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Revealing cleavage of Kenyan woman becomes the talk of the town



A revealing cleavage of Capital FM presenter Mandi Sarro aka Miss Mandii has been the talk of town.

The presenter was pictured receiving a mobile device from Safaricom executive Sylvia Mulinge on Friday during the launch of a new post-paid tariff plan.

The picture of her dressed skimpily with her cleavage showing had many questioning why she dressed like that at a corporate event.

It all started after one Abraham Mutai wondered if the presenter thought people will be thrilled to see her cleavage.

She wrote:

Y’all bothered by my titties but the one who fondles with them never complains 💀😂.

I feel terrible for whoever dates you, they’d have to deal with you chimming your 2 cents on other women’s bodies on the innanets. Gai anyway *njugush voice* 

She added: “We live in a society where the girl child is educated, she works hard, climbs the ladder of success only to be reduced to the fact that she slept her way to the top. Also, women are allowed to have sex lives. When a man is climbing the ladder of success no one bothers to say ‘they slept their way to the top.’ Why the double standards? And sex is good for one’s health too.”

Those who told her to cover up.

Make the cleavage sexy not disgusting. I have a right of an opinion feminists can’t take away. Case baadaye!!!

learnig well from cyprian nyakundi,as much as i agree shes poorly dressed,kunyonyesha is not a bad thing.

i agree with you on this do we have to stand such sights.what a shame.looks like a brookside event for Fs sake.lets dress accordingly

No problem with nature taking its course, but was this the best attire for a corporate event? And what’s the problem when men (and some women) show their disapproval with the exposure?

Others decided to cover her up.

Those who defended her.

They’re breasts! That is what they look like. You can grow some yourself and dress them however you want 😒😒😒

Your tweet us out of order. How she and any other woman chooses to dress is their business.

Apologize to her at the 1st opportunity you can grab

She is a beautiful woman, and beautifully endowed. She can dress however she pleases. Hali kwako, humviki, unashida gani naye? acha gere!

Because you were raised on formula huh??? Such rubbish. Respect women, you were breastfed by one.

2018 and some men still think they’re entitled to to tell women (or other men for that matter) what to wear. We are not here for your ownership or consumption. FOH! @MissMandii 🖤

😂 😂 😂 😂 FOH! Matiti zake zinakuhusisha nini? Uso yako mbaya ndio inatuharibia mazingira. Wacha watu wavae venye wanataka. Ukitaka kujifunika kuwa mkorino. 

Mandi also took some of the mean comments and reply back.

Men wanna control women so much that they even want to dictate what “decent clothing” we should wear.

Y’all must not know slay queens do as they please 💁🏽‍♀️😂 

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PHOTOS: I missed job opportunities because I wasn’t slim – sexy KBC presenter Ray Manyara



Body shaming seems to be the order of the day on social media and pubic figures are the most targeted.

Milly Chebby, Lynda Nyangweso, Neomi Nganga, Yummy Mummy and Sandra Dacha aka Siprosa are among the many who’ve been body shammed and they campaign for body positivity.

KBC presenter Regina Ray Manyara has revealed that she was recently body shammed by a woman.

She also narrated how she couldn’t secure a job in the media because they were hiring slim women only.

Anyway other than it making me question like who asked for your opinion?
I went back to years, while I was starting my career where for one to anchor/become a TV presenter required one to be slim fit!( perception silent clauses) I was left out of the qualifying list often on account of body size…but here I am today-Doubling as a reporter and newscaster. Long story short…If you are concerned about my weight or anyone’s ( seek them out personally only if you have a remedy!)
Besides, if my size doesn’t bother me, why should it bother you?
#bodyshamming IS real!’ she posted.

Check out photos of the beautiful Ray Manyara

Ray ManyaraRay ManyaraRay ManyaraRay ManyaraRay Manyara

Ray ManyaraRay ManyaraRay Manyara

Ray’s followers encouraged her to be comfortable in her own body and ignore critics.

Claire Wambui I once went through the same aki. I had depression after loosing my unborn baby. But I soldiered on coz I am the only one who knows what I am/was going through. But I love our chubby bodies.

Winnie Wilfred Why do people like body-shaming others, people should be thinned by theirs, must they comment just to make you feel bad.. you’re beautiful and wonderful made, and never let anyone underline the one anyone, bring you down…let those fools be, and they have the temerity to question you about you own body, people should grow up.

Tatu Karema You look fabulous! And yes FAT is beautiful 😘….aliyesema kukonda ndio urembo ni nani???????

Lynace Mwashighadi U are perfect. Just the way u are!!!

Kenny Rodgers Haters gonna hate, kelele za chura haiwezi kumfanya ng’ombe asikunywe maji… Keep doing what you do best mwari

Mariah Amor Ngugi Beautiful inside and out! I love the way you look since hizo enzi.

Monica Wandia Who said slim is beautiful…..U are gorgeous and with all the African woman curves… Who hurt her???


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‘We met in a bar,’ How Kansiime and bae’s relationship started



Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime is dating Youtuber SkyLanta. The two have been giving fans a glimpse into how their relationship started as well as what they like and dislike about one another among others.

Skylanta opened up on the day he met the comedianne.

I met her in a bar and that night, she was buying alcohol and I was like I came to spend money but if these celebrity is splashing money why not.

Kansiime added;

I was supposed to meet my sister but she came with this guy called Sky they used to do music together.

Her boyfriend even joked that she was the one who hit on him first.

The two said their first kiss was horrible.

“We had the worst first kiss.”

They have been dating for more than a year. This is after Kansiime and her husband separated.


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Anita Nderu finally comes out, confirms she is a member of LGBTQ



Media personality and content creator Anita Nderu has left tongues wagging after coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community via a tweet.

This she did via the tweet below.

‘I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ+.’

 Below are some of the reactions

@MatthewMuhindi: Yeah lesbian couples can get kids @AnitaNderu, you can use the IVF method in vertro fertilization ..

In this option, one partner provides the eggs, which are fertilized with donor sperm, and the other carries the pregnancy… All the best. 

@Jwmungai: No one should be judged or accused of his or her sexual orientation…. Everyone has a right to what h/she thinks is right.

@Sesyline_KE: Funny Kenyans don’t know Lesbian couples can have kids, am happy for Anita, I really don’t mind who people choose to be with I hope in the future things change.

@Josefmasta: Whichever way you describe it a man will be involved even if it’s just donating sperms.

@Out_look470: For me and my body I shall always do what the Bible says,hakuna mahali tumeambiwa eti Sarah saw her sister and she bore her a son named Isaac. Hakuna!


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