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VIDEO: Uhuru to meet Trump, other leaders at G7 Summit in Italy



President Uhuru Kenyatta  joins other world leaders at the G7 Summit this weekend in Taormina, Sicily, in Italy. Uhuru is among four African heads of state and government invited to the 43rd, two-day event, alongside Nigerian Muhammadu Buhari (Nigeria) Haile Mariam Desalegn (Ethiopian Prime Minister) and Tunisia’s Beji Caid Essebesi.

The summit is an exclusive ‘club’ offering a forum for the world’s most powerful leaders and Uhuru is expected to address it, slightly over a week after he earned himself a seat at the just-ended Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, China.


The G7 leaders comprise US President Donald Trump, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President-elect Emmanuel Macron, Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the United Kingdom’s Teresa May and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Kenyatta is expected to meet most of them on the sidelines of the summit.

Also attending will be European Union President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The summit is expected to discuss foreign policy, global threats and economy, and review economic co-ordination based on the resolution of the G20 conference. “President Kenyatta has been invited to be part of the G7 Summit. This is a big honour for us as a country,” said Foreign Affair Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed.

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Graduate becomes a guard at his former school – VIDEO



A University of Eldoret graduate in Bachelor of Science (Statistics) has resorted to being a guard at his former secondary school after failing to secure a job in his area of study.

Ernest Maiki Abraham returned to RCEA Kuinet Secondary School, where he left in 2011 after scoring a B+ in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations, to man the institution’s main entrance.

The graduate told KTN that he resorted to being a guard after his efforts to secure a white collar job proved fruitless.

“Sikutarajia kama naeza kuwa hapa hata siku moja, hata vile nimejaribu nikakosa nikasema ai wacha niishie tu kwenye nitaishia kwa sababu nimejaribu nikajaribu na nguvu zote sijafaulu,” he said.

Maiki has sent out job application letters to top employers including tech companies, multinational corporates and supermarkets.

“Inafika mahali unakata tamaa, kwanza nikiwa University of Eldoret vitu mingi ilifika mpaka inanikazia wakati wa graduation. Inafika mpaka unakata tamaa kwa sababu maisha imekuwa ngumu,” he added.

He relies on his meagre guard salary to take care of his living expenses and those of his younger siblings.



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Parliament cop found dead in suspected murder by lover



Constable Hellen Kwamboka

A policewoman attached to Parliament was on Friday found dead in her house in Umoja estate.

Police say Constable Hellen Kwamboka failed to turn up for work on Friday and a decision to mount a search was made.

Detectives from Buruburu police station broke into her house only  to find her lying in a pool of blood with a deep cut on her head and blood stains all over the house.

The police say the deceased bore signs of strangulation on the neck.

“No murder weapon was recovered from the scene and it is believed that a boyfriend who visited her on Thursday had murdered her before escaping,” read a police report filed at Buruburu police station.

The scene was visited by the DCIO Buruburu and detectives.

Strangely, the police report stated that the door was locked from inside even as they insisted on the “boyfriend murder” narrative.

“The officers found the house locked from inside and suspected something was unusual. The house was broken into and the body of the officer found lying on her bed,” read the police report.

Constable Kwamboka’s phone is still missing and police suspect it was “stolen and switched off.”

Ms Kwamboka’s body has been taken to Chiromo mortuary as investigations into the matter kicked off.

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MY STORY: When ‘happily ever after’ turns into a nightmare



Hers was the perfect marriage … a dream come true until one day her husband lost a sizeable amount of money in a business venture that failed. Pearl Mumbi, 29, shares her ‘happily ever after’ gone wrong.

“My name is Pearl Mumbi, a mother of two. My boy is eight years old and the girl is six. When I met my Prince Charming, I was about 20 and I could sense he was a good man.

And true to my intuition, he turned out to be the ideal husband. Ours was an enviable marriage.

What with this man who treated me like a queen and always took good care of me?

He was the kind of man who would cook for me and always took me out on dates. Everything felt so perfect and I enjoyed every step of the journey.

When we welcomed our firstborn, it was pure bliss. At this time, I was working as a cashier in one of the local supermarkets in Nairobi.

In 2014, after we got our second baby, my husband asked me to quit work as I was really having a rough time with house helps.

‘Sweetheart, stay at home and raise our babies, I’ll take care of us,’ he promised. I was comfortable being a stay-at-home mum as I knew he would provide for us.

My husband did not disappoint and he even moved us to a bigger house. All our bills were paid on time and he carried out his parental responsibilities without fail.

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He set apart Sundays as our family time and he enjoyed taking us out with the kids.

During week days he ensured that I wasn’t bored and always brought me movies and magazines to keep myself busy. Also, to ensure I was comfortable, he paid a laundry lady who used to come and wash our clothes.

One day in December 2016, my hubby informed me that he wanted to start a wines and spirits shop with a female business partner.

That was not what I was expecting to hear and I thus told him I wasn’t comfortable with the choice of partner.

Besides, I told him that since the children were not too delicate anymore, we could hire a house help as I joined him in business.

Well, he was adamant and went ahead to open the shop with his lady friend.

He had invested a huge amount of money in the venture and was hoping it would pay back soon. Unfortunately, that was not to be. And in a month’s time the business collapsed … and that was when the nightmare began.

My once responsible husband started drinking heavily and would come home staggering at odd hours of the night.

He would insist I wake up and warm the food for him and sit with him as he ate. Woe unto me if I accidentally dozed off.

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I would be woken up with a hot slap. I remember the first time he hit me I had served him food and then he threw the plate at the wall, breaking it.

He then asked for water and threw the glass at the wall. This behaviour shocked me as I had never known him to be violent before.

When I asked him what the problem was, he beat me up to a pulp. The second time he beat me, I ran to the kids’ bedroom and locked the door, which he broke down and beat me up until my son woke up.

The following day he would claim that he had been high and would even insist on buying me olive oil to massage my sore body.

He would then cook us a delicious meal. However, he continued with the violence and often times he would get angry without provocation.

One evening I was watching TV after putting the children to bed, he came home drunk and had lost his phone.

For some reason he started complaining and tried pinning the blame on me. I tried to defend myself and the next thing I saw is our TV flying my direction.

My husband in his anger had thrown the TV at me. I was lucky I managed to move out of its way on time as it crashed on the floor.

That was my turning point. I did not feel safe anymore. I locked my sleeping children in their room and still in my nightdress, I took a taxi from Waiyaki Way to my mum’s place on Ngong Road.

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Interestingly, the following morning he called to ask if I would be coming over to stay with the kids as he wanted to leave for work, yet I was still nursing a black eye from a dog’s beating I had received earlier that week.

To him it was business as usual, and I played along. I told him I’d be coming home though I was shaking like a leaf as I was scared of what he would do to me.

I went home, got two taxis and loaded my children’s clothes, and we moved to mum’s place.

He tried reconciling with me, but the last two weeks had cancelled every good thing he had ever done for us.

I was in constant fear that he would harm me. He helped out for two months but when he realised I was not going to change my mind, he stopped sending child support.

To make ends meet, I ventured into business. I specialise in deras and trench coats for both children and adults and do most of my sales through my Facebook page Activewear Collections and Instagram page Pearl Mumbi.

I’m happy as I can afford to pay the bills and my children’s school fees, and have even moved out of mum’s place to our own.”

source:Saturday Magazine

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