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Kenyan woman kills co-wife’s three children, commits suicide



A Kenyan woman went berserk Sunday and stabbed to death her co-wife’s three children and then committed suicide.

The Daily Nation reported Sunday that a relative, Mr Eric Otieno, said Jacinta Atieno killed the children aged seven, five and two then hang herself using a rope.

Mr Otieno said Atieno is reported to have lured the first wife’s children to her house at midday, saying she would give them porridge drink.

According to witnesses, the sibling’s older brother survived as he did not get into the house.

Witnesses said she gave them poisoned porridge then killed them,

“The incident happened after the biological mother of the three children had gone to church,” said Mr Otieno.

He said Atieno had previously threatened to commit suicide.

“Sometime back we found her in the house after she had taken poison. She was rushed to the hospital and recuperated. Often she had made threats of killing her co-wife Helen Atieno and her children.

“Just a week ago she was found in possession of five litres of petrol in her house after making threats over and over. Unfortunately no one took her seriously,” said Mr Otieno.

Nation reported that police later took the bodies away.

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US-Based Kenyan Woman Whose Daughter Confessed to Infecting Men with HIV speaks out



A US-based Kenyan woman whose daughter recently admitted to deliberately infecting men with HIV is speaking out. Speaking to Kikuyu Diaspora Media, Njoki’s mother Lucy Ng’endo has  accused her daughter of lying during her interview with

In the past interview, the 36-year-old Jackline Njoki Mwangi partly blamed her mother who she claimed moved to the US leaving her behind.

But now Ng’endo says contrary to her daughter’s assertion, she brought her up like any other parent but she developed bad behaviors in her early teenage years.

“It reached a time that I traveled and she started getting herself into bad practices. I actually think it started a long time, it is just that I had not known,” added Ng’endo.

“I have gone through so much pain because of this child.”

The mother further noted that their current disagreement was due to her refusal to send money to her daughter, adding that she has constantly insulted her using unspeakable words but she still loves her.


“Every time when she calls me, she is always demanding for money. I found out she was just using me. I have sent her money many times and she uses it for her personal luxuries,” she said.

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“I cannot fail to love her despite all this. We have never abandoned her because she is sick. I love her and if she wants medical help I will help her,” added Ng’endo.

She was infected with HIV when she was 18 years old as she tried to make money for herself and her nephew’s upkeep.



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Kimunya hits at Maraga over Parliament dissolution




National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya has accused Chief Justice David Maraga of creating chaos in the country with his advisory to President Uhuru Kenyatta on dissolving the Parliament.

Kimunya said Maraga made advisory just a week after he appeared before a House committee that apparently annoyed him by insisting he should be prepared to leave office soon.

Speaking to K24 on Sunday, September 27, Kimunya said Maraga appeared before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee on the September 14 and a week later, he issued the advisory “as an act of self-preservation”.

“This advisory was not done in good faith. It was an act of self-preservation,” he said.

The majority leader also added that the CJ was fully aware that the House had started the process of passing the law allowing for the representation of the marginalised groups including women.

He said there was a matter pending in court also linked to the law and said it was shady that Maraga did not wait for the court case to be determined but thought it was better the Parliament to be dissolved.

In his letter to the president, Maraga said the National Assembly and the Senate had failed to enact legislation required to implement the gender rule for nine years.

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He said the dissolution of Parliament under Article 261(7) needed to be enforced to compel the political elite to fully adhere to the 2010 Constitution.

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Bungoma man who hung onto a helicopter dies




Bungoma’s ‘James Bond’, the man who made headlines when he hung onto a chopper that was ferrying the body of fallen businessman Jacob Juma, has died.

The man, identified as Saleh Wanjala, died at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital on Monday, September 28, 2020.

Family members confirmed that ‘Bond’ was found unconscious and then taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The man will be remembered for his dare-devil stunt when he was filmed in 2016 hanging onto a chopper for over 2km in a manner reminiscent of James Bond, the famous British movie spy.

After the chopper incident, he was arrested and arraigned but released thereafter.

His body was taken to Bungoma County Referral Hospital mortuary.

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