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VIDEO: Miguna ejected from Kenya, heads to Dubai as Boinnet has last laugh




Despite 8 court orders directing the Kenyan government to let fiery Kenyan-born lawyer cum politician Miguna Miguna into the country,  he was finally deported early Friday Kenyans time after three consecutive days of high octane drama pitting  him, the courts and government officials.  .

This is the second time in two months that the government has unceremoniously kicked out the self declared general of National Resistance Movement (NRM-K) who has admitted to commissioning a controversial oath taken by opposition leader, Raila Odinga, in January of this year.

The Daily Nation, a Kenyan newspaper, reported that one of his lawyers, Mr Nelson Havi, confirmed that Dr Miguna was ejected Wednesday evening via a Dubai-bound EK722 flight.

Earlier, High Court Judge George Odunga had ordered Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, Immigration chief Gordon Kihalang’wa and Police boss Joseph Boinnet to release the lawyer from detention at JKIA, which they failed to do.

“The three are hereby convicted accordingly and should appear before this court tomorrow at 10am,” Justice Odunga ruled.

Judge Odunga criticised the three officials for disobeying the court with impunity.

In their defense, two junior State lawyers claimed the trio were unreachable because they were attending a General Service Unit graduation.

Miguna arrived in Kenya on Monday afternoon but was not cleared by immigration officials after he reportedly refused to hand over his Canadian passport. He later said he would not apply for a visa  because the “court had ordered that I be let into the country on the strength of its orders. ”

On Tuesday, immigration officials took citizenship application forms to him but he declined to make an application, insisting that he was Kenyan.

On Monday night, Miguna caused a scene as people believed to be police officers tried to force him onto a Dubai-bound Emirates plane. The flight later left without him.

Tuesday night, he sent out a statement to the media saying that he was held in a toilet at the airport. Authorities did not let his lawyers see him.

After a marathon hearing of a petition filed by Miguna lawyers, the judge said that the war was no longer between the parties but had reached a level where judicial powers were on trial.

“There is no immunity for impunity; a time has come when the courts must lift the veil against those who act with impunity in disobeying it. No man is above the law. The Government officials cannot be allowed to catwalk around while disobeying court orders,” said Odunga.

All this was happening as an apparently unfazed President Uhuru Kenyatta, prepared to fly to Mozambique on a state visit.


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Immigration News

VIDEO: I haven’t had sex for over 5 years, says Robert Burale as Kenyans react



Robert Burale is in a self induced dry-spell. The celebrity pastor has been living a celibate lifestyle for the past five  years.

According to Burale, he has not had sex or intimate contact with a woman since August 18th 2013 when his former wife and him went their separate ways.

The image consultant married Alex Mwakideu’s sister Rozinah Mwakideu in 2012 but their marriage crumbled after only one year and two days.

Tips for celibacy

Burale opened up on why he has been able to abstain from sexual activity for five years during an interview with Massawe Japanni on radio Jambo.

He admitted that he gets advances from women but he has to honor himself on how to react on the advances. He further says that he avoids situations that could make him fall into the temptation of eating the forbidden fruit.

“I am saying this live on TV because no woman can come and say she had sex with me, I haven’t had any bodily contact with a woman since August 18 2013 .Mine is like a presidential term,” said Burale in an earlier interview with Letstalk.

Burale said that he opted not to have sex and has avoided situations that could tempt him.

“The Bible says only a fool sits on fire and doesn’t expect his bosom to go on fire. What I do is that I don’t put myself in situations where I will get tempted.

“Because pastor you are, but this body is flesh and blood. If I invite a lady to the house, we watch a movie and I play some Kenny G music, eat some chicken, the next morning I will be doing bed gymnastics. The best thing is to avoid being in that situation.” He added.

Asked whether the ‘dry spell’ had almost got the better of him, Burale said that he walked the urges off and sat with his watchman.

“There is a time things got so bad, I went and sat with my watchman, he is a very boring man and he got my mind off sex.” Added the consultant.

Robert Burale is a pastor and motivational speaker. He got married in 2012 but divorced his wife a year and a half later.


Robert Burale’s ex -wife Rozinah Mwakideu FILE PHOTO

By the Grace of God, I have managed to abstain. Only a fool sits on fire and expects not their bum to get burned. You avoid situations that will take you that way. People and even pastors out there said that I was lying. I hide under God because I am not an old man and I don’t look bad,” said Burale.

Some Kenyans were not amused though.

KaniniAggie wrote: Mambo mengine si ya kuambia watu. Inatusaidia na nini?

Johnnue said: Why is this relevant?

Manujojo said: Weee, hiyo ni mika mingi sana. I wish I could do it.

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BREAKING: Canadian Parliament announces immediate plans to welcome over 1M immigrants



This is not fake news.  Don’t let Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies dampen your mood. Remember when you said you wanted to move to Canada? Now is a good time to start packing your bags. This is the year to do it.

CNN is reporting that the Canadian Parliament has announced plans to add more than one million new permanent residents in the next three years. That’s nearly one percent of the country’s population each year.
Canada welcomed more than 286,000 permanent residents in 2017 and projects that number could reach 350,000 this year.
And 360,000 in 2020.
And 370,000 in 2021.
That’s a lot of immigrants, eh?
Hussen, himself an immigrant from Somalia, said the influx will help offset Canada’s aging population and declining birth rate while growing its labor force.

The report includes an immigration plan for 2019 to 2021, which targets to admit about 330,800 immigrants in 2019; 341,000 in 2020; and 350,000 in 2021.

“Under this plan, Canada will welcome more talented workers with the skills and expertise our economy needs, reunite more family members and accommodate more refugees looking to start new lives,” the report says.

Immigration accounted for 80 percent of Canadian population growth between 2017 and 2018, according to the report, and about one in five Canadians are immigrants.

Trump’s Defining Moment for the Wall

Hussen, who immigrated to Canada from Somalia in the 1990s, noted in his message that immigrants entering Canada’s labor force will help offset the country’s new challenges of “an aging population and declining birth rate.”

The number of forcibly displaced people reached 68.5 million as of 2017, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency. Canada’s welcoming attitude toward immigrants, especially refugees in need of resettlement, comes as other countries – including the United States – are enforcing a tougher stance.

Canada’s friendly stance towards new residents comes as many other Western nations, including the United States, are adopting more restrictive immigration policies.

Fiery Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna is also a Canadian Citizen. File Photo.

According to CNN, Canada is especially dedicated to offering protection to refugees. The United Nations Refugee Agency reported unprecedented levels of refugees in 2017, with the number of forcibly displaced people reaching 68.5 million.
IRCC has pledged $5.6 million to support global resettlement initiatives.

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Intrigue of Kenyan woman who “couldn’t explain how she acquired British Passport”



Was the woman arrested by immigration officers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport the owner of the travel documents she intended to use to fly to Britain?

This is the predicament in which Ms Keziah Syombua has found herself.


According to her lawyers, Mr Evans Ogada and Mr Kieme Gicheru, Ms Syombua wanted to travel to Britain after visiting friends in Kenya. Her mother, Ms Susan Mtamliza, a Rwandan, had relocated to Britain after their Kenyan father died when they were young.

But the immigration officers claimed that on interrogation, she could not explain how she acquired the British passport.


“I interviewed the lady and when asked how old she was, she could not remember, and when asked how she came to Kenya, she could not remember,” reads a statement from the immigration office.

She was charged with having a passport issued to another person, contrary to the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act (KCIA).

The prosecution claims that on July 26, at JKIA, Ms Syombua, a Kenyan, was found with a British passport issued to one Keziah Syombua as she was about to leave for London aboard Kenya Airways flight KQ 100, using the said passport.


Ms Syombua has been in and out of Langata Women’s Prison, Nairobi, following cancellation and reinstatement of her bail. On October 15 last year, the court once again reinstated her bail, and she is currently free. She is being tried on allegations of being an imposter.

However, her lawyers have a different account and accuse the immigration officers of violating her rights by arresting her when they know she also had documents showing she was mentally sick.


In clarifying why she was unable to explain herself to the immigration officers, lawyer Ogada, in court papers, says: “The accused, Keziah Syombua, suffers from mental health problems that affect her communication and memory.”

Her case had been made worse when the British High Commission in Nairobi, in response to an inquiry by the Immigration Department, wrote on July 30, saying that on the basis of the photographs, the person is an imposter.


The High Commission also requested that the passport be returned to it once the investigations were completed.

Interestingly, another inquiry made by lawyers Ogada and Gicheru, with the assistance of Ms Syombua’s mother, who lives in Milton Keynes, UK, had a different result.


Upon writing a letter to the passport issuing authority in the UK on August 31, Her Majesty Passport Office has duly confirmed that the passport was issued to one Keziah Syombua.

Given that the two inquiries got different results regarding the identity of a British national, lawyer Ogada argues, establishing the authenticity of identity, which is both factual and legal, can be done only in a British court.

“A Kenyan court cannot sit in determination of the identity of the passport holder absent of a valid warrant issued by British authorities,” he says in court papers.


Further, he says Ms Syombua suffers from demonstrable mental health problems and is in need of specialised medical care, which attention she solely lacks in Kenya and the said medical care she obtains from her regular and dedicated doctor.

“The attention is not available to Ms Syombua due to her inability to travel back home. She also stands to fall behind with her studies at the London Metropolitan University, where she is a continuing student,” said Mr Ogada.


But Immigration Prosecutor Isaac Mwashighadi maintains that the case involves a Kenyan who had attempted to leave the country using another person’s passport.

“She had presented to Immigration Officers at the JKIA a British passport bearing the names Keziah Syombua as her own passport in order to be cleared to depart aboard Kenya Airways Flight KQ 100. The immigration officers realised that the British passport did not belong to her,” Mr Mwashighadi states in court papers.


He adds that the documents confirming the accused’s psychological illness should have been served and presented during plea taking, not after the plea had been taken.

“The prosecution shall categorically consider a comprehensive mental status assessment report from an accredited public health facility and by a competent psychiatrist, not mere handwritten prescriptions and consultation notes from unrecognised physician clinics,” Mr Mwashighadi says.


Most of the issues raised by Ms Syombua’s lawyers can only be handled after the witnesses have testified and evidence produced during prosecution. This includes the jurisdiction of the Kenyan court to handle the matter, and arresting her without an arrest warrant.

The KCIA empowers immigration officers to arrest and search suspects without a warrant. The offence in question was committed on Kenyan soil, therefore, any gazetted Kenyan court has the power, jurisdiction and capability to handle all criminal matters, unless the court recuses itself on very compelling and factual grounds.


“The honourable court handling this matter is actually over-competent and capable of handling this matter at any level, considering the offence was committed on Kenyan soil,” says Mr Mwashighadi. All genuine verification reports from high commissions and embassies based in Kenya are admissible in court without verification from the issuing country.

The prosecution has further stated that the issues raised by the accused’s lawyers address the plight of a genuine British passport holder, yet this particular matter involves a Kenyan.

The case will be heard on November 6.

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