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Here are the new fees for receiving or sending money via Mpesa



It will now cost you more to transact on M-Pesa after Safaricom released new tariffs which have become effective as from Sunday, July 1.

This comes after the government proposed a two per cent increase on the excise duty charged on service providers.

“Pursuant to the Finance Bill, 2018 and the Provisional Collection of Taxes and Duties Act, we have made the following adjustments to our M-Pesa tariffs,” read the notice by Safaricom on Saturday Nation.

Withdrawal of amount between Sh501 and Sh2,500 from an M-Pesa agent will now cost Sh28 up from Sh27 while withdrawing Sh2,501 and Sh3,500 which was previously Sh49 will now cost Sh50.


The same Sh1 increase also applies to withdrawals between Sh3,501 and Sh5,000 which will now cost Sh67.

Further, withdrawing between Sh5,001 and Sh7,500 and Sh7, 501 and Sh10,000 will now cost Sh2 more up from Sh82 and Sh110 to Sh84 and Sh112 respectively.

A Sh3 increase has been slapped on transactions between Sh10,001 and Sh15,000 which will now stand at Sh162. Sh4 increase applies on withdrawals between Sh15,001 and Sh20, 000 up from Sh176 to Sh180.

At the same time, Safaricom has joined three bands into one which will now be between Sh20,001 and Sh35,000 and which will now cost Sh191 in withdrawal charges up from Sh187.

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However, those withdrawing huge amounts of money will be relieved as a new band for withdrawals between Sh35,001 and Sh50,000 and will cost Sh270, a relief for users as it will now cost Sh5 less than before.

The last band of amounts between Sh50,001 and Sh70,000 will cost Sh300 to withdraw, down from Sh330.


The changes have also affected transfer to M-Pesa users with a Sh1 increase for the transfer of amounts between Sh101 and Sh5,000.

Meanwhile, Safaricom has limited the number of free transactions of below Sh100 to three in a day which, if exceeded, then M-Pesa users will pay Sh1 for amounts between Sh1 and Sh49 and Sh2 for amounts between Sh50 and Sh100.

The firm has also stated that customers will not be able to withdraw less than Sh50 from agents while the maximum daily transaction value that any user is allowed stands at Sh140,000 and the maximum amount per transaction is Sh70,000.

“You cannot deposit money directly into another M-Pesa customer`s account at an agent outlet,” read the notice.

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SHOCKING: PR officer collapses and dies right after press briefing-VIDEO



A Public Relations officer suddenly passed away while addressing a press conference on Tuesday evening.

Glory Mziray, who worked for the Tanzania Forestry Services (TFS) excused herself towards the end of her address saying she was feeling unwell.

According to journalists and government officials present at the event, Mziray started off her address speaking well but her condition deteriorated towards the end.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital where the doctors pronounce her dead.

“She started to become unconscious as she was taking questions from reporters and we were forced to take her out of the room so that she could get fresh air,” a reporter present at the press conference told The Citizen.

Source: SDE

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Uganda’s ruling party endorses Museveni for sixth term as President



Uganda’s ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) top organ has endorsed President Yoweri Museveni as its flag bearer in the upcoming presidential elections.

The decision gives Museveni a shot for a sixth consecutive five-year term in office. Should he win, Museveni will have an opportunity to rule for a record four decades.

Uganda’s next presidential and general elections are two years away.

NRM party members had at a recent retreat christened President Museveni the ‘theoretician and principal strategist of the movement’.

“To emphatically recommend to the membership of the Movement and its organs that Yoweri Museveni, our leader and General of the African resistance, continues leading the Movement in 2021 and beyond as we eliminate the bottlenecks ‘to transformation’, the members noted in resolution after the retreat,” the party announced.

Asked whether the party had given Museveni the nod,  NRM spokesman said; “Exactly. That is what it means. I can only say that there is no danger in doing that. There is no law breached. This matter can continue to be sold to other party members as we get closer to the National Delegates Conference in November, this year.”

Suspicision that Museveni would seek re-elections gained momentum when he strongly supported a contentious Constitutional Amendment Bill, now law, to remove 75 years as the upper threshold age beyond which a person would be ineligible to stand for President.

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The provision meant that Museveni, now 74 years old, would have been unable to contest.

Uganda Monitor

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Ugandan journalist kneels to interview President Museveni’s son



A Ugandan journalist had to go on his knees to secure an interview with the son of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

A photo of the journalist on his knees with a mic in hand while interviewing Lieutenant General Muhoozi Kainerugaba has elicited mixed reactions online.

The photo by the Daily Monitor captured Uganda Broadcasting Corporation’s Gyakenda Semakula in an unconventional poise while interviewing the Ugandan First Son who is seated next to wife at a public function.

The incident happened at an event where Muhoozi and 65 other officers of the Ugandan Army, who were recently promoted, got decorated.

After the ceremony, Muhoozi – who has been mentioned as a possible successor to his father – officially became a Lieutenant General.

Source: Daily Monitor and Nairobi News

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