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Shock as Kenyan student dies mysteriously on a plane in US



Shock and grief gripped the family of an 18-year-old Kenyan student after he died mysteriously aboard a plane in the United States.

Griffin Gutwa, fell asleep aboard the plane as was heading back home for the Christmas holidays and never woke up.

According to the New York Post, Gutwa boarded a Delta Airlines flight from San Diego to Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the morning of December 22 after calling his family informing them he was on his way home for Christmas.

He was studying to become a doctor at the University of San Diego, California.

 “He had just finished his exams. He was excited to come home from the University of San Diego, California, where he was studying to be a doctor,” his grief-stricken father, Gideon Gutwa said.
The late Griffin Gutwa.
 Passengers on board the Delta Airlines plane disclosed that an hour into the flight, Griffin asked for warm water and later leaned his head against the window and fell asleep.

The passenger seated next to him later alerted a flight attended after noticing Griffin’s breathing had changed.

The attendant realised something was wrong after he found out the 18-year-old was not breathing and called for a professional on board the plane to assist.

The late Griffin Gutwa. (Facebook)

The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where paramedics reportedly tried in vain for over 45 minutes to revive Gutwa but to no avail.

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Gutwa’s body was left in Sioux Falls as the plane continued on with its journey.

Gutwa’s father was later called at about 6pm by Minneapolis St Paul International Airport to pick up his son.

Upon arrival at the airport, Gideon Gutwa who had already gathered the rest of the family was asked if he was the father of Griffin which made him confused as to why they asked him the question.

“How come they know my son?” he posed.

He was later directed to an office where they told him Griffin was dead to his and the family’s shock.

Gideon Gutwa sits in front of a portrait of his son, Griffin, on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017. (Deanna Weniger / Pioneer Press)

“I thought I was dreaming. I could not believe it. He was very healthy. He had just been here for thanksgiving. We were expecting him to arrive safely,” Gideon lamented.

Griffin was described as a responsible, outgoing and helpful teenager and had planned to use his medical degree to help the less fortunate.

He dreamt of one day returning to Kenya to start non-profit organisations to help alleviate poverty.

The cause of his death is still under investigation by the Sioux Falls medical examiner.

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DIASPORA HUSTLES: How a sofa I had taken from a dumpster in US earned me a date with a cop




Life in America can be very humbling, especially when you are starting off.

After I graduated with my master’s degree here in America, I rented a studio apartment in one of the not-so-nice neighborhood in Philadelphia. During the day, I would help the caretaker with some cleaning of the common areas of the building and also in doing some repairs and paintwork. For that work, I would get something at the end of the week, enough to keep me going.

My studio abode was on the 5th floor of this old crammed building that sat next to a railway line. Down at the back side of the building lay the dumpster where all kind of “valuables” such as old TVs, music systems, mattresses, etc would be tossed…sometimes all the way from the top floor by the crazy residents.

During my cleaning duties, I would make sure that all of the mess around the dumpster was taken care of.

One day, during my usual duties, I found this unbelievably good used couch that I immediately thought would be a good addition to my studio which had nothing other than a mattress, no bed and only 2 pots and a plate!..My God of heaven & earth had answered my prayers!…and the Devil of poverty was on the cusp of defeat.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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It was a gigantic couch and I urgently needed some help to take it all the way up to the 5th floor. I awkwardly reached out to a resident I had made friends with, and we went on a mission to take it all the way up!…with a promise of getting him a case of budlight beer! The trip up to the 5th floor took an eternity….we were all soaked in sweat.

Now, this is why they say the devil is a liar!!!.😂😂😂…What I didn’t know was that after all the hard work of pushing it all the way up, the stupid thing would never fit into my little door to my studio….😭😭😭😭….Tried endlessly until the guy gave up and left . I had no choice but to leave the damn thing on the hall way!!!..Well, the next day the caretaker and a cop were knocking on my door seeking an explanation as to why I was blocking the hallway!

Such is the life most of us immigrants go through when we first come to America.It’s not easy but with time things surely improve.

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About me,

I am a former international student in USA and I am a senior IT consultant in the areas of Oracle EBS and Robotics Process Automation.I am the programs director of Appstec America – A consulting company based in Tampa, Florida,USA.


My contacts:

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VIDEO: Sky News “Identifies” Kenyan who fell from a plane as more questions linger



On 30 June 2019, a man fell from the sky and landed in the back garden of a house in south London. No one knew who he was or why he took such a risk – until now.

After an exclusive investigation, Sky News believes it has identified the stowaway. However, questions still linger over what exactly happened to the body, which was described by one of the witnesses as “intact because it was frozen.”

The British Media House has spent the last few months trying to determine the identity of this individual – including speaking to his family and friends – and has come to the conclusion that  he is a 29-year-old who worked as an airport cleaner in Kenya.

His girlfriend said they had planned to start a family, but he made a decision that virtually guaranteed his demise.

Earlier, London police released an e-fit image of the stowaway in hunt for his identity, and also released pictures of a bag that was found in the compartment and its contents were also released.

“This has been a very sad incident to investigate. This man has a family somewhere, who need to know what happened to their loved one,” a British police officer said while releasing the images.

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“Our investigations has included liaison with the authorities in Kenya, from where the flight took off, but so far our efforts to identify this man have proved fruitless. I hope by releasing this e-fit someone known to the deceased will recognise him and make contact,” he added.

In the Sky News report, an employee of Colnet, a company that provides cleaning services at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, has identified the man as his workmate who went missing in June, Sky News reports.

Irene revealed that her colleague, Paul Manyasi, had gone missing at the end of June.

“We were at work in the morning…he suddenly disappeared. I called his phone it was off,” Irene, who was Manyasi’s girlfriend, told Sky News.

Manyasi lived in the sprawling Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum which is near the airport.

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VIDEO: Furious Bishop in US tells off Kenyans who go drinking alcohol at funerals



A US-based Bishop is unhappy with some Kenyan immigrants whom he says are tarnishing the good name of the community. Bishop Dr GG Gitahi of  Kenyan American Community Church (KACC) in Marietta, Georgia, has chastized some of his compatriots for what he terms as “unacceptable habits.”

During his Sermon aptly titled “Let Us Choose,” last Sunday, Bishop Dr GG Gitahi “went after” those who carry alcohol to funerals homes and imbibe while the funeral service is going on and furiously said he wishes some of those people remained back in Kenya to “save us the embarrassment.”

“If you are one of those people, you are an embarrassment to the larger Kenyan community in the US,” he said.

Ni aibu kubwa mnatuletea hapa. Instead of people waiting to go and have their beer at home, wanaenda kwa funeral Homes na kutoa bia na kuanza kunywa. Halafu Director wa Funeral Home anasema Pastor, can’t your people have mannersTabia zingine tuache. Ndiyo sababu tunajiaibisha.”

You can watch the whole summon here courtesy of youtube/kacc:


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