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VIDEO: Chiloba finally speaks out on Msando’s death




Little has been heard about the investigations or lack thereof of the death of Chris Msando who was murdered in the most gruesome manner in the run-up to August 8th general election…and now IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba is speaking out.

Find out what he is saying. Watch courtesy of Citizen TV Kenya:


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VIDEO: I have stopped watching news



President Uhuru Kenyatta has put the international media on the spot for their penchant for mostly reporting the negative aspects of the African continent.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting with Investors in London, President Kenyatta said that it is the media’s fault for the negative perception that most of the world has about Africa.

“We have this unfortunate problem, perception problem and unfortunately it is created by the media. Every single day, it’s the negative aspects of Africa that are being brought out. Sometimes you watch news, which I have stopped watching, and you find Aljazeera, CNN, Sky, BBC – whichever one you flip to – talking about something that has happened in Rwanda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia… sometimes of somewhere as far away as Nigeria on the other side of the continent. And then when the guy is signing off… ‘This is John White reporting from Nairobi, Kenya’”, President Kenyatta said.

“I would like people to appreciate that as much as much as we seek African unity but each country is unique and I believe Kenya is unique and it should be known for its uniqueness,” he added.

In 2015 CNN’s Global Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Tony Maddox, flew to Nairobi from Atlanta to personally apologise to President Kenyatta after describing Kenya as a “hotbed of terror” on a feature story.

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Kenyans on Twitter were angered by the description by CNN resulting in a sustained online onslaught on the media house.

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Akothee’s daughter Rue dating MCA Tricky?



Akothee might have just confirmed that her daughter Rue is romantically involved with MCA Tricky as seen on Instagram.

The mother of 5 goes on ahead to advise Rue to tell her boyfriend to shave off his grown hair as she probably finds long hair on men, untidy!

MCA Tricky

In the video shared by Akothee she automatically upgrades MCA Tricky from the cousin zone’ to a potential boyfriend of Rue. Well, it is no secret that Rue and Tricky are quite close and many have been questioning their relationship for a while now.

Akothee speaks about Rue and MCA Tricky

Being one of the coolest mums on social media, Akothee continues to prove how close and open she is with her girls!

Apart from joking about Tricky’s hair, she went on to question the kind of relationship Rue shares with the comedian.

Akothee also goes on to refer to Tricky as Rue’s ‘boyfriend’ another reason to assume that these two have been secretly seeing each other for a few months now or are they just friends?

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By Ghafla

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‘When I think about what I went through 2 years ago…’ Kawira says as she raises 12m medical bill




Joy Furaha Kawira, a Kenyan actress-cum-pastor, is among the Kenyan celebrities who have experienced child loss.

The former actress and her husband, Pastor Ephy Saint had triplets in 2017. Sadly, one of them died.

Kawira is calling upon well-wishers to assist her friend’s son, who is being hospitalized at a local hospital to settle a bill of Ksh 12 million, where she is using her experience as a good example.

“When I think about what I went through 2 years ago, I just kneel down and tell God to please remember the people who are in a similar situation or worse. In that spirit, my heart goes out to baby Andy (my friend’s son), who is still at Gertrude’s hospital. The bill now is 12m and still counting. Your prayer and support will go a long way.” she posted.

Baby Andy at Gertrude’s hospital; 


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