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Police arrest TV anchor Jacque Maribe’s fiancé in connection with Kilimani murder



Detectives have arrested the fiancé of a top TV anchor over the murder of a woman whose lifeless body was found in a bathtub in her house in Kilimani last Thursday.

The suspect Joseph Kuria Irungu, alias Joe Jowi, is believed to be one of the men who tied and killed 29 year-old Monica Nyawira Kimani on Thursday in her apartment in Kilimani Estate.

Her throat had been slit.

Mr Irungu got engaged to TV anchor  Jacque Maribe in July at a colourful ceremony that was streamed live on Instagram.


Police have also questioned Jacque Maribe after she admitted she had taken him to hospital on Friday with a gunshot wound.

According to the police, the suspect reported to Langata Police Station that he was shot by unknown people after he had dropped the journalist on Friday morning at Royal Park Estate.

A source privy to the investigation of the murder of Monica say that the suspect’s mobile phone was traced to Luciane Apartments, on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt Road, the house where she was found dumped in a bathtub and with the water still running.

Police sources say an analysis of Irungu’s mobile phone data shows that he communicated with the deceased, arranged and her picked from the airport and drove her to her house at Kilimani estate.

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A neighbour told detectives that he saw a man dressed in a kanzu leave the deceased’s house on the night she died. The neighbor positively identified him at a police parade on Tuesday morning.

Coincidentally, the deceased was scheduled to travel to Dubai were the suspect works as a security guard for vacation on the day her body was found in the apartment.

Police have also interviewed the news anchor, to try and corroborate the story.

Detectives handling the case say that his story does not match because there were no gunshots reported on the night he says he was shot.


They have interviewed the guards who were on duty and none of them heard any gunshots on that night.

“We have not established the motive of the shooting. No spent cartridge was recovered at the scene but the probe is ongoing,” said an officer aware of the incident.

The deceased, who used to live alone, is said to have last been seen on Wednesday night in the company of her two friends.

Relatives had to break into the apartment after she failed to pick phone calls.

“I came to check on her since my mother had called and she wasn’t picking. I sent her a message but she never replied yet we were to meet, since,” said a relative.

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The relatives say Monica had just returned from South Sudan where she runs a family business.



  1. Christine

    September 25, 2018 at 12:52

    Looks like our girls are an endangered species. May God bring the killers to light and may justice prevail.
    RIP beautiful!

  2. Terry

    September 26, 2018 at 12:15

    Why Drag Jackie’s name in this mess? The boyfriend did the crime, not her. And She is your headline then mention his name later in the story?

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Singer Frasha kicks off 90-days sober challenge



After making a dare that he would lead celebs and generally young people do join the #90daysfreeofalcoholchallange P Unit member Frasha has officially kicked off the campaign.

And it is not all dull and ‘woyee’ moments. There is more to this detox move than just preaching water as during a fun event held at Mawimbi restaurant in Nairobi, celebs were treated to sumptuous mocktails and other delicacies as they interacted freely.

Detox beverages [Photo: David Gichuru]

“For long we have neglected our bodies and thanks to Corona we are slowly being taught to start treating our bodies better. Our campaign reiterates seeking balance in whatever you do. We don’t judge but we want people to live a healthier life at the same time have fun while doing it. This campaign is about seeking balance in live and positive living,” Frasha previously told Standard Entertainment.

And here are exclusive photos Standard Entertainment captured during the event that had been sponsored by Detox Africa:

Halisination band [Photo: David Gichuru]
Chipukeezy [Photo: David Gichuru]
Frasha [Photo: David Gichuru]
Cynthia Mwangi and Belinda Humwa [Photo: David Gichuru]


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Police arrest 21-year-old suspect who knifed house help to death in Umoja



A 21-year-old who is suspected to have stabbed to death a woman who was working as a house help in Umoja estate earlier this year has been arrested.

Leonard Kamanga Kamau was arrested in Buruburu by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) after resurfacing in Nairobi from his Mombasa hideout.

In a statement posted on Twitter, DCI said the suspect killed 25-year-old Tabitha Wanjiku who was working as a house help in Umoja.

Neighbours told detectives that the woman was found dead, lying in a pool of her own blood.

“The victim was found by fellow tenants lying in a pool of blood with her throat slit with a kitchen knife, a day after the two kids she was tending (to) were picked by their guardian and was granted some off-duty,” said the DCI.

Detectives and forensic experts assigned to the case then pursued the suspect to Mombasa where he managed to evade them.

He resurfaced in Nairobi on August 7, with detectives launching an early morning operation on Saturday, arresting him in the process.


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Parents die of Covid-19 after ‘son who refused to self-isolate infects them’



A man and his wife have died after their son refused to self-isolate despite being Covid-19 positive, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said on Saturday.

Kagwe revealed how the man who had tested positive believed the virus was a myth and travelled home to visit his parents.

“I received news that a son who tested and turned positive for coronavirus but refused to acknowledge the results because he believed the virus was a myth; went home, infected the parents and sister. Unfortunately, his mother and father succumbed to the virus,” lamented Kagwe.

His refusal to self-isolate saw the family lose the head of the family, two weeks after they lost and buried the mother.

The CS at the same time wondered why Kenyans were upset with the government cautioning them every day about the pandemic.

“We have been accused of talking to Kenyans as if they are retarded; Tumetukanwa. My brother and sisters, I can only implore you to accept that Covid-19 is a reality, Kenyans don’t have to die: this is a condition we can control. We can manage ourselves,” he added.

According to Kagwe, it is not necessary for the government to be insulted for telling people again and again, “but we will not stop. It is better to be bored with the figures than to be bored for three weeks staring at the ceiling of a hospital bed.”

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When diagnosed with the disease, Kagwe stressed that the medics advise should be followed strictly, insisting that one should isolate so as not to infect other people.

“It is very unfortunate because we keep warning against such kind of behaviour,” he said.


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