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VIDEO: Bodyguard embarrasses president Kenyatta with awkward door opening



A security officer assigned to President Uhuru Kenyatta accidentally released the car door at the wrong time while his boss was trying to get out. The incident occurred on Thursday in South Africa where Mr Kenyatta is on a three-day official visit.

The Head of State brushed off the incident and carried on as if nothing has happened although a section of social media users questioned the professionalism of the guards.


Kenyatta held bilateral talks with his host President Jacob Zuma and addressing the press after the talks, the two leaders expressed their desire to strengthen relations between the two countries for the benefit of their nations and peoples.

They both confirmed they discussed trade and connectivity and how the two would boost industrialisation and create jobs for millions of young people.

“Industrialisation is key to creating job opportunities for the youth and wealth for our nations and peoples,” stated Kenyatta.

Apart from the issues of trade and infrastructure, they also deliberated on regional peace and security, especially the South Sudan conflict and the “new slave trade in Libya”.

President Zuma announced that he would host President Kenyatta for a State visit later this year.

“We will then conclude key issues when President Kenyatta is back later this year,” revealed Zuma.

On the agreed visit, Kenyatta added: “We have laid the groundwork for my State visit sometime in the first quarter of this year.

“We look forward to concluding and signing various agreements.”

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I have not left my wife: Ex-president Jakaya Kikwete



Former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete has denied allegations that he has parted way with his wife Salma. Addressing a Chama Cha Mapenduzi (CCM) rally in Arusha on September 9 ahead of the October 28 General Elections, Mr Kiwete sought to put to rest the rumours propagated on social media.

“Should I, or should I not say?” Mr Kikwete posed to the crowd which cheered him on.

“I’ve heard that people were saying that ‘this lady has been dumped and that’s why she wants to become a Member of Parliament’. Do you want to take my wife from me? I have not left her,” said a laughing Mr Kiwete.

Making history

Mama Salma, as she’s popularly referred to by Tanzanians made history in 2017 after becoming the first former first lady to become MP after being nominated by President John Magufuli. Mrs Kikwete’s nomination was, however, viewed as a move to reach out to politicians with a big influence within CCM, as they were seen to be drifting away from the president.

After Mr Kikwete stepped down in 2015 after serving 10 years as president as per the constitution limit, Mrs Kikwete vigorously campaigned for Mr Bernard Membe, a close family friend to clinch the CCM seat and succeed her husband.

Soon after clinching the seat, rumours started swirling that President Magufuli’s crackdown on tax evasion at the Port of Dar es Salaam put him at odds with the Kikwete family as firms they were in business with were under investigation.

However, Mr Kikwete and President Magufuli both dismissed the allegations as a mudslinging campaign.

Women empowerment

During her tenure as First Lady, Mama Salma was hailed for being at the forefront of empowering women. She founded the Wanawake na Maendeleo (Wama), a non-profit dealing with women empowerment. She also founded Wama Secondary School, an institution that enrols bright but disadvantaged girls.


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Britam apologizes for horrible cake made to celebrate Uganda Airlines’ first anniversary



Britam Uganda has apologized to Uganda Airlines after the unflattering photos of a cake they backed for the carrier in celebration of their first anniversary went viral.

The photos of the cake went viral for the wrong reasons, the cake may as well have been in celebration of a plane crash, online audiences commented.

“We tried baking a cake and fell flat on our faces! You may have seen unflattering photos of what was our attempt to celebrate Uganda Airlines’s first anniversary online,” the insurance firm said while owning up to the embarrassment of a cake.

To make amends, Britam Uganda chief executive officer, Allan Mafabi, announced a bake-off challenge for a cake to be presented to the Ugandan airline.

“The best design will be funded to bake and personally present the cake to Uganda Airlines in addition to delivering a donation to a charity of their choice courtesy of Britam Uganda and Uganda Airlines,” said Mafabi.

The firm said the top four bakers will get a contract to bake a cake for four charities within Kampala.

Those interested in participating in the challenge have been asked to upload their digital profile and cake design on

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 2020.

By K24

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PHOTO: President Uhuru’s look-like finally gifted a car



“Uhuru wa Umo” has officially been gifted a car worth Sh700,000 by a local car dealer, and a ceremony was held on September 5 to celebrate his new achievement.

The car given to Michael Njogu Gitonga is meant to help him start a taxi business that he’ll use to make a living during the pandemic period. During the interview, Gitonga said, “People should stop thinking this isn’t real because it is.

And many people say I am a drunkard, but when Covid-19 hit the country, it put me out of business, and I had to close down my bar, which was my only source of income. But now, with this new car, I can stop staying at home doing nothing and start my own taxi business.”

The small event was attended by relationship mentor and advisor Anne Wamuratha and comedian and Hot 96 radio presenter professor Hamo.

Sharing the good news, Anne posted on her social media platform photos of people who graced the event and thanked the local car dealer for the gift. According to the pictures shared, ‘Uhunye’ was gifted a Nissan note, 2007 model. However, a few weeks ago, photos of Gitonga surfaced social media, as the owner of a brand new car handed to him by the same local car dealer from a supposedly anonymous benefactor.

Michael Gitonga gifted a car. (Courtesy)

Uhuru’s look-alike went ahead to shun these rumours saying they were all but lies spread by people on social media for he had no such gift. The viral photos showed Gitonga at a car dealership, reportedly acquiring a new ride, Lexus LX570 2016, that people suspected was a gift to him.

In a video that surfaced the same day, the resident of Umoja quickly quashed rumours that he was the owner of a new ride.” Hello, Fellow Kenyans, the rumours that people are peddling that I have been gifted a car were lies. I am still in the house relaxing I am practicing social distancing and sanitizing. People should stop lying and say the truth. I am Michael Gitonga,” he stated.

Speaking to Standard Media, a representative from the car dealership confirmed that Gitonga had visited the yard on Wednesday, August 12, intending to purchase a car. However, the manager of the car dealership declined to divulge any information on the matter, explaining that a proper briefing would be prepared on Friday, August 14.

The Lexus LX570 2016 is a four-wheel-drive car that contains rear air conditioning, with separate controls, driver and front passenger heated-cushion, heated-seatback, and has a 5.7L V-8 Engine.

Photos of Njogu were shared widely on social media, with some people speculating they were old pictures of the commander-in-chief, probably before his first term as president in 2013.


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