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VIDEO: Uhuru posts 13 new ambassadors to different countries



President Uhuru Kenyatta today urged 13 newly appointed envoys to promote friendly, broad and solid partnerships with all the countries they have been accredited to.

He told the new ambassadors and High Commissioners to go beyond the routine diplomatic relations and seek greater opportunities that create jobs and training opportunities for the youth and greater markets for value-added agricultural commodities from Kenya.

President Kenyatta told the new diplomats to leverage on their knowledge and understanding of our country to promote the Big Four agenda that focuses on manufacturing, universal healthcare, affordable housing and food security.

The Head of State spoke at State House, Nairobi where he hosted the new envoys to a luncheon before bidding them farewell to their new stations.

“I expect a great deal from you to achieve our agenda. We expect much more than the routine diplomatic relations. I expect results that are better,” the President told the new ambassadors.

He added: ‘You are the voice of our country through engagements that promote good partnerships in trade, investment and the blue economy,”

The President told the new ambassador-designate to Belgium Prof, Jacob Kaimenyi to ensure Kenya retains the big market it enjoys within the European Union.

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Watch Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma:

Turning to Cuba whose 100 specialist doctors have already arrived in the country, the President told ambassador-designate Anthony Muchiri to continue the ongoing partnership to enable training of more Kenyan doctors in the Island nation.

The President told the new envoys to Netherlands and France , Lawrence Lenayapa and Prof Judy Wakhungu respectively to seek greater partnerships with their respective countries of accreditation over the blue economy initiative and which Kenya will be host an international conference later in the year.

The President said France also remains Kenya’s great partner in the green Energy sector and told Prof. Wakhungu to pursue further partnerships with the same zeal she used to eradicate the menace on plastics when she served as Cabinet Secretary for Environment.

He told the new High Commissioner to New Delhi Willy Bett to use his huge knowledge and skills in Agriculture to open the Indian market for Kenya’s products, training for the youth and value addition for our agricultural commodities.

On her part, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Monica Juma noted that the new ambassadors had been taken through vetting and training and she was confident they would deliver on the objectives and pursue national interests expected of them.

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“We expect you to promote, project and protect Kenya’s national interest all the time. In your endeavor to build mutually beneficial ties and strategic partnerships, you are expected to preserve the dignity and honour of your homeland,” the CS told the diplomats.

The other High Commissioners were Kiema Kilonzo ( Uganda), Dr. Willy Machage (Nigeria) ,Mohammed Shidiye ( Botswana) and Dan Kazungu (Tanzania).

Former Health Cabinet Secretary Dr. Cleopa Mailu will represent Kenya at the UN-Geneva as a Permanent Representative, Dr.Hassan Wario at UN-Vienna as the ambassador designate and Richard Ekai as the new ambassador to Russia.

Ambassador Phyllis Kandie proceeds to Paris as Kenya’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO.

PCSU contributed to this story

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Immigration News

Revelations about gospel star Lady Bee’s pregnancy



Gospel singer Lady Bee has shared some intimate insights into her first pregnancy in a message to her fans and how she dealt with it.

Lady Bee has had a rough life. But she put that behind her, leaving the secular world and joined the Gospel fraternity. Since then she has chucked hit after hit, after hit.

Some of her beautiful soulful songs include melodies like Matunda, Nakiri and Kila Goti.

She has revealed how she dealt with her pregnancy when she found out she was expecting and how her mother reacted to the news.

“My Toto Yvonne ❤❤❤ When I see this beautiful soul waaaaa am telling you God is so faithful I can testify..I remember when I was told am pregnant wololoooo, I was hiding from my mum????afraid of her because waaa my mum was???? I was so confused, even in my estate I was an outcast, not allowed to be with other girls of my age because nilikua nimejua mengi sana???? so you can imagine how lonely I was ???? But see what the LORD has done…” Lady Bee said.

Lady Bee continued,

“You might be having a situation that seems so embarrassing to you but let me tell you, you will rejoice at the end, you will rejoice and give God all the glory???? If today am the one proudly unashamed talking and sharing about My Toto Ooh Halleluyaaah Let God be God..The dad passed on when she was only 5 years but God has been so faithful till this moment I am a proud mother and in love with my God-given gift…Hold on to God He can never leave you, He will never let you down, He will never let you die in that situation you’ll come out more than a conqueror ???????????? He will make a way for you.” 

Here’s a photo of her stunning daughter.

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VIDEO: How threats to dial 911 have tamed the Kenyan man in the US



Many Kenyan men living with their wives or girlfriends in the US have had to adjust their temperaments mainly because, unlike back in Kenya where domestic violence is hardly taken seriously, in the “land of the free,” it can easily land one’s as* in jail – and, in most cases, for a long period of time.

When the police come to your house on a domestic violence call, it is typical that someone involved in the situation will be taken out of the house.

If the police are called for a domestic violence situation, they will have an obligation to investigate the situation.

If an adult is arrested and charged with domestic violence, they may also be prohibited from returning to the scene of the arrest.

Besides domestic violence charges, one may also be charged with disorderly conduct, which is basically disturbing the peace in your own house.

From the minute the police become involved in a domestic violence situation, that case is put in the legal system and it becomes a case of the State vs. the charged. The State has the right to continue to move forward with a case, even against the wishes of the victim.

With this in mind, some men who used to frequently start physical altercations at the slightest provocation back in Kenya now find themselves behaving like simba aliyenyeshewa. On the other hand, this has emboldened the Kenyan women to a point that many of them taunt and openly disrespect their husbands without any fear of the repercussions.

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Watch this dramatization because funny as it may appear, it indeed is representative of very common scenes across the United States:


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BREAKING: Trump announces postponement of ICE raids for two weeks




US President Donald Trump has announced a two week delay of the planned weekend federal immigration raids.

Trump said Saturday that he was delaying the raids – which were meant to target several US cities – to see if Congress can “work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border.”

Through a tweet, the President said he was taking the action at the request of Democrats.

“If no compromise with Republicans is reached within two weeks then Deportations start!” he tweeted.

Several U.S. cities, including Atlanta and Miami were preparing for raids beginning Sunday morning following Mr. Trump’s  surprise announcement on the eve of his 2020 re-election campaign kick-off in Orlando Florida.

CNN quoted analysts as saying that the announcement about the impending raids had shaken many immigrant families.

President Donald Trump. FILE PHOTO

On Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) applauded the delay via Twitter but noted that she didn’t feel bound by his timetable.

Earlier Saturday, Trump had defended the raids, tweeting: “The people that Ice (sic) will apprehend have already been ordered to be deported.”

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Among other cities meant to be targeted by the initial raid were Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore.


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