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VIDEO: Jeff Koinange’s comments about life in US rile some Kenyans




Some Kenyans in the United States are not happy with Jeff Koinange. In one of their shows on Hot 96 FM, the celebrated journalist

and his colleague, Jalang’o,  spoke about life in the diaspora and how much money Kenyans are left with after taxes and expenses.

It all began when a Kenyan living in the state of Kansas sent in a message during a live recording and said he/she was about to begin an 18 hour straight shift.

Banter ensued as the two hosts broke down the salaries of Kenyans in he US. At one point, Koinange appeared to suggest [perhaps inadvertently] that it is easy for someone to make between 30 and 50 dollars an hour.

He however said despite earning a lot in the US, Kenyans  are heavily taxed and are forced by circumstances to work long hours in order to make ends meet.

Koinange said he worked at a McDonald’s  earning a minimum wage of 8 dollars an hour but added that he used to get free burgers.

While some Kenyans thought it was a sincere studio banter, others think Koinange’s utterances were demeaning to the Diasporians.

Watch the video below:





Alex MachariaWah. I have been a big fan of you guys but today, Jeff, you have lied and misled people. Everything you have said is a BIG FAT lie. I have been in the USA for 22 years and nowhere is the situation on the ground anywhere close to what you said. Please stop lying to your fans since your program is followed all over the world. Am disappointed. The only fact I agree with you is that it is not easy. But where is life easy?


Jeff, 30 to 50 bucks an hour is for seasoned, well qualified professionals. Regular folks earn anywhere from 7-15 dollars an hr. Always fact check!


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Alex Macharia
Wah. I have been a big fan of you guys but today, Jeff, you have lied and misled people. Everything you have said is a BIG FAT lie. I have been in the USA for 22 years and nowhere is the situation on the ground anywhere close to what you said. Please stop lying to your fans since your program is followed all over the world. Am disappointed. The only fact I agree with you is that it is not easy. But where is life easy?


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Hilda ambasa
Odi ati hujaenda dunda


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Guys from US are coming out to defend themselves and the life they portray when they come back home… Jeff was just giving estimates, life in Abroad is tough esp for non-professionals/ semi-skilled workers. We know


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Jackline Ngigi
Aii Jeff hesabu yako inaharibu soko.schools are free here unless you choose private schools. Wacha kupandisha jalas Sukari woiyee.


mejja Kim
Kumbe US sio tafadhali


I’m in America. Let me confirm how false that is.


Bullshit-meter is high on this one


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Ng'ash Waqaba
Jeff you are such a poor mathematician. Schools are free. You should be talking about daycare


One Mic
Which year was this Mcds was paying $8/hr?


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Mathias Kiyabo
500$ a month on gas. Kwani watu wanaendesha bulldozer


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One Mic
My friend JEFF UMMMMMMM Hapo UMENOA budah…………………………..


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sos artur abubakar
i wonder wea i am living


Alice Raine
Umewacha insurance


Benjamin B
the guys struggling in USA have come out in big guns to defend their lives there. truth is life is tough in USA


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Diana Mbugua
Jeff,your math is so off… pls check ur facts!…in addition, school here is free..unless u are in a private school and college or were you referring to daycare?….any..please double check your facts!!


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Moses Ibrahim
Jeff, which US are you referring to you? Life in US is not miserable as you paint you. Some of us live, not survive. Not everyone work in McDonald. Shame on you


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J Olisa
Jeff watu wa Atlanta tuseme aje? Jeff, when were you last in the states?


ace Garthie
NJeff? You aaight mblo? . Even NYC ain’t that bad.. But its muhimu u feed kenyans those lies so they stop asking us for money everytime…


Brenda Ondieki
Jeff caring for the elderly it’s 10 to 14 dollars an hour for starting. Let me start on the expenses health insurance, rent, electricity, wifi – Internet, car loans, gas or rather fuel, food, car insurance but we try our best and survive but if you have a degree let’s say in nursing you paid good money.


Mush Fliqs
Jeff STOP LYING on public radio. First off public schools are free.


Some of us make that $50 but believe me, we are living the life we always dreamt of. I did survive on $8 an hr before n was comfortable working 60 hrs a week. Had more fun during this period but lived paycheck to paycheck. Making $15-25 an hr is enough to provide a decent life in a place with low cost of living. That being said, $15 in the midwest is equal to $30+ in California. Cost of living etc.


kelvin zaidi
that is impossible. The average pay, per hour cannot be 50 or 30 dollars. Maybe 7 to 10 dollars per hour. Only in a super oil rich country like Norway is the pay 25 dollars an hour


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No Matusi
I have lived in USA for more than 20 yrs na hapo Jeff you are lying. Taxation is not 50%. Minimum wage in 1980s was not $8 may be $3. Those who make $30 or $50 are seasoned professional. People save money ndio you see people buying houses in Kenya or else where. Uongo tupu


Life in America is tough tell me about it.But the way you did your calculations eeeeeh lies lies.


…the only truth here is the traffic on Ngong road


Whoa! Didn’t know we’re that many. It’s good to see people coming out to defend their positions. Jeff’s figures are way off…at least for many immigrants…the average is 15, give or take, while the “feel good” bracket begins in the mid 20s and up.


Unknown Unknown
This hassler came back after frustration he couldn’t cope. Sounds extravagant that’s why with that budget,Nairobi life is difficult.


Mwana Nchi
He’s not lying.  He is giving an example and there are people who earn $30 an hour and even double that amount.  If you have a college degree and masters in the professional field, you will make a lot of money.  But life is expensive so one has to learn how to budget and live within their means.


Dynamic 36
Jeff mazee, been US 21 years. You’ve seriously overestimated the average US cost of living. Next time just uliza.


Ng'ash Waqaba
It’s an average of $10 per hour


Misreprentation of facts by Jeff


Naomi Chumba
No. A nurse here in Kansas City, those figures are exaggerated . Just a few professionals bring in those numbers.


victor ogega
Credit card 600 Elec 200 Cable 200 Cell phone 150 Water 70 Rent 1800 Entertainment 600 Pesa ya nyumbani 1000 Car note 700 Average pay 30 per hour for a professional, piga hesabu

Read more


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Ezra Momanyi
Jeff $50/he hapo umewadanganya.


Grace Jibril
Jeff is totally on point and correct. He forgot, home gas, electricity, water, car lunch at work, $1,500 per meal imagine…


Charles Kahiro
Big FAT lie Jeff!


ann njambi
That’s true Jeff


Jeff nurses taking care of old folks are the most poorly paid jobs and many are quitting especially in Germany because many homes are privatised, it has become a lucrative business !


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genoveva murorunkweri
Jeff l have to interject $30 an hour is not average that is probably close to a Doctor in the states and in Canada a nurse would get that,average is minimum wage depending if he is legal in the States


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Allan Kangethe
Jeff you lie …lol


Ruthie Mill
These are extreme lies. The highest tax bracket is taxed at about 40%. What kind of calculations are these? $500 for gas? Kwani dude drives a Ferrari?


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Waithera Murache
And the highest tax bracket is 39.6% that is for guys making over $415k per year. And most guys from Kenya don’t work professional jobs so they make on average 15bucks an hour.


Fredy Nsenga
What a lie !What a lie !What a terrible lie!…love the show, but most of the things said by Jeff today are misleading lies.Representing Urbandale, Iowa.


Mwai Kelvin
Misleading facts


Mnashon Paul Okeyo
Jalas yawa…ati ang’owa ….


Frederick Omondi
its everywhere the same even in Kenya most work hand to mouth


Hilda ambasa
Ngong road is a mess

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SA-based Kenyan journalist Christine Esipisu speaks to VOA on the unrest in the country



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Ramaphosa, who replaced Jacob Zuma as president in February, has staked his reputation on rooting out the corruption and mismanagement associated with Zuma’s nine scandal-plagued years in power. His critics have however accused him of abetting the vice by “appointing people who have been accused of corruption into his cabinet.”

“We have nothing. No houses. No good schools. No hospital. People are saying they will burn the city if he doesn’t go.” The streets around him were quiet as Ramaphosa arrived.


Miriam Visage, 52, told the media that she and other South Africans in the region had been neglected.

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She added that she lives in a two room township house with her six children and seven grandchildren.

“The ANC is full of empty promises,” said Visage, accusing the police of firing live rounds during the protests. “We were very peaceful. Do they think we are wild animals to be shot?”

South Africa-based Kenyan-born journalist, Christine Esipisu. She spoke to VOA’s Harrison Kamau about the escalating situation in Nort West Province. PHOTO/COURTESY




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I truly love my 54 year old American boyfriend, says 21 year old Kenyan woman



A Kenyan student in the United States is the subject of discussion after her relationship with her American boyfriend became a trending topic over their age-gap.

Speaking to Mail Online, Rehab Kimani, 21, said she met Joe Singiser, 54, through work at a nursing home in New Jersey.

 A student and home health aide, Rehab said that her friends got disgusted by her choice of boyfriend. They even stopped her from talking about her man whenever she was around them

“I thought he was very attractive and immediately wanted him,” she revealed. “I really liked his big muscles and that everyone at work was afraid of him.”

Rehab with Joe [Courtesy]

Rehab also reveals that despite being very comfortable on their first date, it was hard for her to deal with the way her family reacted as they did not take it positively.

“I just see him as my boyfriend and my best friend. If anything, the difference is that I take this relationship as more serious than previous ones. It took everyone a long time, but they are finally understanding of us being together.” She said.

Mr Singiser is a father of four and Rehab’s supervisor at work. He says he was ‘startled’ when he got interested in his younger employee but opted to press on with the relationship because he knew it was true love.

He says he noticed her beautiful smile from the across the room and would find excuses to come out of his office just to see her.


Rehab says that she no longer sees the age difference. However, they do draw looks from strangers on the streets.

“We get looks while in public all the time,” she said. “Someone even came up to me once and said I should be ashamed of myself because I just want his money. I did get sensitive, but I just walked away.”

The couple, who have been together for a year now, lives together and are planning on starting a family together having started discussing the possibility of marriage and having children.


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VIDEO: US Senator angers Kenyans for saying Facebook user-agreement is written in Swahili




Louisiana Senator, John Kennedy, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee has pricked the ego of many Kenyans – and indeed that of other Swahili speakers – and left them very disappointed over his utterances.

This after he spoke in derogatory terms while answering a question during an interview with Kennedy  on popular Talk Show “Face the Nation” on CBS.

He was speaking about Facebook and its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg who appeared before a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees on Tuesday before heading to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday.

An apparently angry Sen. Kennedy took issue with the tech giant’s end user agreement which he said was written in a language nobody understands.

“The service agreement with Facebook….It is written in Swahili. Nobody understands it,” said the lawmaker.

Below is the verbatim part of the transcript:

KENNEDY: “It may be the case. I would rather do it with Facebook and the other social media platforms. Look, we’ve got to talk about the initial bargain. Is it, is it fair for me to give up all of my personal data to Facebook and apparently everybody else in the Western Hemisphere in exchange for me being able to see what some of my high school buddies had for dinner Saturday night? Who, who owns my data? Do I own it or does Facebook own it? The service agreement with Facebook. It’s written in Swahili. Nobody understands it. Should I have the right to to opt in as opposed to opt out — put the burden on Facebook? Should I have the right to erase my data? Should I have the right to demand that Facebook get my permission before it sells the data? We all know that poison is being spread on social media, not just Facebook. How are we going to stop it? And by the way while we’re talking about that — what’s poison? First Amendment concerns.”

Reaction on social media was swift, most of it on Facebook.

Kinyuajk wrote: Haya ni madharau ya aina gani sasa?

KanyuaRose wrote: “Mr Senator, I do understand Swahili and I am not a nobody. Shape up.

JoeOketch: Kumbe lose mouth pia ziko Marekani. Did he really have to say that?

Maulidi Juma wrote the following on Instagram: Is he serious that nobody understands Swahili. How derogatory?

Wakesho wroite: Of all the languages amechagua Kiswahili kutuchafulia jina not long after Trump reportedly called us sh**holes? Ngoja tu ataonana na Wakenya.

Watch the video below courtesy of CBS:

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