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FULL INTERVIEW: DP Ruto says Uhuru consulted him before “The Handshake” happened




Kenya’s deputy president William Samoei Arap Ruto has, for the first time, disclosed that President Uhuru Kenyatta consulted him before the famous “handshake” took place at the steps of Harambee House between the latter and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking to NTV in an exclusive interview from his Karen official home Sunday night, Ruto said contrary to utterances by Mr Odinga that he (Ruto) was not privy to the deliberations that led to the controversial move, the president had sought his deputy’s views on the matter.

“We had a conversation over the issue with the president,” he told NTV’s Mark Masai.

In a wide ranging prime time interview beame live by the TV station, Ruto also said that contrary to popular belief, corruption is not the number one enemy of the Kenyan people.

“The biggest threat to Kenya is  leadership that has no vision, that is incompetent, that has no plan,” he said.

The DP also reiterated his earlier statement that “no one owes me anything” in reference to political support from regional blocks come the 2022 presidential election.

He said compared to some Kenyans he know, he is not as wealthy as “some people would rather you believe.”

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Earlier on during the day, Mr Ruto had told church goers at all Saints Cathedral in Nairobi  his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2013 and 2017 elections was not a political debt that should be paid by Central Kenya when he runs for the top seat in 2022.

“There has been debate doing rounds on who owes who what… I want to remind leaders what Paul says in Romans 13:8; “Owe no man nothing except the debt of love for one another,” Mr Ruto said.

“That is the debt that all of us have, to love one another; no person, no community, no section of Kenya, owes anybody, including myself, anything.”

Watch the full interview below courtesy of NTV Kenya:



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Detectives on Friday arrested a man, who has been posing as an anti-drugs abuse campaigner, in Westlands in possession of 5kg of heroin  worth Sh15 million.

Mr Joseph Njau Ngendo was arrested while he was on his way back to Nairobi from Kampala, Uganda where he allegedly bought the drugs and hid them inside pawpaw fruits.

Mr Joseph Njau Ngendo seen carrying the consignment.

The police, in a statement, said that Mr Njau left Nairobi on Wednesday night and travelled in a MASH bus to the neighbouring country.

He then bought the drugs from a Nigerian who is based in Kampala.

According to Nairobi News In January the police said that he made two similar trips and trafficked the drugs into the country through the Malaba border.

“He does this to evade detection and it is believed that he hammered a deal with the Nigerian trafficker during the two times that he visited Kampala,” the police said in a statement.


But to his friends, Njau passes himself off as a man opposed to drugs abuse.

“Its (sp) classic for drug dealers to mask their drug dealing activities in legitimate business and charity work. When not dealing drugs Njau Ngendo works part time as an anti-drug abuse campaigner. He regularly visit schools and social gatherings to give talks against drug abuse,” the statement further read.

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On his Twitter account @josephngendo82, he has written the message: “Always frontline in campaigning for alcohol and drug free Kenya, transforming the lives of our young youths that’s my goal.”

He will be arraigned before JKIA law courts on Monday 25th February 2019 where he is expected to be charged with possession and trafficking in narcotic drugs.

Source: Nairobi News

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Murder suspect Kori released, goes shopping at Two Rivers Mall



Mr Joseph Kori, who has been in police custody for the last three weeks over the murder of his wife Mary Wambui, was on Thursday night released from Gigiri Police Station, Nairobi.

Yesterday, a source spotted Kori shopping at Two Rivers Mall. “He was wearing red shorts, a T-shirt and a Safari hat. He was in the company of a woman,” said the source.

Mr Kori’s family did not want to comment on his release when contacted. When the Saturday Nation contacted his father Mr John Maina, he said he was away and was not aware of any progress on the matter.

“I don’t have any information about the matter,”  Mr Maina told Saturday Nation

Ms Esther Kamangara, Ms Wambui’s sister, who has in the past been so open to the media said she has been instructed not to speak at all about the matter.

“I have been told not to speak to the media about anything to do with Kori. His family does not want anything to do with the media,” she said.

Source: Saturday Nation



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DANGEROUS: Pilot caught sleeping in the cockpit while flying 747 passenger jet [VIDEO]



A senior chief pilot “with nearly 20 years flying experience” has been filmed sleeping in the cockpit of his passenger jet.

The man was in the China Airlines 747 while his co-pilot recorded him snoozing on the job.The embarrassing video surfaced just days after the Chinese airlines pilots ended an unprecedented seven-day strike over issues such as pilot fatigue and long working hours.

Taiwan’s flag carrier, which has its headquarters in Taoyuan International Airport, has responded to the incident saying the clip was filmed before the most recent strikes took place.The video shows the highly experienced chief officer with his eyes closed and his head down as he sits in the main seat of the cockpit.

While he is yet to be named, he is reportedly the airline’s most senior Boeing 747 pilot, with 20 years of experience flying mainly Tokyo, Okinawa, Seoul and Hong Kong routes.The chief pilot is also said to be an instructor in charge of simulations at the China Airlines Flight Training Centre.

Facing accusations including ignoring flight safety procedures, the pilot is said to have “received adequate punishment”, a statement by China Airlines said.The airline added that the video was filmed prior to the February strikes which affected roughly 20,000 passengers booked on about 100 flights.China Airlines has also suggested the co-pilot who filmed and released the video may also be punished for choosing to record the clip instead of wake his senior officer up.

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