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Body of Kenyan man still in N. Carolina mortuary close to 3 months after his death



The body of Justin Kitogho Mwashigdadi (whose picture appears above), a scientist and a graduate of West Virginia Univesity,  who passed away on Sunday March 11th 2018 at Vidant Hospital in Greenville NC,  has been lying at a funeral home in the heartland of East North Carolina since then. The reason is that his family is not able to bury him here nor repatriate the body for burial in Taita Taveta County.
Justin was a resident of North Carolina for 12 years. He got ill 5 years ago after suffering a stroke and it was then he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was then treated and was put on disability because he could not work anymore.

He lived with a fiancé, Maurine O Dell, for 12 years and when he fell sick , she took care of him till his death. Sometime in early March, Maurine was called while at work and told that Justin had been found on the floor.
She advised the caller to call 911. So Justin was taken to Dublin General hospital where he was diagnosed with bleeding in the brain. Six hour later he was flown to Greenville hospital and died a week later.
According to Maurine, all this information was passed to the family back in Mombasa, who at one point were asked to give consent to disconnect the life-saving machine. Now the family tried to get help from the Kenya embassy in Washington DC and they were referred to the ministry for foreign affairs who in return said they could not help.
Justin doesn’t seem to have been in any contact with Kenyans in USA and doesn’t seem  to have  had any relatives in USA, according to Maureen, who  lived with him for 12 years till his death.
This matter was brought to our attention by someone who posted the information in a Kenyan community WhatsApp group as well as from a video clip of Kenyan tv news item lamenting the lack of unity among the Kenyan diaspora in USA. Since then we have contacted the funeral home and the family at home and confirmed the details.
Simon Mwashigdadi, a son to the deceased told me he contacted  the Kenyan embassy in Washington DC as soon as the father died and he was referred to the ministry of foreign affairs who also said they could not help to bring the body home but could help with the paperwork if need be.
Knowing that help will never come from the government of Kenya, we have formed a committee to steer the fundraising & funeral plans here in Raleigh North Carolina chaired by myself,  with   John Mwawana as secretary and Solomon Molla as the treasurer.
We are encouraging others to join in so as to complete this task and are calling upon all Kenyans of goodwill wherever they are to help us with resources.  Little by little, we can do it and it’ll not be aa big a burden. However, if left to only a few, they might not even be able to bury him here in the US.
So we plan to repatriate the remains for burial in Taita Taveta in accordance to his family’s wish. We need at least $ 13,000 to do this and also enable his fiancé of 12 years to travel to Kenya and give the family the account of his life in the US.
Please direct your contributions to
My condolences to the family. May Justin Rest In Peace.
At your service
Capt George Njue
For concerns contact:-
Capt. Njue 919 612 5893
John Mwawana 919 209 8242
Solomon Molla 919  345 4073
Elvis Kirando 254 716 701 404
Simon Mwashigdadi 254 20 73311855

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VIDEO: Mystery as Kenyan woman found dead in a car on the highway with rope around her neck



After reports Sunday morning of a car stopped on the left side of southbound Loop 101 in Phoenix, Arizona, a Kenyan woman was found unresponsive in the car with a rope around her neck and later pronounced dead, the Department of Public Safety said.

The woman was identified as 29-year-old Stella W. Kiarie. She was an employee of the Arizona Department of Health Services where she worked with refugees.

Officials said Monday that after seeing there was a car seat in the woman’s car, detectives went to her house because they were concerned about the whereabouts of the child. Detectives found a 1-year-old baby boy alone at the house.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety responded and took over care for the child.

DHS also released a statement Monday confirming Kiarie’s death:

All of Stella’s colleagues at Arizona Department of Health Services were saddened by this news and this devastating loss. Stella was a kind, compassionate and important member of this team. Our deepest condolences are with her family and friends at this difficult time.

DPS says the HOV and two other lanes were closed four hours as the scene was under investigation.

No other details were released about the woman’s death. It is uncertain if it is being investigated as a suicide or homicide.

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The incident remains under investigation.

101 and Bell Rd

Upon arrival, troopers found a white vehicle crashed against the concrete median wall. The car had some damage to its passenger side.

Troopers determined that it had been traveling southbound on the highway when it crashed.

They then entered the car through an unlocked door and found an unconscious female in the driver’s seat, later determined to be Kiarie.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kiarie was found with injuries that “were not consistent” with the minor crash with the median wall.

The Associated Press reported Sunday that troopers at the scene reported finding the woman “with a rope around her neck.”

A child safety seat was found in the vehicle, so detectives went to Kiarie’s home and found a 1-year-old boy by himself. He was taken into custody by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.


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PHOTOS/VIDEO: Atlanta based Kenyan woman in dire need of help




I am reaching out to all of you because I urgently need your help. In the many years we’ve not seen each other the Rheumatoid Arthritis has taken over and deformed most of my joints. I have put up this video to explain what help I need and why. Please watch to the end.

Here’s the brief part that sounds off in the beginning: “My name is Christine Ciru Gikanga and l have have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for 29 yrs going to clock 30 yrs in September 2018, having been diagnosed back in 1988 while in my 2nd yr in high school. Here is the GOFUNDME LINK

Watch the video below:

Attached are the pictures showing the progression of the disease: 1st picture was taken in 1999:


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US warns Kenyans over fake marriages, says they won’t be allowed to fly out



The US embassy in Nairobi on Monday issued a warning to Kenyans getting duped into fake marriages to acquire a visa.

Through their official social media pages, the embassy advised caution in the event somebody offers to get you a green card using dubious means.

“Has anyone ever told you they can get a green card for you? Don’t believe them! They are lying and just trying to steal your money. Don’t believe them when they say you can have a fake marriage and still get your green card.

“If you apply with a fake marriage, you will get caught and you will not get your green card. You will become permanently ineligible to ever go to the United States, and you will never be able to get a U.S. visa or a green card,” the embassy warned.

Visa denied FILE/PHOTO

Kenyans were further urged to apply for a visa or the green card lottery by themselves.

The statement conveyed: “You don’t need to use a fixer to apply for the diversity visa or green card lottery. You can do it yourself and pay the required fee.”

The embassy stated that one should only apply through the Embassy’s official website.

“If you know about anyone promising they can get a green card for you if you enter into a fake marriage, go to the police and report them. You should also report them to the U.S. Embassy,” the statement concluded.

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Earlier last week, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec announced that the United States government was gearing up to fight fake news in Kenya adding that it had eroded confidence in Kenya’s real news media.

Speaking during an interview, Godec stated: “Fake news is being weaponized. It’s undermining democracy in Kenya.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta with US Secretary of Transport Anthony Foxx (C) and Ambassador Robert Godec when he led a US business delegation to State House, Nairobi on June 25, 2015. PHOTO | PSCU

He further remarked: “We’re not asking them to believe any particular thing. We’re just urging people not to take everything they see on their phone via WhatsApp as the truth because it may not be.”



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