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VIDEO: Uhuru has filled the civil service with Kikuyus, claims Bonie Khalwale




President Uhuru Kenyatta has done it again, says former Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale. Members of one ethic community have taken up the lion’s share in public appointments in his government, he claims. Khalwale gave an example of a recent gazette notice in which he says only members from the Mt Kenya region were appointed. Khalwale, who spoke on NTV’s  AM Live Show on Tuesday, said even members of the deputy president’s community had been sidelined despite having formed a coalition in the previous government.

“This is certainly not the face of Kenya,” he said. Khalwale’s position was supported by MP and lawyer Otiende Amolo and former MP Jakoyo Midiwo. However, Kiambu MP Kimani Wamatangi and Kerich Senator Aaron Wamatangi did not agree with the assessment, arguing that the three were cherry picking the names for political expediency. “Even Kikuyus are Kenyans..but we should look at all the appointments across the board before making allegations that one substantiate,” said Wamatangi. Watch:

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Daughter’s comment to dad accidentally exposes mum’s affair with neighbor



A husband has said an everyday conversation with his young daughter exposed his wife’s cheating and shattered their 14-year marriage. Steven (not his real name) returned home one day and listened as his daughter as told him about her day, when one detail of her story jumped out. The girl mentioned that her mum had been at the neighbour’s house, leading to her dad asking more about what had happened.

She recounted that when she arrived home from school she found her mum was not there, but instead the neighbour popped his head round his front door and told her that her mum would “be right out”. Alarm bells started ringing for Steven, who said he asked his wife why she had been with their neighbour the following day, as reported by Kidspot.

At first she passed it off as nothing and came up with a quick excuse, but her husband said due to the length of time they had been together, he knew exactly how she acted when she was lying. She eventually broke down and admitted that they had kissed and touched, but that it “felt wrong” so she stopped it. “I know how she lies to everybody, and how good she is at it,” said Steven. “So I believe that it went further than the kissing.”

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He says he kicked her out of the house but later agreed to marriage counseling and allowing her to move back in, which he said he did “more for the kids”. But he became even more suspicious when she later revealed the pair had been speaking for several weeks before they met up, as an innocent text message led to exchanging photos and flirty texts. His wife maintained that it hadn’t gone further than a kiss, with Steven adding: “She said that it was just wrong and stopped immediately.

“She said that when it was texting it wasn’t real and when it got down to it in real life she felt like she was going to vomit. But I just don’t see two adults stopping given the opportunity to do what they had been talking about for three weeks. I’m literally going crazy because I do love her but it’s starting to feel like love you have for a longtime friend and not a love you feel for your wife.”

After asking for advice on Reddit, one said: “I think at this point you have to assume she did cheat on you and then ask yourself whether you can forgive her. Figure out what it will take for you to be able to stay with your wife and not be thinking about what happened in ways that interferes with you and your family’s wellbeing. It will take time.”

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Another wrote: “Counselling is a good first start. She is going to have to make major reparations to repair the relationship. She might not be up to the task. Good luck.”


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You can easily migrate to and work in the US if you have these extraordinary abilities



US Citizenship and Immigration Services has published a new section in the USCIS Policy Manual relating to the O nonimmigrant classifications. O-1 nonimmigrant status is available for aliens of “extraordinary ability” in the sciences, arts, business, education, and athletics, and aliens with a record of “extraordinary achievement” in the motion picture or television industry, who are coming to the United States temporarily to work in their area of ability or achievement. O-2 nonimmigrant status is available for essential support personnel coming solely to assist an O-1 artist or athlete.

The new section expands guidance on evaluating O-1 eligibility, including how officers determine if the petitioner has satisfied the evidentiary criteria and established that the beneficiary has extraordinary ability or extraordinary achievement, as applicable. It also clarifies when a petitioner may rely upon “comparable evidence” to meet the requirements for certain O-1 beneficiaries.

USCIS is also incorporating existing guidance relating to certain nonimmigrant athletes, coaches and entertainers (otherwise known as the P-1, P-2, and P-3 nonimmigrant classifications), and their essential support personnel into the Policy Manual.

For more information, see the USCIS Policy Manual.

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‘I’d have died for nothing’ Loise Kim’s daughter on how she almost committed suicide



Marya Kimani daughter to celebrated Kikuyu gospel artiste Loise Kim has narrated how she almost ended her life by committing suicide.

Speaking on her You Tube channel, Marya now says that was a stupid thing to do adding that she has ‘matured.’

The decision to want to take away her life was prompted by the fact that her mother wanted to transfer her to a better performing school.

‘When I got to form 1 third term, I made  so many friends but there was one particular friend who was in form four.

She was my BFF, I would talk to her about anything and everything. Even when my pocket money was finished she would share hers and vice versa.

Unlike me she was very smart when it came to books.

What I liked most about the school is that they never took learning so seriously. From Friday throught the weekend we would just be chilling.

On weekdays we would be in class nothing serious.’

Marya Kimani’s mum Loise-Kim

Marya’s mum did not know that learning was almost existent in the school and only learnt about it in the newspapers.

‘At some point our school appeared in the newspapers. It was among the last schools in terms of performance.

When my mum saw that she said she would transfer me.

So I decided to do something to avoid being transferred, I was not ready to leave my friends.’

Marya added

‘I was sick at the time and was on drips so I took a biro and out the ink inside the drip so that I could drink it.

Later in the evening my tummy was burning because I had taken so much ink, I had put inks in different colours inside the drip (blue, red. glitters etc).

Due to the pain I was going through I decided it was not worth it.’

In conclusion Marya said she eventually got transferred and to date she hasn’t seen that ‘friend’ who almost made her take away her life.

‘Eventually I transferred and the friendship ended.

I learnt that we don’t live for people. Me and the lady don’t speak we are no longer best friends .

I would have died for nothing.’


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