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Melania Trump’s tweet about MLK causes online stir




US first lady Melania Trump on Monday sent out a tweet which did not go down well with many.

She used her husband’s preferred medium of communication (Twitter) to “acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr.’s important work.”

While the tweet may have been in good faith,  many Twitter users just weren’t having it.

“Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & his service to this great country,” she wrote. “I am honored to be First Lady of a nation that continually strives for equality & justice for all.

One person responded: “You might want to talk to your husband about equality and justice for all.”

Another asked: “Have you met your husband lately???”

Someone also tweeted: “Good luck with ‘striving’ – your husband is doing an excellent job of setting back the fight for equality by decades.”

This comes hot on the heels of controversial remarks reportedly made by Mr Trump in which he is said to have made very derogatory remarks about immigrants from Haiti and some African nations.

Some lawmakers who were attending a meeting with Trump at the White House have maintained that Trump referred to those countries as Shi*holes.

He however has denied ever using the words and added that he is not a racist as he has been labeled by many in the wake of the latest controversy.

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“I am the least racist person,” he said on Monday.

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Kenyans among 300 people arrested over international online scams



A global operation targeting online scams has led to nearly 300 arrests in 12 countries including Kenya.

According to Voice of America, the suspects include 167 from Nigeria, 74 in the United States, 18 in Turkey and 15 in Ghana.

Other arrests were in Turkey, Ghana, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia and Britain.

A statement from the U.S Justice Department (DOJ) said: “Foreign citizens perpetrate many BEC scams.  Those individuals are often members of transnational criminal organizations, which originated in Nigeria but have spread throughout the world,” the statement reads.

The four month operation was led by the DOJ and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

During the operation, $3.7 million (Ksh.384million) was recovered, the U.S Justice Department (DOJ) said.

Christopher Wray, the FBI director warned: ”We’re sending a clear message to the criminals who orchestrate these BEC schemes.”

The DOJ listed some of the scams that the fraudsters used to con their victims:

  • Romance scams
  • Employment opportunities scams,
  • Fraudulent online vehicle sales scams
  • Rental scams
  • Lottery scams

Among those arrested in Nigeria were 77 Nigerian suspects recently indicted in the United States on conspiracy charges of swindling businesses and individuals through a variety of internet scams, Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said.

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The Nigerians allegedly used so-called Business Email Compromise schemes, “romance fraud” and schemes targeting the elderly to steal millions of dollars from their victims in the United States and elsewhere before transferring the funds to Nigeria through an extensive money laundering network, according to a 252-count federal grand jury indictment unsealed last month.

Others arrested during the recent operation face similar charges.

In the southern U.S. state of Georgia, two Nigerian nationals were arrested in connection with fraudulently directing a transfer of $3.5 million from a health care provider to accounts across the United States. In Miami, two others were charged with laundering more than $950,000 of proceeds of BEC scams and recruiting about 18 others to serve as “money mules.”

Widely used by Nigerian fraudsters, Business Email Compromise schemes involve targeting employees with access to company finances and tricking them into making unauthorized wire transfers into accounts controlled by swindlers.

$26 billion online scam

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, Business Email Compromise is a $26 billion online scam. Last year, BEC and its variant, Email Account Compromise, resulted in losses of nearly $1.3 billion, nearly twice as much as 2017.

Operation reWired was part of the Justice Department’s intensified efforts in recent years to crack down on internet financial fraud. Among other measures, the department has set up an internal BEC Counteraction Group to coordinate cases.

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Through the arrests, “we’re sending a clear message to the criminals who orchestrate these BEC schemes: We’ll keep coming after you, no matter where you are,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said. “And to the public, we’ll keep doing whatever we can to protect you.”

U.S. and Nigerian officials credited the mass arrests to close cooperation and coordination between their law enforcement agencies.

“Our efforts in coordinating the EFCC/FBI joint operations in Nigeria recorded tremendous successes” against “the infamous yahoo-yahoo boys,” said the EFCC’s director of information, Mohammed Abba, according to AFP.

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said the Justice Department has “increased efforts” to combat cyber-enabled financial crimes.

“The coordinated efforts with our domestic and international law enforcement partners around the world has made these most recent actions more successful,” Rosen said.

U.S. officials didn’t say whether they have asked Nigerian authorities to extradite the suspects wanted in multiple U.S. jurisdictions from California to Florida.

Hassan Mohammed Hassan, Nigeria’s deputy ambassador to the U.S., told VOA last month that Nigeria will consider any extradition request based on a “verifiable” case.

Last year, a law enforcement operation aimed at BEC scams resulted in the arrest of 74 people and the seizure of $2.4 million, according to the Justice Department.

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Wife of ex-Naivas chairman dies three weeks after burial of her husband



Monicah Wanjiru, wife of the late Naivas chairman Simon Mukuha, has succumbed to cancer at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, aged 58.

Wanjiru’s death comes barely three weeks after burial of her husband at Lang’ata Cemetery in Nairobi on August 29.

Sources on Tuesday told the Nation that Wanjiru has had a long-drawn battle with cancer, a fight that saw Mukuha take her to India for medication.

However, the cancer was found to be at an advanced stage and the doctors advised that she be put under palliative care back home.

She was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Aga Khan two weeks ago after he condition worsened, according to Naivas Managing Director David Kimani.

Mr Kimani said Wanjiru will be laid to rest on Thursday at Lang’ata, next to her husband’s grave.

BY Nation

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How police bungled case of carjacker who stole former NTV employee’s ID



Last week, detectives arrested two people they believed to be a part of a criminal ring behind car thefts at Thika Road Mall (TRM), Garden City Mall and its environs.

While making public the arrests, the police said the two suspects – Kelvin Mokaya and Moses Alimlim – often pose as gym members and then access the changing rooms, steal car keys before driving away with stolen vehicles.


The two where later arraigned in court.

But the whole incident has now taken a new twist after it emerged that one of the suspects used an identification card he had stolen from the said gym and identified himself as Kelvin Mokaya.

Apparently, the police had caught their man, but fell for his false identification.

Mr Mokaya is a former employee of NTV and is also a member of the gym located at TRM.

Speaking to Nairobi News Mokaya narrated how he recently lost his wallet which contained all his documents and his mobile phone at the gym.

He reported the matter at Kasarani Police Station on the same day and recorded a statement (OB No. 100/5/9/19).

According to Mokaya, he did not give much thought about it and because he was taking a short vacation, he called Safaricom and told them to deactivate his number just in case the thieves use his number because they had all his documents.

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He only found out that using his names had been arrested a few days later on social media after friends started tagging him because no one could reach him.

After he returned to Nairobi, he went straight to Kasarani Police Station and asked about the progress of his case while at the same time inquiring about the latest development of a suspect who had used his stolen ID to identify himself.

An investigator at the police station, who is handling his case, said she was following up on the matter, this is even after Mokaya produced his passport to show that he was the same person on the ID and everything matched.

“While I’m not aware of the resemblance between the suspect and I, I feel that this is a case of incompetence within the police service as the investigating team did not take their time to verify if indeed the suspect was who he claims to be,” said Mokaya.

He wonders why the police did not take their time to go through the OB, especially when several claims of theft had been filed from the same location.

“Had they taken their time to check the reports from the scene where the arrest was made, they would have flagged this as case of identity fraud,” he added.

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The suspect was arraigned at Makadara Law Court on September 11, 2019 under the same name to take a plea and was granted a cash bail of Sh20,000.


Luckily he was yet to be released by the time Mokaya reported the matter.

Mokaya says almost a week after he presented himself to the Kasarani Police Station, only the court has given a production order for the suspect to be taken back to the police station for them to prepare fresh charges before taking him to court.

He adds that the police have been dragging their feet on this matter and are yet to take even his statement.

“I have spent the last five days visiting the station and requesting them to take my statement and also check the documents in possession of the suspect to verify if they are mine but this is yet to happen,” he says.

According to Mokaya, all he wants is to have his name cleared in the matter.

“I therefore call upon the relevant authorities to look into this matter so that is expedited and that I may be cleared to go back to my normal life,” he says.

Kasarani police are yet to get back to us on our inquiries on Mr Mukaya’s case.

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By Nairobi News

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