Dr. George Muhia Kariuki of Kenyatta University Department of Agriculture Services and Technology passed away while snorkeling in a lake in Florida.

On the fateful day, Dr Kariuki was snorkeling with some friends and family. He had initially gone into the water twice and back to their boat safely. However, he decided to go in a third time after resting but this time he did not resurface.

After some time, his fellow snorkelers realized he was in trouble and were able to retrieve him from the waters.

Paramedics were called as the boat headed back to shore and they met them at the edges of the lake. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Dr Kariuki had travelled to the US for two weeks accompanied by his family to attend a conference.

He was accompanied by his wife Dr. Lilian Waibochi of Dept of Biochemistry, Chiromo Campus of Nairobi University and their two children Victor and Victoria.

The family was scheduled to return home on Sunday, August 20.

Mr Kariuki is a former Diasporian and studied at the University of Florida. He resided in Gainesville, Florida at the time.

Mr Karuki’s wife and kids are now scheduled to travel back home and will accompany his body.

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