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VIDEO: KDF soldier excites Kenyans with her twerking skills




A curvy KDF soldier has excited netizens after a video of her perfect twerk went viral on social media.

The unidentified soldier, in full military uniform, happily showed off her twerking skills to the Kamatia Chini hit song.

The video captures the female solider getting down with her colleagues and some female prison wardens during a public event at a town in North Eastern Kenya.

They were joined on the dance floor by a handful of Somali women.

In the video, the crowd cheers on the women but the soldier’s twerking skills excite a male warden who comes on to grind on her.


The crowd cheers as the male warden enjoys the irresistible twerk, but his joy is cut short when a Somali woman chases him out of the female-filled dance floor.

The dance was said to have been in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The twerking soldier continues to show off her skills even scaring away her female counterparts who soon leave the dance floor leaving just three women.

The soldier’s skills have excited netizens who shared the video.

Mohamed Hared Mohamed commented, “Na tena hapa ni Wajir County am told it’s during the International Women’s day 😂😂.”

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Ciil Tire 😂😂😂 added, “It’s good to let loose once in a while. Bravo to Abdi for the effort Lol.”

-Nairobi News

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VIDEO: Milly WaJesus misty after husband’s big surprise on her special day



The WaJesus family is one couple that has proven marriage can still work, with the love flame still burning bright, promises living to be fulfilled and romance only getting sweeter by the day.

A couple that has become an envy to many but one that has lived to give hope to those looking forward to one or in despair that with God in it, it is very possible.

Milly was turning a year older yesterday and her romantic husband, Kabi spared his time to plan all through it and it emerged a beautiful success.

Milly Wa Jesus

Blindfolded, Milly was driven to an undisclosed location, seemingly a rural kind of place, quiet, beautiful greenery, away from the city.

Once she was unmasked, what stood before her was a beautiful romantic picnic setup in what many would term the middle of nowhere but what stood out most was the certification Kabi was about to hand her.

The WaJesus picnic on their just purchased piece of land

The ground the couple had been standing in was a piece of land Milly had prayed to God about for so long, she knew they could not afford it but always trusted in God.

The unveiling

Finally, Kabi had made her dream come true on his wife’s special day, handing her a title deed, certified and with her names on it.

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Overwhelmed, the mother of one, broke to tears, weeping uncontrollably, running around insanely and Kabi was just grateful he could make it happen.

Milly Wa Jesus acquires her title deed

For Kabi, his wife deserved everything good because since day one she believed in him, even when he had no vision, she stood by him and for that, he would give up everything for her.

Kabi used his last savings from his previous company to make his first step towards purchase of the land by 20th July, and worked day and night to fully ensure the land was in his wife’s name.

The WaJesus just purchased piece of land

A piece of land they seek to settle in as their first home and for their family. It was a beautiful late afternoon, dancing, singing, crying, popping champagne, eating and drinking the evening away.


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VIDEO: Kenyan tycoon’s exclusive house party that has landed CS Kagwe’s son Kahush in trouble



Kenyan Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has not had it easy this past weekend after a rough welcome in Kakamega county only for his son, Kahush to get caught in the thick of a house party that went viral for flouting Covid-19 government regulations.

The basic thinking you’d expect is that if the Health CS preaches water, he and his loved ones should at least drink the same water and not wine.

Health Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. The CS was ambushed over the weekend with questions regards his son’s allegiance to the government regulations that he had time and again insisted on if we are to beat the virus.

Sadly, it seemed his son spoke of a different language and responding to the same, Mutahi Kagwe clarified that he houses no son below the age of 18 so we should ask the son and not him.

Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe

Just like that, he distanced himself from his son’s misconduct and as we wait to know what becomes of the son, here are details of the house party that Kahush graced over the weekend.

House party

Kevin Obia, is the Nairobi-based business magnate known for his opulent life stunts – majority of times caught on the wrong side of the law – with a circle of friends who are but individuals rolling in the same league as his.

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Over the weekend, his birthday went down, this time a bit low-key with elite city night clubs shut down, forcing him to have it in-house.

In attendance was rapper Kahush, Radio King Shaffie Weru, Nairobi’s youngest sponsor Shaq the Yungin, Kiss FM’s Jalang’o just to mention a few.

Kevin Obia with Shaffie Weru

As always, drinks and ladies on set, music at its best and parte after parte went down. Until the cameras narrowed down on Kahush with two other gents with zero Covid-19 observance, cradling drinks on their hands, a little tipsy and singing to some background tunes.

Sadly, for Kahush, his life had just began, dragging his dad’s name in not such good limelight.

Here is what Kagwe had to say about his rapper of a son’s conduct over the weekend:

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‘I lost so much weight trying to conceive, unfortunately everything failed,’ Wema Sepetu



‘I lost so much weight trying to conceive, unfortunately everything failed,’ Wema…

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Septu has said one of the reasons she stopped trying to conceive is because she got an infection.

Wema had traveled to India and at some point she had to stop trying as the wound would have ended up being cancerous.

Speaking recently during an interview with Clouds FM, Wema Sepetu said,

‘I’ve never had a tummy tuck like most people are saying. The reason I went to India was so that I can consult and get treatment for my fertility.

On coming back I was advised to cut on weight to increase my chances of conceiving since I have a lot of fat around my uterus that is making the process difficult.’

Wema added that some pills she was taking were the culprit to making her add weight.

The pills affected  her hormones making it hard for her to have her own children.

‘People know how I have struggled to get a baby my happiness will be complete when I get a baby.

I added weight in my struggle to get a baby, I used to take a lot of medicine that had side effects on my hormones. The side effects were adding weight.’

By Mpasho

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