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Kuria rubbishes claims that Mt Kenya region’s support for William Ruto in 2022 is not automatic



Kuria rubbished claims that Mt Kenya region's support for William Ruto's in 2022 is not automatic


A war of words has erupted between Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria and his colleague Ngunjiri Wambugu over Mount Kenya region’s support for William Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022.

Speaking to a congregation at Imani PCEA church in Nyeri County on Sunday, January 7, the Gatundu South policymaker reproved his Nyeri Town counterpart for asserting that Mt Kenya people’s support for the deputy president (DP) come 2022 is not automatic.

“It’s too early to talk about 2022 elections, but now that my brother Kuria has broached the issue, my personal opinion is that our support for the DP will not come automatically but rather will be based on his track record,” Wambugu argued in a Facebook post.

The Nyeri Town lawmaker seems to be in agreement with former Kiambu county governor, William Kabogo, who also recently reiterated that Mt Kenya region will not be forced to support Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022.

Nevertheless, not all leaders from the vast Mt Kenya voting bloc agree with Kabogo and Wambugu. This is despite some political analysts arguing that the region is not known to support any other presidential candidate apart from their own.

Kuria rubbished claims that Mt Kenya region will not rally behind William Ruto in 2022.

Kuria rubbished claims that Mt Kenya region will not rally behind William Ruto in 2022.

While reacting to Wambugu’s remarks, Kuria called on leaders to allow the country to recover from the divisive 2017 polls and let the 2022 succession politics wait.

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“Elected legislators like my friend Ngunjiri should stop the sideshows at a time when the country is trying to recover the time lost in the costly 2017 general elections,” Kuria said.

The Gatundu South legislator also slated reports that there was a split between DP Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta over the recent cabinet appointments.

As previously reported, Ruto was conspicuously missing when President Uhuru announced the first batch of his new cabinet secretaries on Friday, January 5.

There have been heated discussions over the new cabinet appointments after a local newspaper reported that the deputy president was not happy with inclusion of ex-President Daniel arap Moi’s son, Gideon Moi, in the new cabinet line-up.

However, Ruto has since rebutted the claims and urged Kenyans to give the president space to execute his constitutional mandate.


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Boy, 2, puzzles with his ‘natural’ reading ability



Elias Muthomi has mastered words and the alphabet all by himself, apparently

When Elias Muthomi was barely one-and-a-half years old, his parents noticed something strange — he could read out English words on a wall chart. Moses Gitonga and Monica Wambui initially thought their son had simply memorised what he was saying after hearing adults speak, but each day was a surprise as he read more words accurately.

Today, at the age of two years and nine months, Elias has become something of a celebrity in his Ngumba Estate neighbourhod in Nairobi for his reading ability — yet he has never stepped into a classroom and has not gone through home schooling.

When Sunday Nation visited their home, it did not take long for Elias to start reading the writings on the video camera. “Soony,” he said cheerfully, referring to the Sony camera.

More “tests” follow as he easily read the writings on the charts and even those projected by his proud father on the television screen. His parents had bought the charts to prepare him to join pre-primary once he attained the age of three years, but every time they showed him new writings and images, he promptly read them without any help. Apart from the alphabet, Elias can read and pronounce the vowels chart and the names of animals.

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“He likes watching news when most of his age mates like watching cartoons,” says his father, adding that Elias likes to read out the names of political leaders when their images appear on TV.

The dilemma his parents are facing is which school to take him to. They once sought advice from Elias’s paternal grandfather Stanley Ntiritu, a retired primary schoolteacher, who recommended further consultation with experts.

“People have advised me to take him to an international school where his potential can be exploited better but I do not have the money,” says the boy’s father. But his mother is concerned that Elias spends more time trying to read things while his age- mates are playing. She would like him to play more.

Source: Sunday Nation

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Just like at home, getting passport for Kenyans abroad is a tough task



Kenyans in diaspora note they are taking up to eight months to renew passport in an energy-sapping exercise

Like many Kenyans living abroad, Justin K Wangila in Tanzania was excited by the announcement in Nairobi in 2017 that the government would start issuing “new generation” passports.

“This was a dream come true because, for a long time, most of us Kenyans living in other countries, especially those in East Africa, had yearned for an East African Community passport … we were in a hurry to apply,” said Mr Wangila in an interview with the Sunday Nation. Mr Wangila was told the application process started online after one opened an account on the internet portal e-Citizen.

“That is where problems start. I wasn’t applying for a passport for the first time. I was renewing one. But this process makes you start from scratch because, like in my case, they had none of my records,” he said.

He needed several documents, such as his national identity (ID) number, his personal identification number (PIN) and his parents’ ID numbers.

“I got stuck because I did not have my late father’s ID. In its absence, the process required the number on the death certificate. My father died a long time ago and I wasn’t even sure a death certificate had been issued. I was forced to take some days off from work to travel home to try and find my father’s death certificate,” he added.

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Mr Gitau said the embassy in DC told him biometric kits would only be available at two consular centres — Los Angeles and DC.

“If that is the case, it will cost each one a minimum of $750 (Sh75,000) for travel and accommodation, assuming you live in Seattle, Washington or Boston, Massachusetts, and you have to travel to either DC or LA to process a passport,” he added.

Source: Daily Nation, By Chris Wamalwa

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Dennis Okari proudly flaunts his wife



NTV journalist Dennis Okari on Saturday proudly flaunted his wife Naomi Joy on social media.

The two got married a week ago in an invite-only ceremony and the journalist has now updated his profile across all platforms.

On Instagram, he added, “Husband to my Joy.”

Source: U-report 


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