HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: James' funeral turns into battleground as wailing wife confronts girlfriend - Kenya Satellite News Network
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HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: James’ funeral turns into battleground as wailing wife confronts girlfriend



Following the death of her husband, a Kenyan woman breaks down at the funeral as she tells of how James (the deceased) abandoned her and the children and went on to “eat life with a big spoon” with his Mpango wa Kando. The referenced second woman was also in attendance and was not amused by the revelation and confronts the now wailing wife. It was messy and noisy.

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Your Kenyan passport will be invalid from September 2019



You will not be able to travel with your passport after October 2019, the Department of Immigration has said.

Dr Dan Opon, the Senior Assistant Director of Immigration said on Monday that the current Kenyan passport will expire on September 1 so Kenyans should acquire e-passports by March next year.

“No country will accept the current passport from September next year,” Dr Opon said when launching a new report on free and safe movement in East Africa.

Dr Opon said the department has started implementing the announcement President Uhuru Kenyatta made last year.

“The government’s efforts to promote regional integration by opening up territorial access to migrants is evidence of our position and commitment. To this end, the Department of Immigration is developing a National Migration Policy framework and has harmonised classification of work permits and encourage free movement of persons within the East African Community,” he said.

The government is also establishing the National Coordination Mechanism on migration. It will serve as a forum for all migration stakeholders, ministries, the academia and the civil society to engage with bilateral and multilateral partners on promoting safe and orderly migration in the region.

The government is also working in partnership with the University of Nairobi to develop a curriculum for a post-graduate diploma that will be launched in November.

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Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda developed a coalition of the willing that allows citizens of the three countries to travel using their national identity cards.

Dr Opon noted, however, that a single visa territory within the East African Community remains elusive because the harmonisation of immigration practices and policies is yet to happen.


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CNN’s Quest ‘more than impressed’ in Nairobi



Gliding into Nairobi’s airport early on Monday morning, the first thing I noticed was the light. Even over the terminal buildings, it was just gorgeous. I was back in Africa.

Almost immediately, my reasons for coming were further reinforced.

Yes, there were queues at immigration, but no more than one might find during a busy period at JFK or Heathrow.

Perhaps it felt a little chaotic, with some confusion in arrivals about where exactly passengers should go and what was required of them. But overall it worked. The staff was excellent and determined to help.

The building was modern, clean, attractive and made sense. The lines outside for taxis and Ubers were neat and orderly.

Of course, once I began my journey into the city by road, the cliche of traffic-clogged streets revealed itself to be true.

At one point I was able to hop out of the car to stretch and remove my jacket, with no fear whatsoever that my driver would gain more than a few inches of ground on me.

As we reached the city centre, that cliche was overtaken by something else though: a sense that Nairobi’s citizens take pride in their home.

The flowerbeds and neatly trimmed trees, the new roads, the signs, the general respect for other road users. There is something both gentle and genteel about it.

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We spent the afternoon in Karura Forest. If you wanted something to underscore this sense of pride you would be hard pushed to find a more pristine example.

Here is a park that rivals New York’s Central Park, London’s Hyde Park, or Sydney’s botanic gardens.

Of course I discovered Karura’s remarkable history, learned about its sometimes checkered, shady past, the land grabbers, and the ultimately successful campaign to save it for the people. But more than that, I saw a place that Kenyans have taken to their hearts. This is a place that is ring-fenced, literally and figuratively, for ordinary Nairobians to enjoy. We saw couples hand in hand, joggers, women walking alone. We also saw wildlife, different species of monkey, all kinds of birds, all around us. It was safe, spotlessly clean, peaceful and completely beautiful. All this, just minutes away from the city centre.

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this. Our guide told us that 37,000 people visited Karura last month. I can see why.  I’m more than impressed.


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Dramatic scenes as seven MPs walkout on Uhuru in Bomet



Seven Members of Parliament from Bomet county walked out of a presidential function on Monday in protest for allegedly being sidelined.

The seven MPs, one of them nominated, accused Governor Joyce Laboso of failing to involve them in planning for the function and also failure to invite them to “give speeches or wave to the crowd”.

The leaders were riled by the fact that Governor Laboso directly invited the Deputy President William Ruto to speak, who in turn would invite the President, without acknowledging their presence.

The MPs who walked out included Senator Christopher Langat, Nominated Senator Dr Alice Milgo, Konoin MP Brighton Yegon and Bomet East MP Beatrice Kones.

Others were Chepalungu MP Gideon Koskei, Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui and Woman Representative Joyce Korir.

Sotik MP Dominic Koskei was not at the function as he was said to be out of the country.


President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy were at Bomet University College during the opening of a tuition block.

The MPs also skipped the Lake Region Economic Bloc conference at Bomet stadium which was opened by the President and instead held a parallel meeting at the old stadium which had been converted into a parking lot.

“We were not even invited to give our speeches or even wave to the crowd,’ said Chepalungu MP Gideon Koskei.

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He later told said: “We had several issues we wanted the raise before the President but the Governor deemed it fit to ignore us ”

Woman Representative Mrs Joyce Korir said;” The Governor has started a war she cannot finish.The gloves are off, we will take this war to her doorsteps,”

Bomet Central MP Mr Ronald Tonui said;”For the entire three days the President has been in Western Region and Rift Valley, Members of the County Assembly and MPs were recognized.What has suddenly changed when it comes to Bomet county?”



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