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Five reasons why Jacque Maribe was arrested



TV anchor Jacque Maribe was yesterday arrested and detained at Gigiri Police Stataion in relation to the gruesome murder of Monica Nyawira Kimani last week.

With the prime suspect in being her fiancé Joseph Irungu, Maribe is likely to be charged with being an accessory to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

With Maribe currently behind bars, here are some of the events leading up to her arrest:

Conflicting statements

On the night of September 20, Irungu had told police he had picked Maribe from a club in Kilimani and driven to their house in Royal Park estate, Langata.

Irungu told police they arrived in the estate at about 1.30am when he spotted three men standing outside and after taking Maribe into the house, he went back to the gate to check what was happening and that is when he claims to have been shot.

Maribe told police she was drunk and drove him to Nairobi West Hospital where he was attended to and sent home. The two also told police they went to Nairobi West Hospital and Lang’ata Hospital the same night seeking treatment for the gunshot wound.

Later, one of their lawyers told a court that the couple also went to Kijabe Mission Hospital.

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Live bullet

Earlier in the week when detectives visited Maribe’s house, the team recovered a live bullet from under the bed, but not a pistol.

They said they had been informed that Irungu has been using at most shooting ranges in the city. Irungu, according to the police, has been claiming to be a licensed firearm holder but that is not the case.

Burned clothing

Investigators found burned clothes behind Maribe’s house which they took for forensic analysis to determine whether they are the ones Irungu wore on the day of Monica’s murder.

However, the white robe Irungu was wearing when he visited Monica is yet to be found.

Tokeo la picha la Jowie

Gun discovery

Detectives found a gun they believe was used by Irungu in a house neighbouring Maribe’s.

The firearm was found in the possession of one Brian Kasaine in an estate in Lang’ata and was taken for ballistic tests to determine whether it matched the bullet found under the journalist’s bed.

Maribe subsequently denied knowledge of how the live bullet ended up under her bed.

Should the ballistic tests confirm the pistol found yesterday matches the bullet, she will be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

If convicted, Maribe faces not less than seven years and not more than 15 years in jail.

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Monica’s handbag

Unconfirmed reports indicate that a handbag believed to Monica’s was found in Maribe’s house.


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Mbuvi, shared the photo on social media with the drug but it’s not clear if she was taking them.

Mixed emotions

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Eko Dydda’s troubled marriage



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The rapper however denied the claims by posting a video of himself, his wife and their two sons with the caption:

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He would later do an interview with Edaily where he once again dismissed the rumours.

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But from his wife’s latest claims, it is clear that their marriage is now on the rocks over claims of infidelity.


In a recent post, Ayugi accused her husband of cheating on her with a friend, stating that she is not going to remain silent anymore.

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When contacted, Eko Dydda said he wasn’t going to comment on any story that isn’t positive.


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