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Kenyan men complain that Nyambura’s phone number is busy



Simu yake inalia mteja, complained Njue Magambo, a prospective suitor to Priscilla Nyambura, the woman who has been parading herself seeking a husband.

The 28-year-old lady has set the internet ablaze after she took to the streets of Nairobi early Tuesday seeking to get a husband. Nyambura was photographed by different people  holding a placard indicating her need for a husband and her phone number for interested parties.

What could have pushed her to go to the streets still remains unknown, but poverty, loneliness and possibly unemployment. Wearing a wedding gown, signalling her readiness to tie the knot, she was even accompanied by her seven-year old daughter, perhaps a sign of transparency and proof of fertility.

Nyabura, accented version of Nyambura, a common name for ladies among the Kikuyu community, has redefined the search for a man to live with, through her open-air advertisement. There have been cases of eligible individuals putting advertisements in the classified sections of the papers, but it hasn’t been this extreme.

The behaviour is unusual, but the reasons behind it could be the hard economic times complicated by changing social structure where the number of eligible bachelors is shrinking. Most men are cruising past marriage age range of 24-35 without wives, choosing to stay single and avoid the social and financial responsibilities that come with settling down.

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This has left many women eligible for marriage without reliable partners. What’s often available are the ‘hit-and-run’ types of men out for short term pleasures. An increasing number of women are growing up without the desire for a man, emboldened by economic empowerment and discouraged by the high propensity for being hurt or abandoned by a once-committed man.

Ms Nyambura’s case is an explosion of frustrations among ladies in getting a long-term soulmate in a country where both men and women are searching for financially stable partners. But due to the reality of poverty and unemployment in Kenya, getting a mate has become about as hard as finding a virgin in a seminary.

Government statistics show that 46% of Kenya’s population of 46 million lives below the poverty line, leaving a huge segment without means for earning a decent living. Most young men are left without the most important resources that attract women: money and power.

Access to basic quality services such as healthcare, education, clean water and sanitation, is often a luxury for many people, yet a necessity for good life that makes a marriage work. That by  no means indicates poor people don’t marry. Large segments of the population in Kenya, including the burgeoning urban poor, are married. They simply make the best out of their situation.

According to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2014, out of a national population of about 38 million, over 23.4 million, or more than half, have never married.

But the modern lady looking for good life is not read to make the best out of a bad situation. They want the best life can give: lots of money, nice house, good food stored in a fridge and cooked on a huge gas burner before being served on glittering glass plates, then washed down with wine or whiskey.

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Ladies find themselves in a pool of dilemma of morals versus money. Some hope for – and, at times are lucky to get – wealthy husbands. And there is always a group of men from the middle class and the high end segment ready to ‘help’ such ladies for sexual benefits, which has spawned a new tribe of men called ‘sponsors’ – the guys with means who care less about love and moral and thus ready to finance a lady’s desired lifestyle in exchange for bodily pleasure.

On the other side, so-called ‘good men’ often impregnate ladies but soon turn deadbeat dads. They then embark on getting the next catch, often from the same poverty stricken group, who will not give much trouble once they smell a thousand shilling note. This class is also a preference since they rarely seek legal redress in case they are abused. They just opt to move on to fend for themselves or hope another man will be sympathetic enough to take care of them.

What follows are use-and-dump scenarios. Others who might be willing to marry them are their fellow poor chaps, who are not even capable of taking care of themselves. The young single mothers eventually lack somebody to marry them. They have to pay rent, eat and take the child to school. The options for survival are fewer. Many get into the vicious circle of searching for the elusive tall, dark and handsome (rich) men.

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Those who fear public scorn use online dating sites where the situation is worse with strangers who exploit their desperate conditions to prey on women. Others get their ‘love’ on social media but soon find that they are not compatible.

Nyambura decided to invent a new way of getting a marriage partner, a shortcut of some sort, redefining the art of getting married by removing the bliss of dating and courtship, which can take years and many litres of coffee and other drinks.

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MANY PHOTOS of the spectacular retirement home Sarah Kabu gifted her husband on his birthday



Kenya’s Bonfire adventures MD, Sarah Kabu did the unimaginable for her husband over the weekend, after making a multi-million purchase of a retirement home for her husband, a dream come true on his birthday.

The famous Jabo Jabo couple gave fans a look into their simple yet rich retirement home during the celebrations that went down in Olpajeta, Nanyuki.

Inside Kabus retirement home

The pair gave us a look of the home’s exterior, fitted with large glass windows as walls of the different rooms upstairs, each well furnished with rare exotic African furniture.

The Kabus on baecation

Surrounded with bushes and trees at a distance, the couple did not think much of having a fence around their home, open to all who would pay a visit, with a sign board at the entrance with the words “Welcome to The Kabus retirement home.”

The front yard graced the parking lot while the backyard would be where the couple hosted their social events. With long dining tables and outdoor canvas seats setting the mood for a communal feel, allowing us a view of the large projecting balcony the duo had to enjoy the priceless views of the wild.

Sarah gifts Simon Kabu dream retirement home

In the presence of close friends and family, Mr Kabu was treated to a magnificent birthday event by his wife, Sarah who made his dreams come true with the surprise of his dream retirement home in the wild.

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For Simon, as they drove through bushes and thickets, he first thought they were having a bush lunch only to his surprise to discover that his wife had brought to reality, his plans to own a private getaway in the wild when he needed to unwind from the city’s hustling.

The Kabus

Every time the couple would visit the Olpajeta conservancy, Simon would always wishfully admire “ningetaka kuretire hii place” but after Corona happened, his plans stalled. Hardly did he know that his wife was busy taking huge bank loans to give him his dream retirement home. What a love!

Have a look at the Kabu’s rich retirement home.

The Kabus


Sarah &Simon Kabu

The Kabus getaway

Simon Kabu birthday

Mr Kabu birthday

Kabus’ retirement home

Inside The Kabus retirement home

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Young journalist who cried while interviewing President Uhuru Kenyatta identified



The young journalist who was captured on video breaking down while interviewing President Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa on Sunday evening has been identified as 20-year-old Dennis Mudi from Kakamega.

A video of Mudi crying went viral and has been shared on the interwebs.

Mudi says he was overwhelmed by the presence of the head of state and could not contain his emotions.

Rare encounter with Uhuru

On Sunday evening, Uhuru broke away from his security team to mingle with small scale traders who are based at Mama Ngina Waterfront Park in Mombasa. Part of the crowd was Mudi. The President exchanged greetings with him and to Mudi’s surprise, Uhuru agreed to give an unscheduled interview for his online MK TV channel.

The interview was held at the park around 6.30pm on Sunday.

Uhuru has been in Mombasa on a low key visit, inspecting projects and his tour has been closed to most journalists.

The video clip shows President Uhuru Kenyatta casually dressed – wearing a cap and a face mask pulled beneath his chin. He attentively follows the tearful ramblings of Mudi, an MK TV channel journalist.

The young journalist had travelled from upcountry to interview small scale traders for his show ‘Hustle mtaani’ which airs on MK TV.

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“I was busy interviewing madafu and kachiri sellers when security people suddenly appeared and told people to sit and avoid unnecessary movement,” he says.

Mingling with traders

The President made an appearance without his security and started mingling with the traders; expressing interest in their wares and greeting them, to the surprise of all.

It was then that Uhuru noticed Mudi with his microphone and seeing that he obviously was not one of the traders, he approached him and started a conversation.

“I introduced myself as a journalist from Kakamega [who had come] to interview small scale traders for a show that we run at MK TV,” Mudi told Standard Digital.

Mudi says the President was very amused and genuinely pleased that he was giving the local traders a platform.

“He then surprised me by offering me an interview,” he says.

Dennis Mudi. [Courtesy, Standard]

After an emotionally charged interview which lasted nearly ten minutes, as Mudi was signing off, he became overwhelmed and broke down.

His composure dribbled out of him and he started losing it prompting the President to do his best to encourage the young man with nods and smiles as he patted his back reassuringly.

“I have a guest who is President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, It’s Unbelievable,,,,ooohh My God (sigh), he says repeating unbelievable over and over again.

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“I am very thankful …” he says followed by sobs repeatedly before a final wail as he is completely overwhelmed by emotion.

The President offers his shoulder and the young journalist leans on it as he is consoled by Commander of the Armed Forces of the country.

Hoping to meet the President again

Mudi told Standard Digital that after the rare meeting, he was offered transport by an aide.

“I was also invited to meet the president at Statehouse although the call has not come through yet. I am eagerly waiting,” he said.

He says that he cried the way he did because it was unexpected and overwhelming.

“I have been in journalism for only three months, interviewed many people mostly traders but never in my wildest dream did I ever think someday I would interview the president himself. It was so overwhelming at some point I just broke down,” he says.

Mbui who uses his phone to shoot his interviews had to be assisted by a member of the presidential security detail to film the interview for him.

He says that the president offered to give him an exclusive interview and assured him that he would help him develop his station.

He said: “The president was so friendly and down to earth. Like I said, It’s totally unbelievable!”

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Mercy Masika calls out on Gospel artistes who have derailed the quality of gospel music



Gospel singer Mercy Masika has deemed today’s Kenyan Gospel music as none inspiring and business-oriented, unlike some years back when singing for God was more intentional from a religious perspective.

Taking the matter to her Instagram page recently, the singer poured her heart out, stating today’s Gospel music has declined in quality, which undercuts the sole purpose of ministering to audiences. “The reason much of today’s music lacks inspiration and memorability is that people have blurred the lines and turned it into too much of a business,” she captioned.

The mother of two explained that some Gospel artistes often fail to remain true to their purpose of creating music. “It takes moral courage to remain true to inspire, impact and be true to who you are called to be,” Masika added. She went further to reiterate that music takes time to pay; she advised the younger generation of gospel musicians to remain authentic and avoid being led astray for monetary gains.

“Music often takes time to pay, but when it finally does, it pays very well. There’s a confidence that comes from being true,” she concluded. The award-winning musician could have been passing on a deliberate message to gospel-turned secular artistes who quit gospel music for greener pastures.

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A while ago, controversial artiste Bahati defended himself as to why he left the gospel music scene for secular. In an interview, the artiste revealed that the gospel music industry is “rotten” and has always been criticized for being controversial. Bahati said he no longer felt welcomed in the gospel scene. However, the singer made it clear that leaving the gospel industry doesn’t mean his faith and belief in God has been compromised.


“I was fought a lot in the gospel industry, but I knew I was not doing gospel music for the people; I was doing it for God. I have just separated myself from the gospel industry for a while but not from God. Christ and the Lord is my personal saviour,” he said. He added that his songs are meant for his audience who listen to secular music and those who love gospel music.


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