mr Gigaba’s fitness to hold office, saying his reputation had been tarnished.

In recent weeks, the questions grew louder, first over a Constitutional Court ruling which upheld an earlier finding that he lied under oath while giving evidence about a government contract.

This was followed by a recommendation by the public protector that he be disciplined for ethical breaches.

Opposition parties had been pushing President Cyril Ramaphosa to sack him, and they have welcomed his resignation.

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Beautiful 13-Year-Old Kenyan Girl Appointed Ambassador By UNICEF



13-year-old gymnast Wendi Waeni has been appointed as the an Inspirational & Enthusiastic Young Champion Ambassador by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

The young lady took to her social media accounts to express her joy for the opportunity given to her by UNICEF.

“I am Proud to be appointed as an Inspirational & Enthusiastic Young Champion Ambassador by @unicef. This year’s World Childrens Day on 20th Nov 2018 we advocate a World where every child is in school to achieve their dreams,” she said.

Wendy, who has performed in the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta, British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Paul Kagame among other leaders, advocates for the right to free and quality education for every child.

“Every child in the world has the right to a free and quality education. More than 260 million children and young people are out of school, and many of them will never get an education.”

“All children have the right to an education and access to skills which will help them prepare for their future. Children are the future of the planet and we have the fundamental right to a quality education,” she added.





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‘Normal is boring’, Lupita’s brother says as he dons a dress



Peter Nyong’o Junior, the younger brother of Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o, is back on the headlines due to his peculiar sense of fashion.

He attended the 10th anniversary of Blankets and Wine Festival at Ngong Racecourse wearing a maxi dress.

The photo earned him praise for his bold move, but not from everybody.

One follower commended him for being so experimental, while another supported his choice by saying ‘normal is boring’

However one disturbed follower slid to his Direct Message (DM) seeking to know the motivation behind the choice of the dress.

Junior would later post the conversation on his story line to explain himself.

Follower: Bro what’s up with the dress?

Junior: Uko na shida?

Follower: Nah bro just wanna know the thought process behind it

Junior: There is no thought process my G. If a piece of clothing looks good it looks good.

Last year during ‘Star Wars’ movies premiere in US, Junior was trolled on social media for wearing a kanga wrap and also spotting a nose ring.

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