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See what this mzungu is wearing after marrying a Kenyan woman!



I am the husband of a Kenyan woman and nothing scares me. What exactly does he mean? He has left some people confused.

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VIDEO: See Uhuru give Margaret nice cheek smooches on World Thinking Day





President Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife, Margaret Kenyatta, were caught on camera as they engaged in public display of affection during the World Thinking Day at Statehouse.

The video, posted on Twitter shows President Uhuru walking after concluding his speech and goes to shake Margaret Kenyatta’s hand, and then turns to kiss her on both cheeks much to her amusement.

He then shakes the hands of other people in the high table and then leaves.

See video below:


World Thinking Day, formerly Thinking Day, is celebrated annually on 22 February by all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

It is a day when they think about their “sisters” and “brothers” in all the countries of the world, the meaning of Guiding, and its global impact.

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Size 8: My hubby is not cheating on me



Gospel musician Size 8 Reborn has dismissed reports that had been circulating claiming that her husband DJ Mo is a cheat.

Sometime last year, rumors circulated in the gospel circles alleging that Size 8 had walked out of their matrimonial home after she found out that her celebrity husband was stepping out on her.

The claims were almost made believable when DJ Mo later appeared in an interview and opened up about their marital ups and downs. In the interview the gospel DJ had admitted that there was a time his wife disappeared from their home for about a week, after an argument.

He explained that it was a normal couple disagreement even though people read so much into it.

Recently in an interview with radio host Masawe Jappani, Mama Wambo, as she lately prefers to be called, maintained that her husband of five years has been faithful to her in their marriage.

“It’s not true. Hizo ni rumours because rumours lazima ziwe lakini si ati ndoa yetu ni perfect,” she said when asked about the cheating claims.

“Of course tunakosana kama kawaida. Sisi hukaa chini tunaongea, sisi tumeona kwanza before we are celebrities, kuna Linet na Muraya kwa nyumba before Size 8 na DJ Mo so kila kitu tuna-handle pamoja. Kama kuna tashwishi watu wanaongea juu yake tunakuja ndani tunaongea tunaamua how we handle it.”

Source: Nairobi News

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Akothe banned from performing in South Sudan



Controversial Kenyan singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee has reportedly been banned from performing in South Sudan.

South Sudanese media reports that Akothee had written to the country’s authorities seeking permission to hold a music tour.

However, after initially granting her permission to go ahead with her tour, authorities in Africa’s youngest nation have canceled the event citing moral reasons.

The decision has been made after South Sudan’s top ministers led by Dr. Nadia and Makuei Lueth questioned the “Oyoyo” hit maker’s morals.

“She is a bad influence and lacks self-respect. I watched her performances on YouTube and with the way she immorally behaves on stage, I conclude she is not the right musician to entertain our youth,” one news outlet quotes Dr. Nadia.

Minister Lueth says the musician is a bad role model for the young generation.

Controversial Kenyan Musician, Akothee. FILE PHOTO

“I don’t want my kids and relatives to watch a woman spreading her legs while in pants almost exposing her genitals in the name of entertainment. That would be an erotic behavior for them to copy,” says Lueth.

A few days ago, the artist came under strong criticism from Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua and  Kenyans online.

Mutua condemned her over what he termed as “filthy and stupid stunts”.

“Kenya has got talent but as long as we keep celebrating this kind of madness, our entertainment industry will never grow. Akothee is talented but the filthy and stupid stunts she has to pull to remain relevant should concern all of us. What’s worse is to see grown-up men and women celebrating this scatological obscenity in the name of entertainment,” said Mutua.

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