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Akothe: My baby daddy who is jealous of new boyfriend tried to steal our son




  • Singer Akothee (Esther Akoth) has now revealed that her white baby daddies are green-eyed over her newly found love
  • The athletic mother of five has never shied away from parading her love affair with her manager Nelly Oaks.
  • Akothee and her new lover, who doubles as her manager, have been exciting their fans with the slight hints of a marriage and a possible baby.
  • Many a times the singer has left nothing to the imagination with her skimpy dressing.



Kenyan controversial musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee revealed on Friday, January 12 afternoon, that her white baby daddies are now bothering her over her love affair.

According to her detailed Instagram narration, she stated that her Swiss baby daddy was seeking all sorts of excuses to frustrate her relationship. She also revealed that Markus, her baby daddy, had attempted to steal her children just to get her attention.

“Baby you have woken up my Exes, some baby daddies have gone to try steal their children from school just to try hit on me. Let them steal even the headmaster I will not talk to him. How can you steal from your own pocket let’s see if they will manage,” she penned.

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Akothee had previously uncovered Markus by explaining that he often slacks in the fatherhood department and always pops up whenever she gets into a new relationship.

“I only fight 3 times a year with baby daddy that’s beginning of a new term (school fee, and school requirements) but with Markus any time he sees me in love he has to come up with issues revolving around his son, soon he will steal me. Fans watch out on Markus he is not for any good,” she continued.

The flamboyant musician further stated that her ex was up to no good and that her first baby daddy would deal Markus a great blow if he tried to come for her children.

Akothee has been sharing the limelight with the likes of Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto.


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Migoro County Assembly speaker arrested as Obado’s impeachment gains momentum 




Migori County Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth was on Tuesday, September 29 forced to defer Governor Okoth Obado’s impeachment motion after being arrested.

According to NTV, Okoth was arrested by detectives in Nairobi in a case related to the chaos that ensued in the assembly on Wednesday, September 23.

During the fracas, a female MCA’s arm was broken after goons reportedly stormed into the assembly and interfered with the motion seeking to eject Obado as Governor.

Okoth had earlier on lamented that he feared for his life and accused ODM of orchestrating attacks on him and his family.

“I am not sure why they attacked me. I think they thought I was with some MCAs at the hotel. My life is in danger,” he stated.

The motion to oust Obado failed to kick-off for the fourth time after seven MCAs were also arrested over the chaos.

The legislators were, however, released on Sh30,000 cash bail each after pleading not guilty to charges mentioned.

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This enemy called average



Do you realize there is a lot of potential in each one of us? Do you also realize that not all of us get to maximise our full potential?

The problem is because we settle on a place called AVERAGE! Join me this Friday 2nd October from 4pm, as we discuss on how we can exterminate this enemy called average.

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The Sh180,000 cat breeders



People love their pets, but how often do they think about the costs?

For years, Kenyans have been splurging cash on expensive cars, houses, fine wine and whisky, art pieces, and jewellery, but there is a new breed of young wealthy people buying expensive cats.

These cats are rare and their bloodline is documented.

“Human beings like class and social status. Because the rich do not want to remain in the same class with everybody in regards to pet ownership, they are going for Persian, Siamese, and Scottish fold cats,” says Dr Charles Muriuki of Jingi Vet clinic in Nyali, Mombasa.

Considered the ‘Ferrari of cats’, the Persian cats are highly sought-after and admired for their long and thick coats. And they do not come cheap.

“Right now you can get a Persian for about Sh50,000 but a few years ago it cost around Sh100,000, then you add the freight charge, you pay Sh150,000,” says Dr Muriuki.

Pablo and Nura are Persian cats and some of the few in Kenya whose every whim are indulged by their owner Mohamed Shurut.

At his house, during the interview, Mr Shurut says things like ‘let the furry bosses come to you instead of picking them up’, ‘never wake a sleeping kitty.’

To him, the Persian cats are feline royals.

“They are classy, loving and loyal companions. They do not like to be held so much. Give your Persian cat time as it expects you to treat it like a royal,” he says.

Every day, he spends more than an hour brushing their fur. “The fur knots very easily and it’s what makes the cat stand out. I have to groom them every day,” he says, adding that they are best kept indoors but they can be let out on a cat leash.

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Many pet lovers scoff at talk about expenses to avoid being judged.

“Sometimes I fend off unwanted questions. Some people do not like pets so they ask me why I waste money on cats. I do what I feel is best for me. I love my cats,” he says.


A Persian cat owned by Mohammed Shurut. PHOTO | EAUNICE MURATHE

So how much did he spend on the cats?

Between Sh50,000 to Sh100,000 for each of his cats, minus the daily expenses of keeping them happy.

“In a month, you’re probably looking at spending between Sh8,000 to Sh10,000 depending on what kind of cat food you’re buying. I give them fish oil. You also have to factor in the veterinary bills, grooming, litter and multivitamins,” he says.

Another seller

As the exotic cat market is thriving, and supply rarely meeting demand, Mr Shurut found a niche in supplying pet owners with prized breeds.

The 26-year-old now runs an online shop, Persian Cats Kenya, a breeding business.


“I used to see social media posts of the Persian cats owned by foreigners. I had a dream of owning one but it is not easy to find them in Kenya,” he says.

After a long search, he bought a kitten from a friend whose Persian cat had given birth.

“He had imported the cats from Egypt. He opted to sell me the male kitten and remain with the parent stock. I started shopping for a female one. I imported a female cat from Egypt,” he says.

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He never imagined the cat hobby he casually picked up would end up becoming a business.

“This year I noted that many people were looking for Persian cats. I had many inquiries, especially on social media. I decided to start importing and breeding the cats,” he says.

Mr Shurut sells two-month-old kittens imported from Russia and Egypt for Sh150,000.

“The common ones are the Doll Face Persian Kittens and Punch face Persian kittens. My female cat is also pregnant and I am hoping to get kittens. The price is fair. Someone who truly values them will get them at any cost,” he says.

Another cat owner Juliet Muchira from Kiambu imported a Persian cat after seeing it online.

“I have always loved cats. I owned my first cat when I was six years old. Four years ago, as I was researching more about cats, I came across the Persian breed and I was interested. I tried finding one locally but didn’t find it. That’s when I thought of importing,” she says. The Persian cat gave birth and she decided to breed them.

She has been doing the business for almost three years now. Her cattery, Juliepaws is registered under The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the World’s Largest Registry of Pedigreed Cats.

The cost of owning a Persian cat differs, she says, with the needs of a client. The most expensive cat she ever sold cost Sh180,000.

“I sold it to a family in Mombasa a year ago. I have never sold a cat outside Kenya, but I hope to. But I have sold so many kittens locally, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kiambu. My cattery is the only registered cattery in Kenya,” she says.

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The cats come with a registration certificate.

“My cats are all imported and I get them from certified and registered breeders who know their bloodline,” she says, adding that what makes them expensive is their distinctive face, tiny ears, gentle temperaments, and being a pure breed.

Pet love

Traditionally, dogs and cats were working animals than pets. A cat kept the mouse down, a dog guarded homes, and so on. But now, lots of people are latching onto the craze for buying and sharing their homes with pets and choosing to take care of them in ways that our parents did not.

Over the past 10 years or so, human-pet relationships have grown closer, says Dr Muriuki.

“Most people now are embracing the pet culture. They are keeping them as companions, taking care of them. We socialise with pets differently. For example, one cat was coughing and sneezing because the owner had changed her cologne to one that was not cat-friendly. At my clinic, she called her friends, told them that the cat was unwell, took videos and photos as one would do with a child,” he says.

Exotic cats are a huge amount of work and a considerable investment, fuelling an increasingly thriving cat product and service market in Kenya.

However, Dr Muriuki says, the downside of buying the exotic breeds, is that some breeders import male and female cats from the same parents, they inbreed and they start selling inbreeds.

Inbred pedigree cats end up suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer and deformities.

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