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VIDEO: AU summit ends in Addis amid claims of bugging by the Chinese



The 30th AU summit wound up Monday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia after 8 days of deliberations on a myriad of topics.

Meanwhile, China has dismissed reports it bugged the African Union (AU) headquarters as “preposterous”.

Kuang Weilin, the Chinese ambassador to the AU, told reporters in Ethiopia the “absurd” claim in France’s Le Monde was “very difficult to understand”.

He spoke out three days after the newspaper published an article claiming data from the Chinese-built AU building was being copied to Shanghai.

The article said the discovery resulted in all the AU servers being switched.

Le Monde spoke to a number of anonymous sources, who claimed the alleged transfer was taking place late at night [link in French], and was only spotted in January 2017 due to the spike in activity between midnight and 02:00, despite no-one being in the building.

It was suggested the alleged data transfer had been taking place since 2012, when the building, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, was opened.

Officials also brought in security experts from Algeria to sweep the entire headquarters for potential bugs, the newspaper said, leading to the discovery of microphones in desks.

But Mr Kuang – who hailed the headquarters as a “monument” to his country’s relationship with the continent – said it was entirely untrue.

“I really question its intention,” he told reporters on Monday. “I think it will undermine and send a very negative message to people. I think it is not good for the image of the newspaper itself.

“Certainly, it will create problems for China-Africa relations.”


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VIDEO: Tired of being white, Mzungu woman ‘colours’ herself black and adopts a Kenyan name



A mzungu woman who turned herself black after being fed up with being white has adopted a Kenyan name after being baptized in Nyeri.

Last year, 29-year-old Martina Big, a former blonde and blue-eyed air hostess from Germany, began the journey of transforming herself into an African (black). This came after she spent 6 million shillings to have breast implants that earned her the tag “the woman with biggest boobies in Europe”. They weigh 12 kilogrammes.

In an interview in the past, Big said that she admired the dark skin of Africans and had decided to turn herself black. Last year, she underwent a life-threatening melanin injection, a procedure outlawed in countries, and completely changed her skin color.

She further made a 50-tubed sun bed in her house, to accelerate her blackness and now believes her kids will be born black. She further visited a salon that caters for African hair and got a kinky weave, in her journey to become an African.

“I compared my hair with that of other Africans in the salon. Theirs is identical to mine,” she posted on her Instagram page after the weave was sewn in.

Last month, she began her maiden trip to Africa starting with in Kenya, where has adopted an African name after being baptized in Nyeri.

In a video she posted online, a man believed to be a pastor baptized her. He is heard saying, “Malaika Mkubwa, you are now a new creature in Jesus’ name”.

Martina donned a white African regalia, kneeling next to the pastor who the Standard learnt was pastor Isaac Murage of Gichira Baptist Church. Murage said he was introduced to Martina by a member of his church.

“She told me the lady wanted to be baptised, and I told them to come,” he said.

Murage denied claims that he chose the name “Malaika Mkubwa” for her. “She came with the name written down,” he says, adding that his church does not give baptismal names to its members.

Martina updated her website to reflect her newly acquired name. However, Race Equality Foundation, a European organisation that champions for racial equality criticised her attempt to be black.

“She has “limited understanding” of challenges ethnic minority groups face. Her story distracts from problems black people face,” said the group.

She has revealed plans to widen her nose and also enhance her bottoms to give it the African look.

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Have Breakfast With President Yoweri Museveni



Rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian had breakfast with Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni on Monday morning at State House, Entebbe.

The couple were flown from Chombe Safari Lodge in the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force helicopter, to State House

Kanye West

It is not yet clear what was discussed in the meeting as Presidential Press Secretary Lindah Nabusayi declined to divulge details to one of Uganda’s dailies, promising to share them soon.

“You will have them later. We are working on it,” she said.

President Museveni however shared that their meeting bore a fruitful discussion with the duo on how to promote Uganda’s tourism and arts.

Kanye and Kim arrived in Uganda on Friday with their eldest daughter, North. They will be in Uganda until October 19.


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Catholic priest suspended for ‘preying’ on schoolgirls



The Catholic Church is once again grappling with allegations that one of its priests, who has since been suspended pending investigations, has been preying on female parishioners.

According to multiple sources, the priest — who was serving at Kambaa Parish in Githunguri, Kiambu County — has been inviting young women to his residence and seducing them.

The residence would at times host parties where girls would be served alcohol. He would also arrange outings in hotels where, among other things, he would allegedly swim nude.

Father James Mungai, who is the dean in Githunguri, yesterday confirmed the claims against the priest, saying they were under investigation.


He said he had just been posted to the area and was not in a position to comment further, referring the Nation to Father Augustine Kiarie, the priest in charge of the deanery, who he said was among those handling the matter. Fr Kiarie did not respond to our calls and phone messages.

Area chief Stephen Mwaniki, a member of the church, said he was aware of several allegations against the “amorous priest”. However, none of the cases had been reported to his office or the police, making it difficult to “discuss much about them”.

A church elder was aghast that the official residence of the priest had been desecrated.


“A priest’s residence is supposed to be a sacred place and should be respected. It is unfortunate that this priest had turned it into a place to satisfy his lust,” the elder who spoke in confidence said.

Some of his victims were reported to be minors. When the victims got pregnant, the priest allegedly helped them to procure abortions, which the church doctrinally opposes. In one incident, he reportedly gave Sh40,000 for the purpose.

A parent, who said his daughter had been a victim, said the priest mostly targeted young girls in high school or those who had just finished secondary school.

“He would take them to big hotels where he would swim while naked. Very immoral,” the parent claimed.

The allegations have forced the church to suspend the priest and set up a tribunal to investigate his conduct.


The priest has been banished to John Paul II, a rehabilitation centre for wayward Catholic priests in Murang’a.

According to another parent whose daughter is an alleged victim, the priest planned a tour for the church youth early this year where participants paid Sh500. Despite him being unable to raise the money, his daughter still went for the excursion in one of the hotels at Red Hill on the Ruaka-Limuru road.

When she returned at around 9.30pm and was asked about the tour, she said some of the activities that went on shocked her.

“When I pressed her to say what had happened, she said some people were swimming while naked which she did not like,” the parent said.

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