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Body of Kenyan man still in N. Carolina mortuary close to 3 months after his death



The body of Justin Kitogho Mwashigdadi (whose picture appears above), a scientist and a graduate of West Virginia Univesity,  who passed away on Sunday March 11th 2018 at Vidant Hospital in Greenville NC,  has been lying at a funeral home in the heartland of East North Carolina since then. The reason is that his family is not able to bury him here nor repatriate the body for burial in Taita Taveta County.
Justin was a resident of North Carolina for 12 years. He got ill 5 years ago after suffering a stroke and it was then he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was then treated and was put on disability because he could not work anymore.

He lived with a fiancé, Maurine O Dell, for 12 years and when he fell sick , she took care of him till his death. Sometime in early March, Maurine was called while at work and told that Justin had been found on the floor.
She advised the caller to call 911. So Justin was taken to Dublin General hospital where he was diagnosed with bleeding in the brain. Six hour later he was flown to Greenville hospital and died a week later.
According to Maurine, all this information was passed to the family back in Mombasa, who at one point were asked to give consent to disconnect the life-saving machine. Now the family tried to get help from the Kenya embassy in Washington DC and they were referred to the ministry for foreign affairs who in return said they could not help.
Justin doesn’t seem to have been in any contact with Kenyans in USA and doesn’t seem  to have  had any relatives in USA, according to Maureen, who  lived with him for 12 years till his death.
This matter was brought to our attention by someone who posted the information in a Kenyan community WhatsApp group as well as from a video clip of Kenyan tv news item lamenting the lack of unity among the Kenyan diaspora in USA. Since then we have contacted the funeral home and the family at home and confirmed the details.
Simon Mwashigdadi, a son to the deceased told me he contacted  the Kenyan embassy in Washington DC as soon as the father died and he was referred to the ministry of foreign affairs who also said they could not help to bring the body home but could help with the paperwork if need be.
Knowing that help will never come from the government of Kenya, we have formed a committee to steer the fundraising & funeral plans here in Raleigh North Carolina chaired by myself,  with   John Mwawana as secretary and Solomon Molla as the treasurer.
We are encouraging others to join in so as to complete this task and are calling upon all Kenyans of goodwill wherever they are to help us with resources.  Little by little, we can do it and it’ll not be aa big a burden. However, if left to only a few, they might not even be able to bury him here in the US.
So we plan to repatriate the remains for burial in Taita Taveta in accordance to his family’s wish. We need at least $ 13,000 to do this and also enable his fiancé of 12 years to travel to Kenya and give the family the account of his life in the US.
Please direct your contributions to
My condolences to the family. May Justin Rest In Peace.
At your service
Capt George Njue
For concerns contact:-
Capt. Njue 919 612 5893
John Mwawana 919 209 8242
Solomon Molla 919  345 4073
Elvis Kirando 254 716 701 404
Simon Mwashigdadi 254 20 73311855

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In an exclusive interview with Kenya Satellite News Network Thursday, Pastor Serah Ndirangu said she is ready to get married to the man and “those casting doubts on the event are mere detractors whose opinions don’t really matter.”

She said she is well aware of what happened between the previous fiancée  and the Reverend and added that the upcoming pre-wedding was her own idea.

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Our  pre-wedding will take place on November 10th “come rain, come shine,” she added.

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However, some people, mostly Kenyans, were skeptical:

Here are some of the comments:

Bryan Dubb wrote on Facebook: 

Waaaaar my Kenyanese people. Is this what we doing now? Same Reverend, two women, different cities, one in May and another in Nov same year for a pre-wedding? C’mon son 😏

***another pre wedding in Mass**

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Esther WaKang’ara:  I imagine there are people who contributed to all his mchangoz…the f**kery 🙄🙄. Throw it all away!!!


Brenda Momanyi They all know about each that have a mission to chop y’all hard earned money small small #issascam #dontdallforit

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Nikki Wangari I’m done with my kenyanese people🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
I’m not boarding that country🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🏃🏽‍♀️

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The Chinese man arrogantly stated that he doesn’t like Kenya because the people are black, poor and they smell. He however said that he still had to do business with Kenyans because he wanted their money.

Richard Ochieng, who recorded the Chinese man hurl racist slur, has come out to narrate his experience working for the racist man during an interview with New York Times.

Richard Ochieng

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Ochieng also reveals that when he took the job as a salesman at the Chinese motorbike company he was paid a fraction of what he was initially offered.

He also says that his salary was subject to deduction for a long list of infractions, including zero laughter policy at work.

Each minute of lateness — sometimes unavoidable given Nairobi’s notorious traffic — came with a steep fine. An employee who was 15 minutes late might be docked five or six hours’ pay,” said Ochieng.

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