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Nairobi sex workers cry foul as Simmers Restaurant is demolished



Nairobi Commercial sex workers are not a happy lot. On Saturday, many of them took to social media to protest the demolition of Simmers Bar and  Restaurant at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Mundi Mbingu Street.

Sisme wrote on Twitter: This was the only place left for me to get some decent men. Where do we go now?

Karigirl wrote: “We are tired of this discrimination (sic). We serve the high and mighty yet no one seems interested in ensuring our places of work are not interfered with.”

Police on Friday evening removed furniture and everything stocked at the popular Restaurant in Nairobi CBD. A contingent of officers stormed the restaurant bringing to an end the sprawling life of the popular joint.

On Saturday, the restaurant , which is adjacent to 680 Hotel, was flattened and debris was strewn all over Kenyatta Avenue. For decades, the restaurant had become synonymous with live band performances, mostly drawing musicians from DRC. It also was a favorite for twilight girls intent on making quick bucks from amorous revelers – both female and male.

Elsewhere some of the sympathisers as well as those who frequented the joint for food, music and refreshments also condemned the demolition.

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“End of an era? Where else can one go to for the best Lingala music?” Wondered Kamaugm on Instagram.

“The way they do things in Kenya is very crude. Did they really have to use such force?” Asked Odhisjosh.

Njeri Osaak wrote on Facebook: “Ati Simmers ni hayati? Last stop from Theater, Ndombolo ya Solo and cold beer kwisha! Haha!”


On Friday, Daily Nation reported there had been a long simmering (pun not intended) ownership dispute.

“I do not know what is going on. I do not know why this is happening,” the owner, former Kimilili MP Suleiman Murunga was quoted by the paper as saying.

“The police have stormed here, and instead of being an arbiter they have come with orders that have not even been served on me. This is impunity!” He said.

Popular Simmers bar and restaurant closed and property removed from the premises on March 2, 2018. PHOTO | COURTESY.

According to the daily, Murunga is engaged in a fight for the plot with the family of former Finance minister Arthur Magugu, which says it co-owns the property with Nilestar Holdings Limited.

But  in court cases since 2014, the defendant told the court that the ownership of the plot by Nilestar lapsed when its 99-year lease ended in December 2009, adding that the firm has no right to demand rent for the three years.

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Mr Murunga told the court he applied and received allotment letter on November 3, 2011 from the Commissioner of Lands after paying Sh2.4 million but Nilestar’s lease renewal bid in October 2009 was allegedly rejected.


In court papers filed in January 2014, Mr Murunga said he owned the premises he has rented for years on grounds that he was awarded the property in 2011 by the Commissioner of Lands after Nilestar’s lease expired four years ago.

He moved to court seeking a restraining order against Nilestar Holdings — which in mid-December threatened to evict him from the prime property over Sh1.62 million rent arrears.

On Friday, Mr Murunga said the case was still ongoing.

“The case is not over,” he said.


KSN has learnt that the restaurant has also been facing problems with the county government over land rates.

In May 2014, county government officials pounced on the restaurant to attach Sh1.1 million in land rates owed to City Hall.

However, Mr Murunga, who was at the establishment, wrote two cheques to the county to settle the matter that nearly turned ugly.

A year later, the county government was at the establishment again, this time demanding Sh12 million in arrears.

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And in a related development, commercial sex workers in Busia County on Saturday marked the International Sex Worker Rights Day with an appeal to the national government to legalise their work.

Busia Survivors programme manager Caroline Kemunto led the team to clean Busia County Referral Hospital compound and wards after a peaceful procession in the town.

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I don’t talk to my dad – Louis Otieno’s son




Louis Otieno’s son, Silas Miami, has opened up about his relationship with his dad.

Miami, a filmmaker, photographer, musician and lecturer based in South Africa revealed to The Nairobian that he doesn’t talk to his father, though their relationship is ‘cordial’.

In the interview, Silas said he only spoke to the dad around the time when he was sick and needed financial help.

“My mother was technically a single mother. I had no relationship with my father. He was the man we watched on TV.  However, we met later on in life when he fell sick and I was helping with the bill. We have a cordial relationship. “

“Although we do not talk, I wish him well and he does the same for me. I got to the point where I realised that parents too are only human and a product of what they have seen in life. I have come to recognise my father’s failures, but also acknowledge his humanity.

“I mean, our parents made the best decisions with what they had. I had to make the decision to let go and to ask myself, how can I do better? Of course it was not easy, but in letting go, I set myself free not just to be a better son, but a better human being,” said.

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Asked if he has forgiven him, he quickly pointed out: “I don’t think I’ve dealt with it completely. That’s going to be a lifelong journey of forgiveness. People imagine that it happens in one go and I don’t think that’s true. You do not wake up one morning and it isn’t as heavy as it was before, but it doesn’t magically erase trauma. So, we are not there yet, but we are heading there.”

At the time Louis Otieno was coming out to ask for financial help, he was living with his mum and there was no mention of his kids.

Louis Otieno was one of the most decorated of media personalities in Kenya whose ignominious fall came after the death of his girlfriend Careen Chepchumba in 2012. He later became sick and has been seeking treatment.

Louis Otieno



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LIVE AUDIO: Listen to ‘Radio Citizen’ Live from Nairobi









Get all Royal Media Services stations under one site

Listen Live

This is Kenya’s biggest radio station owing not only to its footprint but the audience it commands. It targets the ‘common man’, who form a greater part of the country’s population. Radio Citizen has the most transmission sites for an FM station in Kenya today, giving it the deepest penetration countrywide.

Frequencies include Nairobi – 106.7FM, Nakuru – 100.5FM, Kisumu – 97.6FM, Mombasa – 97.3FM, Nyeri – 104.3FM, Meru – 94.3FM, Chuka – 93.2FM, Eldoret – 87.0FM, Garissa – 95.7FM, Kitui – 89.9FM, Voi – 98.1FM.

All Kenyans can tune in and enjoy the broadcast. The station format is unpretentious and downright local, thus appealing to the masses.

The station offers a rich menu of news, features, talk shows, games and a distinct selection of the finest African tunes. Some of the top ranking shows include Jambo Kenya, Yaliyotendeka, Chapa Kazi, Mambo Mseto, Drive On, Makombora and Roga Roga amongst several others. Through various activations, the station has attracted large numbers; this is a great show of loyalty.

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Sms line – 22106.


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AUDIO: Jeff Koinange to meet his social media bully on Monday



Prominent Citizen TV anchor and Hot 96 Radio presenter Jeff Koinange is set to meet an unidentified person said to have been harassing him on Twitter.

The Twitter personality, going only under the moniker ‘Mimi Yule,’ is said to have been threatening Mr. Koinange, posting messages to the renowned media personality on the social networking site under the hashtag #JeffUtaniona(which loosely translates to, ‘Jeff, you will know who I am!’)

It is not yet clear what the guy wants as he has not come out to state his demands, if any, but most of his tweets to Mr. Koinange have been posted in explosive Swahili. Here are a few samples:

“Wewe Jeff wewe! Unakuanga na maringo sana. Kwanza hiyo kizungu yako unafikiria wewe ndio umesoma kutuliko? Na hizo nywele zako mkarango! Utajua hujui wewe. Utaniona!”

“Jeff wewe! Utanitambua. Kama mbaya mbaya. Katatamba kutamba wacha vile unatutishanga hapa ati sijui smooooooking! Utaniona!”

“Unadhani sikujui! Unaturingia hapo na hiyo Benz yako, nitakuja hapo na Probox lakini roho ni Lambourghini. Hata Kinyambi hatanyambua hii.Utaniona!”

Speaking to EDAILY, the distraught Hot 96 breakfast show presenter was at a loss for words. In true Jeff Koinange fashion, all he could muster the strength to say was, “Oh my! This is crazy… This is absolutely crazy …What does this guy want… this is absurd!”

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When Mr. Koinange reached out to the person, in an exclusive phone call obtained by EDAILY, the two agreed to meet at the Hot 96 studio on Monday.

It remains to be seen whether the individual will indeed show up at the Royal Media offices to settle his scores with Mr. Koinange. Keep it Hot 96 to find out.

Below is the audio of the phone call:



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