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Larry Madowo goes after Matiang’i in scathing attack



Celebrated journalist Larry Madowo has launched a scathing attack against  Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and said that the Minister vowed to never appear in any interview at NTV.

In his weekly newspaper column published by the Nation, Madowo went ham on Matiang’i – attacking the CS’s ‘populist style.’

The outspoken journalist accused the Interior CS of copying Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua in dominating the media with stories of “one achievement after another”.

Dr Fred Matiang’i (centre) with ICT CS Joe Mucheru (right) (Twitter)


Madowo further stated that the public’s admiration of Matiang’I had made it impossible to scrutinise his actions, alleging that the CS only accepted interviews with “friendly journalists”.

This is a man who presided over a brutal crackdown of constitutionally protected rights to protest during last year’s two elections, yet any criticism of that shameful period is dismissed as partisan politics”.

Dr Matiang’i has told me in person and at least another of my colleagues that he would never be interviewed by a reporter from NTV because he believes we are biased against him,” the TV anchor-cum-reporter stated.


Apart from the problem of police brutality, Madowo went ahead to accuse Matiang’i of concentrating on visible reforms while ignoring systemic issues.

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He further accused Kenyans of praising Matiangi’s “minimal efforts” because the country had become accustomed to low standards.



“The godlike status Matiang’i has acquired in Kenya means that there is almost no serious scrutiny of his actions by the masses. This is a man who presided over a brutal crackdown of constitutionally protected rights to protest during last year’s two elections, yet any criticism of that shameful period is dismissed as partisan politics.This is the same man who won’t submit himself to a critical interview, preferring instead to speak to friendly journalists who will not see beyond the halo over his head. Dr Matiang’i has told me in person and at least another of my colleagues that he would never be interviewed by a reporter from NTV because he believes we are biased against him.His mind was tightly shut when we reported on claims that he refused to queue at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and had an employee fired for doing her job. He denies that any of this happened, of course, but refuses to give his side of the story on our station.Dr Matiangi’s leadership style is problematic, partly because of its popular appeal. The godlike status that he has acquired in Kenya allows him to walk around with the arrogance of a colonial chief, answerable to no-one except President Uhuru Kenyatta. He likes to focus on quick wins, like exam results or management by wandering around, but ignores the systemic issues in whichever department he’s working. How have learning outcomes improved since he came into the education sector? Are teachers better motivated or has absenteeism reduced or are there higher standards in general? What Dr Matiang’i has done is to airbrush the exterior of the building even as it falls apart inside with clogged toilets, broken furniture, poorly lit corridors and filthy floors,” writes Madowo.

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“If Dr Matiang’i were to carry his abrasive style and little regard for criticism to his new post at the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of Government, we will be applying his defective management philosophy at a scarily grand scale. In a government and society overrun with mediocrity everywhere you look, even minimal effort is glorified to the point of ridiculousness.Kenyans celebrate when results are quickly rushed out, without worrying about the abnormally high failure rate. Some people applaud when security agencies use excessive force even on unarmed protesters, not realising that it normalises police brutality that will stay long after the current officers are gone. They cheer when another public official is fired in front of the cameras without considering the larger challenges that are not fixed by a symbolic dismissal.There is little empirical evidence so far that all of Dr Matiang’i’s reforms are anything more than window-dressing. His seemingly superior performance might be blamed on a country so accustomed to low standards that even minimal effort is seen as monumental success. If anybody should be congratulated for doing an excellent job, it must be his public relations team that is always on hand to magnify every minor development, and a gullible media machine.There are deep systemic issues in both the security and education sectors that Dr Matiang’i has not even remotely addressed. He has his undeniable successes in a limited sense but I wouldn’t canonise him just yet. Considering the top billing he gets, his actual tangible results are still rather slim and he is hopelessly overrated,” adds Madowo in his column.

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Ida Odinga leads women in a dance in New York, US



ODM leader Raila Odinga’s wife, Idah Odinga, MPs Rosa Buyu and Gladys Wanga are known for being political leaders and addressing various issues in the country.

In a two and a half minute video doing rounds on social media, the leaders shared a light moment, dancing to music in the United States.

The four showcased their dance moves to the Lingala song by a Congolese musician, Moses Fanfan.

The political leaders at the UN headquarters

While at it, they maintained uniformity, constantly reminding each other on the move to take next.

They were attending an open session on the 63rd Commission on the status of women at the UN headquarters in New York City.

The theme this year is Social Protection Systems – Public Services and Infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of the women and girls.

The rallying call is: “Women’s empowerment and the link to sustainable development.”

The meeting, which began on March 11, is expected to end on the 22nd of the same month.

In attendance are delegates of member states, UN bodies and non-governmental organisations accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Other women in attendance are First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Charity Ngilu (Kitui County Governor).

Here’s the video;

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Face of hope and courage: Teenage boy fights to survive cancer



Some time in January last year, 12-year-old Jacquezdean Gatehi was helping his mother carry jerrycans of water when he felt weak on his left hand.

He told his mother about it but they both dismissed it as nothing to really worry about.

“I was carrying two jerrycan one of each hand then all of a sudden my left hand became weak. I thought it was due to the many games I had played that day,” Gatehi, now 13 years, recalls

Then one morning while going to school, Elizabeth Mbuthia noticed that her son was leaning towards his left side and his left hand was also swollen.

She immediately took him to Kiambu Hospital, where after some x rays had been done they were referred to Kijabe Hospital.

At Kijabe, they were shocked when the biopsy revealed that Gatehi had cancer.

Gatehi had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of cancer which produces immature bone. Most people diagnosed with Osteosarcoma are under the age of 25.

For many parents, having a child diagnosed with cancer is a devastating blow. It often triggers a feeling of guilt on their part, much as there is nothing they could have done to prevent the illness.

Elizabeth went through a similar experience. She says she was in denial for the longest time.

“I think it all had something to do with the way the news was delivered to us. The doctor just told me in the presence of my son ‘Mtoto wako ako na cancer na anaweza katwa mkono’”, she recalls.


Those words broke her heart. Fortunately, she has a strong son who maintained a positive outlook and willingness to fight the illness.

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The chemo session started at Kijabe but Elizabeth was later advised to move her son to Kenyatta National Hospital as a way of cutting the costs.

The mother of two was at the time a casual employee at the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, but she later lost her job.

With her first son in high school and Gatehi’s ever growing medical demands, she has been forced to juggle between casual jobs to make ends meet for her family.

“Friends have been of great help to me. I also thank God for strangers who have helped me and my son. I have made lifetime friends because of my son’s illness,” she says.

Gatehi was in class six when he diagnosed with the illness, but since then he has been unable to attend school. He earnestly wishes to go back to school but his condition is still too delicate.

“My teachers want me back in school but they are afraid of my condition because I can fall down anytime, plus the doctors said I should not go back to school yet,” says Gatehi, who is otherwise a very jovial and talkative boy.

Back during his healthier days, Gatehi loved playing football. But chemo session have gradually made him dull and weak. Headache, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, aching bones and tiredness is what he endlessly has to deal with.

At the cancer ward in Kenyatta Hospital, where Gatehi goes for treatment, the pain and the side effects of chemo are so real on the faces of the young patients. Most of the children here are very weak and the only thing they can do is trying to sleep away their pain.

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Worse, some of these children go days without a visit from family members while others have been abandoned here.

13-year-old cancer patient Jacquezdean Gatehi (right) with Evelyne Grace (centre) and her friend when they visited him in hospital. PHOTO | AMINA WAKO


Some of these families stay away form their ailing children because they live very far from the city and commuting every day keeps draining their finances.

Other parents who have left their children at the facility are said to have gotten tired of seeing their children suffering and felt helpless in easing their children’s pain.

Thankfully, the pediatric center has psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, therapists, educators and other specialists who offer support to the ailing children and their families.

Gatehi is due to go home from the hospital after a few chemo session. What he doesn’t know though is that a few friends have organized a football tournament in his honour.

During his stay in hospital Gatehi has made many new friends, including Evelyne Grace, the co-founder of Vintage Talents Anchor.

Evelyne started the initiative to help out the young people in her community through football training, peer and health education, garbage collection among other activities.

She says she learnt about Gatehi through a Facebook post.

“The mum posted an appeal for help in our Kasarani Facebook page which caught my attention. I in-boxed her and later met her. She narrated her story to our friends and neighbors,” Evelyne  says.

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It was at this point that she and her friends created a WhatsApp group to help Gatehi and his mum with financial and psychosocial support.

“I got more interested when I learned that Gatehi was a footballer before the illness. He is a striker,” Evelyne says.


It is through the many charity groups she is part of, that Evelyne has managed to organize a football tournament for the young striker.

‘Kickin it for Kids with Cancer Soccer Tournament’ will be held on April 28, 2019 at Kasarani Primary School playgrounds.

Gatehi’s newfound friends will compete in a 5-aside tournament with all the proceeds going to a kitty to help him fight the illness.

“The registration is Sh1,000 for individuals and Sh10,000 for corporate. The money we raise will help in paying for Gatehi’s future hospital bills and cater for his daily needs,” Evelyne said.

A correct diagnosis is essential to treat children with cancer because each cancer requires a specific treatment, sometimes including surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Access to effective diagnosis, essential medicines, pathology, blood products, radiation therapy, technology, and psychosocial and supportive care are variable to the healing process of the children.

A cure is possible for more than 80% of children with cancer, in most cases with inexpensive generic medications.

Children who complete treatment require ongoing care to monitor for cancer recurrence and to manage any possible treatment-related toxicity.

Palliative care relieves symptoms caused by cancer and improves the quality of life of patients and their families.

Palliative care programmes can be delivered through community and home-based care to provide pain relief and psychosocial support to patients and their families.

source: Nairobi News

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PHOTOS: Uhuru all smiles in Namibia as drought crisis persists in Kenya



President Uhuru Kenyatta led a high-powered delegation to attend Namibia’s independence day celebrations, despite the raging drought crisis in the country.

Pictures shared on the State House social media accounts show the head of state and those on his entourage all smiles during the celebrations that were held at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek.

President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek to Namibia’s independence day celebrations. PHOTO | COURTESY

“President @UKenyatta arrives at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek to join the people of Namibia for celebrations to mark 29 years of their country’s independence,” read the caption.

Some of those in his delegation included his daughter Ngina, personal assistant Jomo Gecaga, ministers Monica Juma (Foreign Affairs), James Macharia (Transport) and Mwangi Kiunjuri (Agriculture), among others.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is welcomed at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek to Namibia’s independence day celebrations. PHOTO | COURTESY

At least 10 people have been reported dead as a result of the drought that has hit a number of counties.

The worst-hit are Baringo, Turkana and West Pokot.

Senior government officials, including Deputy President William Ruto, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and his Devolution counterpart Eugene Wamalwa have, however, claimed that no Kenyan has died from starvation. They say the situation is under control.

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SOURCE: Nairobi News

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