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VIDEO: How far some Kenyan women will go to keep their men



Adult stuff: Viewer discretion advised.

Rumour has it that some Kenyan women are now forcing loyalty of their men by cooking them liver after inserting it into their private parts. Does it really work? Watch:




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Willy Paul introduces 2-year-old son (photo) 




Singer Willy Paul has for the first time introduced his son named King Damian Radido Ouma to the world as he turns two years old.

Willy Paul shared a photo of his son on Instagram after two years of keeping him away from the public eye.

“Help me wish my son a happy birthday fam.. he just turned 2yrs … I love you KING DAMIAN RADIDO OUMA. The best gift that the Lords’s given me so far!!! May you live to be a great and intelligent man.

“May the Lord that I serve watch over you for the rest of your days! NAKUPENDA kijana… happy 2nd birthday…” shared Willy Paul.

Last year in an exclusive interview with Pulse Live, Pozee disclosed that he had a son but had opted to keep it a secret because he is not sure if the son would like to be famous when he grows up or not.

“Niko na mtoi. Mtoto ni wa kiume anaitwa King Damian jina lake la kwanza. Huyo ashakuwa star already. Ni venye sinanga time ya petty fame because hauko sure huyu mtoto akigrow kama hio ndio lifestyle anataka kama anataka kuwa famous kama wewe ama maybe ni msee anataka akigrow akuwe na private life yake,” Willy Paul said.

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The Saldido Records CEO is among celebrities who have managed to keep their love life private, apart from the few screenshots of him sliding into girls’ DMs.

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Murkomen, Kang’ata get personal after disagreement on CRA formula 




Former Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and Majority Whip Irungu Kangata on Tuesday clashed on Twitter ahead of the controversial Senate vote on the new revenue sharing formula.

Murkomen has been the de facto leader of a group of Senators from historically marginalized counties who have been opposed to the one man one shilling formula advocated by Senator Kangata.

The team led by Murkomen is reported to enjoy the support of Majority of Senators including those from counties that would benefit from the one man one shilling formula.

Kangata on Tuesday criticized the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, saying his proposed formula will see Mutang’a and Nyeri counties lose their revenue.

“Linturi and Murkomen new formula wants to punish Muranga and Nyeri counties. Why ? What wrong have we done to you?” Kangata posed.

“Stop your obsession with me. You are now in leadership. Respect my position as a backbencher and lead!” Murkomen shot back.

Kangata later explained that the former Majority Leader had declined a proposal to have a formula 39 counties would gain more money while the other eight would have their revenue losses covered by the Equalization Fund.

“Sasa unataka kulia?” Murkomen condescendingly hit back.

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata

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Key changes made on worship services




The Interfaith Council on the National Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic has announced revised regulations for worship service which will take effect from Tuesday August 18, 2020.

Worship services will now be allowed to run for up to 90 minutes, 30 minutes longer than the current one hour limit.

In addition, children above age six and adults up to 65 years of age will now be allowed to attend the services, a revision from the current 13-58 years age limit.

“We however continue to urge all those who are elderly, sick or with health conditions, to still worship from their homes.

“We need to apply personal responsibility, and not expose ourselves when we are still in the rising infections,” read the statement by Interfaith Council Chair Archbishop Anthony Muheria.

The limit on 100 worshipers in every service has also been lifted and instead, the institutions will be allowed to hold as many worshipers as possible as long as the 1.5 metre social distancing rule is applied.

This will particularly be beneficial to large religious institutions which had opted not to resume worship services because the 100-attendees rule was impractical.

A revision has also been made to the number of mourners who are allowed to attend a funeral raising it to 100, up from 15 close relatives of the deceased.

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“In this PHASE ONE that is now set to begin, the total number of attendants in funerals is set at 100 persons. This is a reasonable number that is not too constraining. We plead that we strictly follow this requirement in order to contain any infection spread through Funerals.

“We also insist that there should not be food sharing as the risk becomes even higher when people remove their masks to eat,” the statement outlined.

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