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VIDEO: Angry Diaspora Kenyans take Uhuru head on over Miguna fiasco




Although opinion seems to be divided over the unfolding Miguna Miguna saga, most Diaspora Kenyans feel that President Uhuru Kenyatta should slow down and think about a scenario where – in future – he is not in power and someone else decides to  doing the things he (Kenyatta) is doing now to some Kenyans. Here is my take:

Maembe ni ya msimu… Let us see when they done using you Boinnet where you land… How does your story end?? Humor me… Where are the famous or infamous people that tortured people at Nyayo House for Moi? Where are they today? You forget History way too fast… During the Moi Era is was the Koigis being tortured. Kalenjins thought you had it made… Power changes hands. Hope and pray when it does…

The new Pharaohs that know No Joseph will show you mercy. Just to think naked old Kikuyu cucus were stripping in Nairobi the other day to protest Moi… My friend… Hii Dunia… And now this is Uhuru doing this to Miguna… The son whose father was fighting the mzungu??? At least all the Mzungu asked was we wear Kaptura call him bwana mkubwa and work on his farm. The mzungu never tried to deport Kenyans out of Kenya…

Elsewhere, this video by Samuel Okemwa, a Canada based Kenyan, has gone viral:

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DJ Stylez speaks a year after his sister’s death




DJ Stylez has spoken for the first time since the fanily lost their sister to a bathroom accident.

DJ Stylez said he s still going through a “naturally tough” time a year after losing his and Madtraxx’ sister, Dr Njeri Muigai.

Dr Muigai died after an accident in her home. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

Her mother found her lying on the floor and rushed her to hospital in Nairobi, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Unfortunately, the baby did not make it either.

He said they are trying to keep her work alive by helping people with mental issues, as she was a mental health specialist.

It’s tough, it’s naturally tough, she was my best friend

She was a doctor who was very big on mental health, psychology and psychiatry, and she had started initiatives to do with mental health. So what we are trying to do, and we have big shoes to fill, is see how to continue with that work.

He said mental health is a serious problem in Kenya, and Dr Muigai had started different initiatives to tackle it.

Stylez and family are trying to see how they can “plug into those initiatives” and continue her work.

I mean, it’s tough. There are some things you really don’t ever get over, but you learn to take a step at a time and we are thankful for that.

Dr Muigai worked with the Health ministry in Kiambu County

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Shiro of Auntie Boss calls it a day at the show




Award-winning actress Nyce Wanjeri popularly known as Shiro of Auntie Boss has called it a day at the show.

This comes barely a week after she won the Best Actress in a comedy and TV series at this year’s Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

She wrote:

Now, for 15 seasons, that is almost 200 episodes on NTV, auntie boss has been my home. I have been humbled to work with an amazing production house that is moonbeam and their very abled selection of cast and crew. I have been blessed and lucky so far, but that beautiful journey that started 3 or so years ago is soon coming to an end.

She went on:

This coming Tuesday, the 18th of September, will have me on my last fresh episode of Auntie Boss on NTV, lakini repeats zitakuwa Maisha Magic bado.

I won’t pretend to not be a little bit sad because Shiro is a character I had personally fallen in love with. 😢 She was a dear to many Kenyans and the amazing time I’ve spent on set watching the amazing actors and actresses grow are moments I am going to treasure forever!

But whatever has a beginning must have an end, and so this chapter of Shiro must come to an end to make way for something else, somewhere else. I promised that I’ll keep entertaining till I have no strength left in me so I will continue in one way or another.

We can only thank God that this is happening while we are at the top, with wins and nominations and continental recognition for myself and also the show Auntie Boss na sio kuchoka mmechoka na sisi.


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 Image result for shiro auntie boss

Also, it will not only be my last episode on the show, but the last time you the fans will interact with me as Shiro.

Since I am no longer under the show and the production company that owns the show and the character shiro, I am required to no longer appear or engage as Sshiro. I know I have no control over the millions of fans of the show referring to me as Shiro Warugongo on social media or on the streets, sitalenga, nitaitika na selfie tutapiga. All I am trying to say is I no longer represent the company or the show or the character Shiro, so anything I do or say is for Nyce Wanjeri

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Obado’s former aide arrested by homicide detectives



Homicide detectives have arrested Migori governor Okoth Obado’s former personal assistant, Caspal Obiero in nairobi, as investigations into the murder of  Rongo University student Sharon Otieno gathers momentum.

A man believed to have been the driver of the vehicle witnesses say was used during the abduction ,Jack Gombe was arraigned in Oyugis, and charged  of being an accomplice in Sharon’s heinous murder.

Detectives questioned him at Oyugis Police Station and had him file a statement on what he knows about the murder of the student and abduction of Nation journalist Barack Oduor.

A special team of detectives has been deployed in Migori and Homa Bay counties to track the killers. They are operating in high secrecy and not divulging the operations to the media.

Police bosses in Nyanza region have refused to comment publicly on the matter, claiming the investigation was being run directly from Nairobi.

Their juniors confirmed to the Nation, on condition of anonymity, that the employee had indeed been interrogated in Oyugis.

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