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CONFIRMED: Now Governor Okoth Obado to be charged with Sharon’s murder



Migori Governor Okoth Obado will be charged  with the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno, his lawyer Cliff Ombeta  has confirmed. Obado was on Friday detained for two days after being grilled at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nairobi. “Something had to give in,” the lawyer told reporters, blaming the Director of Criminal Investigations and the Director  of Public Prosecutions of giving in to public pressure.

He said Sharon was murdered viciously and the governor couldn’t have done it considering they were lovers. The police have linked Obado to the murder of  the seven-month-pregnant  Rongo University medical statistics student after DNA analysis revealed he was the father of the unborn baby. The foetus died  after the mother was stabbed in the abdomen with the blow tearing through it.

On September 11, 2018, Governor Obado alongside his personal assistant Michael Oyamo and journalist Barrack Oduor were questioned by the DCI detectives for the first time since Sharon’s brutal murder. Obado joins five other suspects including his personal assistant Oyamo, bodyguard Elvis Omondi and a clerk in the county Caspal Obiero who are in police custody over the brutal murder and abduction of Barrack Oduor.

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Waiguru calls out Kirinyaga MCAs for slashing budget to settle political differences



Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has called out Kirinyaga MCAs for slashing the budget presented before them for approval to settle political scores.

The MCAs slashed Waiguru’s legal fee budget from Sh60 million to Sh1 million.

Further, they slashed money allocated to the office of the county secretary from a staggering Sh111 million to a paltry Sh1 million.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, June 1, Waiguru said the MCAs disregarded the law governing the allocation of budget to the county executive and county assembly as enshrined in the County Allocation of Revenue Act (CARA).

“The estimates for the County Executive and the County Assembly are covered by the ceilings which are contained in the County Allocation of Revenue Act (CARA) and therefore, these amounts are ring-fenced by the act and cannot be amended in the budget estimates,” she said.

Waiguru further argued the MCAs had no powers to arbitrary amend the budget by slashing some allocations to unacceptable levels as guided by CARA.

The governor lamented that besides failing to approve the budget on time and slashing money allocated to the executive, the assembly awarded itself the highest amount, totalling to Sh569 million.

The amount, according to Waiguru, was Sh200 million in excess of what is envisaged by the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) of 2012.

She called out the ward reps for playing politics at the expense of addressing issues affecting residents of Kirinyaga county.

“The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) 2012 limits the expenditures by the County Assembly to lower than twice the amount of personal emoluments or 7% of total revenues of the county government,” argued Waiguru.

The MCAs also awarded the office of the deputy governor Sh15.6 million from up from zero allocation in the proposed budget of Sh5.5 billion.

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Shock of dead children in car at police station



The bodies of two children reported missing 10 days ago were on Tuesday recovered from the boot of a car parked at a Machakos police station where they had been reported as missing.

The girl and the boy both aged four years went missing from their KMC Estate on June 11 while playing outside their house.

Officers in Athi-River Police Station where the matter was reported on the same day have been searching for the children.

The parents have also been conducting a search, including visiting hospitals and mortuaries until Tuesday afternoon when fresh clues emerged right under the nose of the police.

A Nairobi salesman who had gone to the station on Tuesday to pick his detained car informed the officers that there was foul smell from the boot of his Toyota Belta.

The vehicle had been lying at the station for over three months after it was involved in an accident on Mombasa Road on March 4.

It is after he opened the boot of his car that he noted the strange ‘cargo’ covered in a black paper bag.

The officers then opened the bag and found the two bodies.

“When the owner came to pick the car, he realised that there was a strange cargo in the boot of the car, which was wrapped in a black paper bag,” said an investigating officer familiar with the matter.

Yesterday, government pathologists were called to the scene to help DCI with the investigations.

Investigators from the DCI Homicide Unit based at the DCI headquarters yesterday took over the investigations.

Parents of the children were also summoned to the police station to confirm that the bodies were those of their loved ones, Alvina Mutheu and Henry Jacktone.

Mutheu and Jacktone, who have been described as ‘best friends’, also happen to have been in the same school and sat next to each other in class. They were both the first born in their families.

No blood stains

The pathologists and DCI officers could not immediately establish whether there were any visible injuries on the bodies.

There was also no blood stains either on the minors’ clothes or in the vehicle.

Investigators said the bodies were decomposing and could have been inside the car for well over a week.

Strangely no one at the police station had complained of foul smell at the busy parking yard. Traffic police use the yard to park vehicles that have been detained or those involved in accidents.

Civilians and police officers also use the same grounds to park their vehicles. A traffic police officer, who on May 1 was tasked to move the vehicle from where it was initially parked, has since recorded statements with the DCI.

In his statement, the officer said there was no foul smell from the vehicle when he moved it to create more spare for other vehicles.

He said the boot of the car and all the doors were firmly locked. What has baffled the investigators is how the two children may have ended up in the boot of the car, which was already in hands of the police at the time they were reported missing.


How did the killer access the vehicle inside the police station and what was their motive?

These are some of the critical questions that the investigations team will be seeking to answer in the next one week when they are expected to present a preliminary report to DCI boss George Kinoti.

An investigator yesterday told The Standard the police were following two theories that will help them solve the murder mystery.

First is the possibility that the children could have been killed and their bodies sneaked into the car inside the police station. They will also be looking into the possibility that the minors could have strayed from their homes into the police station and while playing at the yard, locked themselves in the vehicle where they suffocated.

Some investigators have, however, said the second line of argument is weak and should be dropped. The police station is about two kilometres from the estate where the children are reported to have gone missing.


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It wasn’t COVID-19: MP Jude Jomo claims tests on late mother were wrong



It has now emerged that the mother of Kiambu MP Jude Jomo did not die from coronavirus as had been claimed.

Jomo said Margaret Njomo who passed away early in June, got inaccurate COVID-19 diagnosis which led to her hurried burial at the night.

The late Margaret fell ill on June 8 and was rushed to a Nairobi hospital where he passed. Photo: Jude Jomo.
Source: Facebook

Speaking in the National Assembly when he demanded explanation from the House Health Committee, the MP said the government notified the family that the mother had tested positive for the virus.

“I tried to beg for more time but in line with the law, we received a call at 3pm we buried her by 8pm, for the 82 years she had lived we felt that we did not give her the dignity,” the MP explained.

Jude Njomo

It wasn’t COVID-19: MP Jude Jomo claims tests on late mother were wrong
Source: Facebook

The lawmaker told the House his mother fell ill on June 8, and was rushed to The Mater Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

However, the government had instructed the late mother be buried withing the stipulated period as she had apparently been sick with coronavirus.

He explained tests done at the Lancet Labs on behalf of The Mater Hospital showed the late was positive.

The family then ordered two other tests at the National Influenza Centre and the Nairobi Hospital both of which returned negative verdicts.

“I asked myself how many Kenyans have gotten wrong results, how many other Kenyans go through quarantine because of a wrong outcome, how many labs are careless, there are many Kenyans who are voiceless and let me the voice for those who have been offended by the careless laboratories, I wrote to KMPDB to inquire what is the problem of Lancet?”the MP asked.

The Mater Hospital boss Dominic Mwenje told the Sabina Chege-led committee that neither did the institution reach out to Lancet nor follow up on the contentious results.

“I believe that we didn’t contact Lancet about the negative result, being a national credited lab used by many hospitals and institutions, when the two returned negative results we did not follow up on this case,” Mwenje said.

Sabina said her team will summon the Lancet management to shed more light on the discrepancies.


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