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REVEALED: Ben Pol and Anerlisa’s grand wedding plans




Ben Pol, Tanzanian Bongo star, has shared how he and his Kenyan fiancée Anerlisa Muigai are planning on having a white wedding soon.

In an interview with Clouds FM, he said they are ready to have the big day since he has already paid the Anerlisa’s dowry.

“Mimi na Anerlisa tuna mipango mingi mbeleni. Nishamlipia hadi mahari, lakini sidhani kama nitakuwa sahihi nikitaja ni mahari kiasi gani nimelipa kwao,” he said.

He also shares, since they already had their traditional wedding, they can have their white wedding once they set the date.

 “Tumefanya taratibu zote za kimila. Nyumbani kwao tumeshakamilisha kila kitu. Kilichobaki ni zile taratibu za kizungu tu,” he explained.

The two met early 2018 in a press conference that had been planned by Anerlisa’s friend.

“Baadaye vile watu wametawanyika mimi nikawe niko naye. Tukajikuta tuko pamoja, tukaongea kidogo, tukabadilishana namba ya simu na mengine yakafuata. Mwanzo sikuwa na nia ya kimahusiano kwake, nilikuwa navutiwa na vibe lake kwenye stories,” he said.

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She had my ATM – Njugush on how he, Wakavinye handle their finances




Comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush has revealed details about his marriage to wife Celestine Ndinda also known as Wakavinye.

The two spoke at The Wicked Edition hosted by Dr Kingori. They revealed the secret to their happy relationship and why couples should be deliberate when it comes to talking about their finances, Njugush confessed how Wakavinye was his ‘sponsor’ back in campus.

“By then I was in third year, yeye alikuwa first year… Somehow mimi sikuwa na kakitu,” he said.

“It’s because in college, kuna ile pesa nilikuwa napatiwa na mzae alikuwa anajua ni hio. So ikipita hapo, siwezi itisha doh. Pesa yangu ilikuwa inaisha tarehe tano.”

He reveals how Wakavinye would take care of his basic needs such food and airtime and this helped them to be open about their finances even when they started making money

 “When I started making few coins, yeye hakuwa anamake as much. Actually she was the one who had my ATM. Yeye ndio alikuwa anaoperate dooh from that time. Kwa sababu ilikuwa yeye ndio alikuwa incharge of dooh at that time.”

Even now they still combine their finances, this way none of them has a bigger burden than the other.

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‘I never saw the purpose of living,’ Milly Chebby after hubby Terence Creative cheated



Comedian and money creator Terence Creative and his wife are so much in love after a cheating scandal rocked their marriage in 2019.

Terence cheated with a 19-year-old (by then) environmentalist Anita Soina. The affair blew up and Terence and the lady aired their dirty linen in public.

Anita Soina

The scandal saw the couple trend and in an interview on Upclose with Betty, they talked about it.

When it happened last year, I was so confused, I almost lost it, literally. I never saw the purpose of living. Everyone spreading lies you can’t even explain the truth or tell your side of the story. Actually, what was eating me more is the fact that I couldn’t give my side of the story. I was aware of it before it became public,’ Milly said.

Terence admitted to cheating on his wife and during the interview, he said,

There is one thing I respect about Chebet. A lot of people that have been involved with whatever was happening, they have been involved with Terence Creative. Chebet has always been here for Lawrence Mwangi Macharia. When I was in that corner, gambling, smoking, even when I was a ratchet that nobody would admire – they were not there. I really apologized to her because I betrayed her.

The couple is one of the most trolled online and the mother of one stated that no relationship is perfect.

I want to be very categorical if you call us ‘couple goals’, it is your choice.

By Mpasho

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