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Naivas opens outlet at ex-Barclays Moi Avenue branch




Did you know that the Moi Avenue  Barclays Bank Branch is no more? The building which housed it  is now a Naivas Supermarket after the fast growing company  opened  a new outlet.

Barclays vacated Bank House – at the corner of Kenyatta Avenue and Moi Avenue – on October 1 in a restructuring that saw the lender close a total of seven branches and relocate operations to nearby outlets.

Signs hanging outside the building caught many Nairobians – who have always associated the building with Barclays – by surprise.

“I am really surprised,” wrote Margaret Njoki on Facebook.

The family-owned retail chain opened  the store on November 15 at the location. It is a prime spot teeming with foot traffic and the Supermarket’s management hopes to capitalize on that fact.

The upper part of Moi Avenue has not had a major supermarket outlet since closure of Tuskys’ Beba Beba branch in May.

The Beba Beba Tuskys outlet was one of the rival retail chain’s best performing branch.

“This is a prime location for Naivas. We expect the store to perform really well since the area has significant footfall,” said Naivas chief operating officer Willy Kimani in a recent interview with a local daily.

“This upper part of town is currently largely underserved,” he added.

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Naivas has said it also has plans to open a new store in Utawala on October 17, another in Kericho on November 3 and thereafter one each in Kitengela, Mountain View (Waiyaki Way) and Mombasa.

It has closed some outlets which have been underperforming.

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Shipped for Sh3 million: Why KWS’ four K-9s are pampered




Kira, Tibo, Diva and Ram are not just like any other dog. They are expensive. About Ksh 3 million taxpayers’ money was spent on shipping them to Kenya. 

Unlike other dogs, these four have passports and other travel documents for international travel.

Head of the Mombasa-based canine unit, Emmanuel Wafula, says the three malinoises and a German shepherd were shipped in from Europe at a young age, which is the best age for learning new tricks.

“These are among the few dogs in the country with travel documents. The passports have details about their dates of birth, gender and other ‘personal’ information,” he says.

They are trained for about three months for them to master the scent of contraband items.

“The dogs are primarily trained in detecting ivory, rhino horns and pangolin scales. Since their deployment, cases of illegal wildlife trafficking have decreased,” says Wafula.

They are part of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)’s Canine Unit, and they have heavy duty for each dog, one of the heaviest responsibilities a dog can have along Kenya’s vast coastline – sniffing out any contraband wildlife trophies from Kiunga to Lunga Lunga.

The dogs are accompanied by six handlers and sent to key security installations along the coast, such as the Port of Mombasa and Moi International Airport.

They feed once a day pre-cooked dog food in the evenings after a tour of work, and there are not supposed to breed due to their busy schedule.

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VIDEO: Top Features Optiven’s client from the USA liked about Victory Gardens in Kitengela



ADVISTISEMENT: Would you believe that this breathtaking project exists in Kitengela? take the initiative to come for a site visit and confirm the SUPER value additions we have at Victory Gardens. Your dream home is our business! let us be a part of your journey to own property.

Get yourself a super value added plot guaranteed to transform your dream home into the envy of many only in Victory Gardens in Kitengela. Call us on 0723 400 500 for details.

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Toyota recalls 3.4 million vehicles worldwide over airbag glitch




Over three million Toyota vehicles have been recalled over malfunctioned airbags.

The electronic error in the manufacture has been experienced in their cars around the world. Some of the airbags failed to launch at impact during accidents.

The recall had affected around 2.9 million vehicles in the US between 2011-2019 Corolla makes, 2011-2013 Matrix, 2012-2018 Avalon and 2013-2018 Avalon Hybrid vehicles.

The malfunction is in the electronic control unit that doesn’t provide sufficient guard against the electrical noises that are experienced during the accidents, which are causing the incomplete release of the airbags. 

The car dealers will have to add a noise filter between the airbag control module and its wire harness where necessary.

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