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FULL INTERVIEW: DP Ruto says Uhuru consulted him before “The Handshake” happened




Kenya’s deputy president William Samoei Arap Ruto has, for the first time, disclosed that President Uhuru Kenyatta consulted him before the famous “handshake” took place at the steps of Harambee House between the latter and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking to NTV in an exclusive interview from his Karen official home Sunday night, Ruto said contrary to utterances by Mr Odinga that he (Ruto) was not privy to the deliberations that led to the controversial move, the president had sought his deputy’s views on the matter.

“We had a conversation over the issue with the president,” he told NTV’s Mark Masai.

In a wide ranging prime time interview beame live by the TV station, Ruto also said that contrary to popular belief, corruption is not the number one enemy of the Kenyan people.

“The biggest threat to Kenya is  leadership that has no vision, that is incompetent, that has no plan,” he said.

The DP also reiterated his earlier statement that “no one owes me anything” in reference to political support from regional blocks come the 2022 presidential election.

He said compared to some Kenyans he know, he is not as wealthy as “some people would rather you believe.”

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Earlier on during the day, Mr Ruto had told church goers at all Saints Cathedral in Nairobi  his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2013 and 2017 elections was not a political debt that should be paid by Central Kenya when he runs for the top seat in 2022.

“There has been debate doing rounds on who owes who what… I want to remind leaders what Paul says in Romans 13:8; “Owe no man nothing except the debt of love for one another,” Mr Ruto said.

“That is the debt that all of us have, to love one another; no person, no community, no section of Kenya, owes anybody, including myself, anything.”

Watch the full interview below courtesy of NTV Kenya:



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15 Chinese arrested in South C ‘brothel’, Nairobi



Immigration Department says its officers have arrested 15 Chinese nationals for allegedly engaging in prostitution in Nairobi.

The suspects, who were allegedly found in a brothel, in South C estate were taken to Jomo Kenyatta Airport for processing and subsequent deportation.

Their arrest comes months after Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’s declared war on illegal immigrants and foreigners doing jobs that should be done by Kenyans.

Two weeks ago, Kenyan police raided the African headquarters of the China Global Television Network in Nairobi and briefly detaining several journalists.

The Chinese embassy in Nairobi has complained over police swoops that have seen its nationals with legal documents hauled into police stations for verification.

Daily Nation

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MS Cashy, Khaligraph’s ex-girlfriend is now a mother



Karimi Muriungi popularly known as Cashy has given birth. The female rapper was dating Khaligraph Jones before they broke up.

News about Cashy and Khaligraph’s breakup first surfaced in mid April this year. Khaligraph set the record straight saying that he was no longer dating Cashy whom he had been in a relationship with for five years.

Cashy give birth about a fortnight ago but she remained tight-lipped with the good news until last evening September 18th.

Cashy took to social media to jot down a sweet message to her newborn baby. She also expressed excitement for being a mother;

Cashy shows off her baby's feet

| MINE | ♡
“Looks like we made it, look how far we’ve come my baby 🎶”
Xo, you’re everything I hoped for.
You awoke a celestial kind of strength in me; and entire levels of pure love.
You made my soul brand new..then got me upgraded!
It was all completely worth it.
I’m so excited to have started a life with you,my perfect little hero.
Here’s to forever 🙂
Footprints all over my heart 👣 ♡

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DJ Stylez speaks a year after his sister’s death




DJ Stylez has spoken for the first time since the fanily lost their sister to a bathroom accident.

DJ Stylez said he s still going through a “naturally tough” time a year after losing his and Madtraxx’ sister, Dr Njeri Muigai.

Dr Muigai died after an accident in her home. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

Her mother found her lying on the floor and rushed her to hospital in Nairobi, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Unfortunately, the baby did not make it either.

He said they are trying to keep her work alive by helping people with mental issues, as she was a mental health specialist.

It’s tough, it’s naturally tough, she was my best friend

She was a doctor who was very big on mental health, psychology and psychiatry, and she had started initiatives to do with mental health. So what we are trying to do, and we have big shoes to fill, is see how to continue with that work.

He said mental health is a serious problem in Kenya, and Dr Muigai had started different initiatives to tackle it.

Stylez and family are trying to see how they can “plug into those initiatives” and continue her work.

I mean, it’s tough. There are some things you really don’t ever get over, but you learn to take a step at a time and we are thankful for that.

Dr Muigai worked with the Health ministry in Kiambu County

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