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Two Kenyan women aged 26 and 22 arrested after being circumcised to please husbands



Administration Police officers in Elburgon have arrested two women for undergoing circumcision.

The two aged 22 and 26 years were arrested at Ndoswa in Mariashoni after secretly undergoing the cut in Kiptunga Forest two weeks ago.

Leading the team, Elburgon Assistant County Commissioner Naftaly Kipkorir said the arrest came after a tip off from residents.

“We did not arrest those who conducted the cut as they disappeared after the [performing] cut,” said Mr Korir, adding that they have launched investigations into the matter.

One of the woman said they opted for the cut following pressure from their husbands.

“[Our] husbands are not accorded the respect they [deserve] as they are [deemed to be] of low dignity [in] the community (for marrying uncircumcised women),” one of the women said.

In one of the homesteads, several marks were visible to symbolise that the ‘cut’ had taken place.

The two women were treated at Elburgon Sub-County Hospital before being taken to Elburgon Police Station.

Female circumcision has been going on in Njoro and Molo sub-counties.

Recently, three women were arrested in Njoro for practicing the illegal act.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jay

    May 24, 2019 at 9:34 am

    If female circumcision is illegal why are the women being arrested and not the husbands?

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Scarecrows: When beauty products make you look uglier




Make up or beauty products are supposed to magnify your beauty as a woman. That is not always the case as at time the makeup goes wrong and you end up looking uglier. This scenario is common especially among young girls in Kenya.

Today’s generation girls are keen on putting heavy makeup. Not withholding the fact that most of them were born and raised in the village. The heavy makeup completely changes their look.

In the earlier days, a simple petroleum jelly was enough for you to be on top of your game on a Sunday afternoon outing. Today it’s different young girls applying too much make up.

Girls should go easy on the makeup. The ones you see on the videos or weddings are just that, for the videos. Simple and less makeup is more.

Even the immigration office wants a recent photo of yourself. They do not want to keep wondering if the person in the picture and the one that they are seeing is the same.

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Joyce Maina struggling after father’s death: Grief is more like a wave



Joyce Maina has confessed that tragically losing her dad last year is something that affected her life and she’s struggling to get her life back.

Taking to social media, the popular actress who lost her dad last year after a decomposed body found inside a car in a river in Embu was identified to be his, confessed that grief has been coming and going in her life, and that sometimes it really takes her away.

“The thing I’ve come to learn about grief or grieving is that it’s not a constant thing or feeling. It’s more like a wave,” she posted. 

Police said that they found on his body cash estimated to be between Sh10,000- Sh20,000 and a mobile phone. The late Maina was a successful businessman dealing in horticulture and had different farms in Embu and Kirinyaga.

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Swahili Village closed indefinitely following fire damage



In the early morning hours of Monday, May 7, 2018, there was a fire outbreak in the Kitchen of Swahili Village Bar and Grill. The fire was put out shortly after and there were no injuries. Due to the damage to the interior of the restaurant, Swahili Village bar and grill located at 10800 Rhode Island Avenue, Beltsville, Maryland will be closed until further notice.

Swahili Village Fire

Following the incident, Mr Kevin Onyona, the restaurant proprietor wrote on Social media:  “We hope to be up and running in the next two to three months. This is due to some substantial damages that will need to be repaired. Please continue to check on our social media pages for updates and news regarding the re-opening”.

Swahili Village Fire

Swahili Village has been providing a much-needed fine dining experience of Kenyan cuisine in Beltsville. Beltsville, Maryland is a hub of major industry pioneers and government agencies like  NASA, U.S. Department of Agriculture among others. Swahili Village’s clientele has grown to include a broad spectrum of ethnic cuisine enthusiasts from the African diplomatic missions, African diaspora and the general public with bookings for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations celebrated in the mahogany wood finished interior with an elegant ambiance. This year Swahili Village is celebrating its nine-year anniversary since its inception in 2009.  The new Swahili Village location, now in its second year, has been highly rated and positively reviewed on Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and a multitude of foodie sites.

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The Swahili Village team is looking forward to once again serving our customers and offering you the True Taste of Kenya that you as our loyal clients have grown to love. We appreciate the prompt response by the Prince Georges county emergency team which includes the Prince Georges County Police Department and the Beltsville Fire Department. A huge thank you goes to our well wishers for your support as we work towards reopening.


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