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Let Kenyans in Diaspora support one another and not be quick to share stories of their misfortune



By Njeeri Kez

Kenyans in the diaspora….. We are failing each other. When one of us gets in the murk of things with the law, it is our duty to be ambassadors of the truth. If the said person is guilty or not, we are so far from home that it is our duty to support the families left behind in whatever way possible.

For us to share widely pictures and stories of allegations and then put in our fertile imaginations as contributing chat topics is just out of line. Some of us put names and details of deaths online even before families in Kenya are notified. STOP! Let’s wait for the rule of law and due process on matters still in court. Even if you do not respect the alleged perpetrators, at least respect their families. We know how our community is small.

Everyone knows everyone. These people have wives, children and close relatives who then have to deal with the aftermath of these online character obliterations that inadvertently spill over because of their relationships. Have you ever stopped to think of what that would do to someone looking to build their lives afterwards if found innocent and the first thing that comes up on their name search is such online vitriol?

If we’re going to report on issues, please let us be sensitive of the domino effects. Also, let us make sure that if we absolutely have to share that we are sharing facts and truth only, and not what we think the facts and truth should be. When we contribute to discussions on such, please remember that their families are here in these social media streets.

No one would want to be held hostage by the actions of another person even if that person is a family member. Please be careful of who you interact with, who you trust, who you bring into your circle and please please PLEASE do not drive drunk. Let us all jealously guard our integrity, our dignity, our dreams, our children’s well being. We are so far from home let’s be our brother’s keepers. Have a blessed end week.

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Below are some of the reactions on Facebook:

Kell Njoki I agree offcourse partially . I think you should also address the families that “we are protecting”. What are they telling the news media, bloggers?? Are you just putting your family crisis out there? If you are caught in a disaster like mentioned above hold back for a minute or months before commenting. Sometimes news come from your own family.
I’ve been in situations where people talkedddddddddd buttttttttt no one had published anything without my consent. Was I contacted? Absolutely!!! Did I agree to putting my family on media hellllll no!!
That last part I it KNOW your circle. Social media will break you or make you. And we have to understand just coz 5-10 of us share news (like I do) don’t mean we are not supporting sometimes people are raising awareness. Shi* happens no man is an island ~~~~~~~ that DUI I will not even comment .
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Njeeri Kez
Njeeri Kez Kell Njoki I cannot control what anyone else decides to do or not to do. However, I can be empathetic enough to respect those who are going through a tough time by virtue of their being related to others regardless of whichever side they’re on, accused or victim, guilty or innocent. As of your point on raising awareness, what awareness is being raised by sharing a mugshot?
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Kell Njoki
Kell Njoki Posting others Mugshot is being malicious!!!! It’s public information but no one needs to post others mugshot~~~~ . ……….. reason I said I agree and don’t agree some shares are not hurtful how we respond or comments makes the difference. All in all we are becoming a generation of sensitivity that we are ignoring things that are hurting us and our future generation in names of “let’s keep it cool”… a lady up there talked about DUI for example no families want to go through that does that mean we can’t discuss that?? Alcohol abuse? We hurt including my family does that mean I can’t share my views?? It’s all on how we do it…………. social media comments you have to chose what to take in and what to ignore. I last about 6 months have seen the rape cases within our community and am just like is this new or social media shares has got me into seeing more of this cases?? ‍♀️‍♀️ now am aware to continueeeeeee adding on that list of not trusting even my own with girls
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Njeeri Kez
Njeeri Kez Kell Njoki apples and oranges. We need to discuss issues that affect us as a community but that DOESN’T include other people’s specific legal issues, complete with mugshots and details. Start a conversation on alcoholism and I’ll gladly contribute. Post an article on alleged rape and have people speculate on all kinds of crass details and gloat on how they’re not behind bars and you lose me on your argument.
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Kell Njoki
Kell Njoki Welllll there is that group that thinks it’s an island ~~~~~~~ you either learn from them or ignore them. Their mugshot might be around the corner. ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️. Just saying we are quick to say we are perfect till hell breaks .
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Lilian Raquel
Lilian Raquel I think it’s one thing to share a mug shot and another to criticize it as what is going on with “us” type of mentality that is already labeling the situation along with the group of people. That doesn’t come off as it’s being a genuine perspective coz what is the point of posting it if it’s not to rectify and edify the situation. It’s like opening a line of anyone to judge label the individual without any basis of knowing his side of the story. That is what irks me all in the name of ” I care for us” that’s bs. I truly truly agree with ur point Njeeri Kez!! Nkt!
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Bmj Muriithi

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Philip Osoro
Philip Osoro Well said
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Diana Gaitha
Diana Gaitha Well said!!
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Peter Kerre
Peter Kerre YES YES YES Njeeri

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· 1 hr

Supuu Rehema
Supuu Rehema Ebu make this public so I can share Njeeri Kez

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· 1 hr

Njeeri Kez
Njeeri Kez Done love

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Bmj Muriithi

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Mackenzie Ithe Wa Ndung'u
Mackenzie Ithe Wa Ndung’u I couldn’t agree more.

Isaac Kuria
Isaac Kuria Well articulated. Be well Njeeri Kez. Good job!

Njoroge Wa Ngige
Njoroge Wa Ngige Hatuskii la mwadhini wala la mteka maji kisimani. Mbona tusijengane kwa mambo ya uchumi. Kwanini tukimbie wakati maji yamezoleka. Tuungane tufanye biashara, kwani tulikuja majuu tuvurugane Na masaibu na hisia zisizo tupeleka mbele. Tuanzishe benki za Diaspora Na kadhalika…hayo ndio maendeleo muhimu Na ya dhati. Jengana kikazi, tuwe busy kehesabu dollar Na sio umbea …Mengine ni mtodogoo tugange ya Kweli. Walokosa waombe msamaha tusonge mbele. Mungu tuangazie.

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US announces new approach to reduce Green Card, Citizenship applications backlog



The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced a new strategy it says will decrease processing times of green card and citizenship applications in some locations.

USCIS on Monday said it will shift caseloads between different field offices in a bid to decrease processing times in some locations. USCIS says with the new strategy, some applicants may be scheduled to appear for an interview at a field office outside of their normal jurisdiction. Biometrics appointment locations will not change, and applicants will still be scheduled at their nearest application support center.

The new strategy of scheduling applicants to a field office outside their jurisdiction affects Form N-400, Application for Naturalization and Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.

USCIS says an increase in processing times at some locations has been caused by an upsurge of the volume of applications received, with FY 2017 applications received being up 15.6% from FY 2016. FY 2016 receipts were 25.5% higher than FY 2015. Since the increase in volume has not affected all field offices equally, this has “resulted in some disparity in the processing times among field offices.”


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Kenyan Men from all over the US to gather in Atlanta on June 29 for 2019 KEMEN Summit




KEMEN Summit 2019 and dinner will take place in Atlanta Georgia on June 29, 2019 starting with Workshop and Networking from 10.00 A.M. to 1.P.M.

This is a special rare occasion to brush shoulders with a diverse group of visionary Diaspora leaders chosen from business, Mentorship, Financial guidance, Literacy, Motivation, Immigration experts, Education, Health, Wellness and many other key speakers with a wide range of topics.

These are men who clearly understand that change and effective progress are only possible with a good vision, determination and ambition,.. therefore your actions and attendance counts greatly as you may be impacted and be part of that change.

In the evening, the program continues starting from 4 P.M. to 11 P.M.

There will be Panel discussions, various speakers, formal dinner and ending with KEMEN awards.

We need you to be the architects of a sustainable future and as Diaspora men that are looked upon as men of impact in all fields, a large representation will make the occasion to arouse the much needed awareness that can make this noble movement a force to reckon with.


KEMEN aims at empowering men to believe in themselves equip them with tools of knowledge through workshops and conferences to enable them attain the grandest height possible.
Men empowerment is the core to sustainable development, wellness, stability, and progressive societies anywhere in the world and as such KEMEN are on track.

Women are now breaking the glass ceiling and as the number increase, men though not competing, should be on the forefront in welcoming them to a world they have already dominated.
The only way to do that, is to remain on top and empower more and more men so that their role as head of households cannot be shaken or taken for granted.

We need all men to work together to pursue a sustainable path that leads to economic growth of the communities that we reside in here in America and still, even extend the same to our motherland.
While doing so, there are many challenges as we have to be the custodian of social justice, economic, health, education, wellness and even political stewardship.

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We live in volatile times and hence we should always be on top to make great advances towards eradicating poverty, ignorance, corruption, moral decay and diseases as these are the ills of any society, and the same can only be achieved if we work together as a team.


We all the same must be aware that inequality persists but that can be narrowed to prevent it’s growth.
Real impact presents many challenges but as a united front, we are confident that we can meet them to yield change and the much needed progress.

Most of us grew up in a country that had many problems ranging from unable to get clean water, education to even starvation hence the need to make sure that those issues are addressed and if possible show our leaders back home how it can be achieved.

We live in a




developed nation where we see things done in a more perfect way and as Diaspora men that are looked upon, we owe a duty to our children so that they may never go through some of the injustices we had to go through.
When we formed KEMEN we were aware that change does not simply happen by itself for the same has to be pursued with vigor and by all in society.

We hold family conference calls and also conference calls which are not limited to men as ladies also join us to discuss diversified issues.



We in KEMEN will not accept an aircraft that only allow a few to board while leaving the rest behind and that is why we are appealing to all to join our movement and act as ambassadors for the common good to encourage others to join for that is the morally correct thing to do.

It is the smart choice to do to avoid being left behind in this sustainable journey that we all need to take as it is in everybody’s best advantage and interest.
We all know that people in the Diaspora are busy and hence it may somehow demand long-term sacrifice but in the end it will bear fruits.

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Everyone therefore has a role to play in empowering men and bring Diaspora men to the table as key partners and to do that, it embodies the spirit of shared responsibility that is essential for achieving a better world.
During the 2019 KEMEN Summit in Atlanta successful businessmen will deliver speeches of great topics that can have a great impact in your life so do not miss this great chance.

We will also honor such men and others nominated in order for them to continue impacting and empowering men in the Diaspora and beyond.
KEMEN will later diversify and touch other areas that can affect the empowerment of men such as Human rights abuses, poor working conditions, health, immigration, discrimination, and even corruption and decision making to determine best suited leaders back home.





We will do that as we strongly feel that the mentioned issues can affect both our long-term investments and growth prospects.
All participants are requested to get involved in KEMEN agenda and also consider how you can use your expertise and resources to help promote and impact all members that have joined and will continue joining.
We need you to advance innovations and forge collaborations with others that have already made great impacts on some of the toughest common issues we face.

KEMEN is firmly committed to the power of partnerships, working with businessmen, scholars, Health experts, Tax experts, immigration lawyers, insurance, Religious men, talented men and women and in short all key stakeholders to enhance progress on all our objectives.

The immediate challenge is achieving the required impact to show a total change that will flow to all our members may it be financial, wellness, benevolence benefits but at this stage we all can boast that we have made great progress.

Much has been achieved since inception as we have held several successful meetings, direct conference talks, and social gathering all with the purpose of impacting men and not leaving behind our women in the Diaspora.
Even though our ladies have been identified as a strategic player in reaching some of our goals, there has been no clear role for combined business in our objectives but where man succeeds, the woman will always be there and with that in mind KEMEN has a UNIVERSAL agenda.

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We do hope that after the summit, there will be urgent actions towards a new dynamic movement to push forward our set up goals.
We will need your support though and your attendance, mentorship and participation will be greatly appreciated as we move forward from summit holders to an all financially stable action group that can effectively realize our set up goals.

In KEMEN we will connect the dots in the ever-growing field of responsible business initiatives, Wellness while impacting our men.
We therefore appeal to all to work together on an entirely new gigantic scale – collaborating and co-investing, share risks, realize opportunities by networking here in America and later globally to engage in business by simply using the potentials God has given us.

We have seen how powerful such collaborative efforts can achieve great things and ours is just the beginning and sky is the limit statement is just an understatement for we can go beyond.
KEMEN has helped generate a major shift in Diaspora mindset from the time it was initiated for as of today our members of great impact are now becoming role models of a better world.

Help us to respond to the urgency of our many Diaspora challenges to build a better tomorrow that will be of great impact to our children that we are raising here and the same to be extended to our brothers and sisters back home.

Doctor Clive Bosire will talk about health and wellness.

Pastor Dennis Mutuma will talk about Marriage difficulties and success in diaspora and Pastor Peter Ndumbi about Parenting.

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Details emerge as top Kenyan student found dead in US



Top 2013 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) student Norah Jelagat Borus, was on Friday found dead at her campus residence in Stanford University in California, USA.

Norah was the 4th best student nationally in 2013 and was admitted in the School of Engineering.
Police confirmed the death Friday afternoon, noting that there is “no ongoing safety threat to the campus community.” The cause and date of the student’s death remain unknown.

Stanford Police spokesperson Bill Larson said he was unable to provide further details regarding the death. The Daily has reached out to the Santa Clara Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office for comment.


Friday’s death is the fourth student death announced by Stanford since February. Master’s student and world-champion cyclist Kelly Catlin died in March after struggling with depression. Her death came just one month after another graduate student was found dead in a campus laboratory.

Later in March, Mischa Nee ’20 died in a hiking accident after becoming separated from a group of other Stanford undergraduates in Mallorca, Spain.

Following Nore’s death, family spokesperson Mr Joseph Maswan said some family members had travelled to the US to establish the circumstances surrounding Ms Borus’ death.

Ms Borus, who sat for her KCSE in Precious Blood Riruta, emerged the best girl in Nairobi County in the 2013 KCSE results.

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Below is the campuswide leter sent out by the Provost:

Dear campus community members,

I am writing, on behalf of the President and Provost, with terrible news to convey on this Commencement Weekend. We have lost another member of our student community.

Police this afternoon have confirmed the death of an undergraduate coterm student who was found in a residence on campus. The police have told us there is no ongoing safety threat to the campus community.

It is difficult for me to convey the depth of anguish I feel, and I know many of you will feel, at this news. It is impossibly challenging to comprehend the death of another student at Stanford this year.

We have been in touch with the student’s family this afternoon. While we are working to understand the family’s wishes, we are not in a position to share the identity of the student. We also will be reaching out to friends and colleagues of the student to offer support and care, now and over time.

I want to urge all of you, as well, to reach out for support. Many students are in the process of traveling home or elsewhere for the summer right now. Even if you are off-campus, I encourage you to contact one of the campus-based resources listed below:

  • Stanford Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available for students 24/7 at (650) 723-3785 and Students who are off-campus and traveling can still contact CAPS as a resource, as well as this national number for free and confidential emotional support: (800) 273-8255 and
  • The Graduate Life Office is available 24/7 at (650) 723-7288, pager ID number 25085, and during office hours at (650) 736-7078.
  • The Office for Religious Life offers pastoral care and spiritual guidance and can be reached at (650) 723-1762.
  • Residence Deans (RDs) are available to help undergraduates navigate support and resources during this difficult time. An on-call RD is available 24/7 at (650) 504-8022, and RDs also can be reached through this web page:
  • The Faculty Staff Help Center offers confidential assistance for faculty and staff. More information is available at

I am profoundly grieved to have to share this news, particularly in the wake of the deaths of multiple members of our campus community this year. I wanted to share the news as soon as possible, recognizing that there is clearly a need for greater conversation. We will share more information as soon as it is available.

At this moment in the year, many of us are dispersed around the globe. However, our sense of community travels with us wherever we go. I hope you will reach out to each other to extend care and support, and we at the university are here for you, as well.


Susie Brubaker-Cole
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

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