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Unknown to many, this is now the most powerful man at State House after Uhuru?



Nzioka Waita, the head of the Presidential Delivery Unit, has emerged as the new power broker at State House, multiple sources reveal.

Mr Waita also doubles as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s chief of staff, another position that puts him within arm’s reach of the President, having no executive role at the PDU, since it is run by Andrew Wakahiu, coupled with the fact that the role of the chief of staff is not well defined, Mr Waita has found himself with enough room to wiggle his way across government departments. And he has the President’s ear.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation, Mr Waita said power is a matter of perception and he would not be drawn into discussing whether he is powerful or not.

“I am a backroom person. My work is to ensure that the job I have been given is accomplished. I work at the pleasure of the President,” he said.

Since his appointment, Mr Waita has been instrumental in various decisions that have been made since the President’s second term started.


He co-wrote Executive Order 1, a powerful instrument that determines the duties of each government department.

He is the face of recent demolitions as the chair of the Nairobi Regeneration Committee. He has also been co-opted into the Cabinet and was prominent in Cabinet photos after the last meeting.

He has a refurbished office once occupied by former secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia.

And he has several deputies. Acting PSCU boss Kanze Dena and Government Spokesman Eric Kiraithe report to him, making him the communication boss for the government.

Mr Nzioka has eclipsed Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua and Comptroller of State House Kinuthia Mbugua.

When he was head-hunted from Safaricom to head the newly created Presidential Delivery Unit, Mr Waita perhaps never knew that one day he would be viewed as one of the most powerful people in the Jubilee administration.


Cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries, as well as parastatal executives, have been dealing with Mr Waita, thus making his reach in government far, wide and deep.

Previously, Mr Kinyua played this role but, as his time in government nears its end, it is Mr Waita who is slowly stepping into his shoes.

When an audio clip of a phone call between governors Mike Sonko (Nairobi) and Ferdinand Waititu (Kiambu) over the arrest of the latter’s wife was leaked, an interesting tidbit passed unnoticed.

On the tape, Sonko is heard saying that his hands are tied and that Mr Waititu should call Mr Waita to have his wife released. It was telling that the elected governors were afraid of the unelected Mr Waita and not President Kenyatta.

“He is the new (Hezekiah) Oyugi, though not as powerful as the Moi man,” a source with knowledge of power manoeuvres in the corridors of power said.

The late Oyugi was a powerful permanent secretary in the office of the President at the dawn of multiparty politics in early 1990s.


When importers of Chinese products mounted a demonstration in city streets, shocking the government for their daring act, it was Mr Waita who scrambled a response to address their woes.

He led a high-powered delegation comprising top officers from the KRA, the Anti-Counterfeit Agency and the Kenya Bureau of Standards to meet officials of the Nairobi Importers and Traders Association, a lobby for small traders, in downtown Nairobi.

He promised them that the President was committed to ensuring that their problems with government agencies would end.

When the Kenya Medical Association and the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union opposed the Kenya-Cuba doctors deal, he was again at hand to provide a policy direction over the matter.

He said only experts in areas such as oncology (cancer), nephrology (kidney) and dermatology (skin) would be brought to Kenya.


He defended the Nairobi-Havana deal, saying deploying medical experts to rural areas would reduce the number of patients relying on Kenyatta National Hospital and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

In June, High Court Judge Onesmus Makau temporarily stopped the implementation of a circular by the head of civil service on the vetting of procurement officers.

Mr Waita took to Twitter to air what was considered as the Executive position on the matter.

“Whereas the Judiciary shouldn’t be condemned wholesale, from today’s ruling by the Labour Relations Court stopping vetting of public officers, two things are now clear for all to see: 1) Corruption is fighting back 2) Agents of impunity have found refuge in court corridors,” Mr Waita wrote.

“No matter how many obstacles are thrown in the way of this fight against corruption, there will be no relenting. It is my prayer that the leadership of the Judiciary upon whom the country has placed a lot of faith will put its house in order. The fight against corruption will be messy and uncomfortable but it must be done for the greater good of the nation,” he added.


In July, Mr Waita moved to streamline communication in government by disowning several social media handles and setting the record straight on how information is disseminated.

He disowned @PresidentKE and @PSCU_Digital unit as official Twitter accounts and directed that official accounts would be @StateHouseKenya, @UKenyatta, @FirstLadyKenya and @KanzeDena.

“All official communication originating from the President’s Strategic Communications Unit will strictly be communicated through the listed channels,” he said.

“Operational correspondence by PSCU staff to media outlets will be done through officially assigned email addresses.”

He had also made the announcement that saw Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena appointed the Deputy State House spokesperson in far-reaching changes made in the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit.

Mr Nzioka joined the government in 2016 from Safaricom, where he was the director of corporate affairs.

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Kenya Prison cells where life is as in luxurious hotels, complete with Cable TV and flush toilets



Every time the fortified metallic gates clang shut, they are supposed to confine an estimated 3,000 convicts and remandees in a world where all but the most fundamental freedoms are upheld.But in this world, our investigations have established, convicted criminals and remand prisoners who dare to dream and have access to cash, can live like kings in self-contained cells kitted with satellite TV services and flush toilets.Welcome to the contradictions of Kamiti Maximum Security Prison where some form of luxury is available to a few while thousands wallow in misery and want.

When he was hauled back from Britain to face charges of child trafficking in 2017, controversial televangelist, Gilbert Deya was shocked when he was locked up in the facility.After his experience at the Woolworth Prison in West London while fighting extradition, what hit Deya at Kamiti was shocking.One, he had to relieve himself in a bucket, in full view of other inmates, and empty it. When he appeared in court, he took a bucket he had been using in the cell as evidence.“I was detained at the Punishment Block at Kamiti where some famous politicians such as Kenneth Matiba and Raila Odinga had been locked up.

After my problems with the bucket, I wrote to the prison authorities and requested them to allow me install a flush toilet in my ward and they agreed,” said Deya.Besides installing the flush toilet in his ward, he had nine others put in the adjoining wards, giving Kamiti a feel of a luxury in jail, where prisoners could now answer the call of nature in dignity.Today, Deya believes Kamiti, where he spent nine months until he was released on May 23, 2018, is better than prisons in Britain. Prisoners too have fond memories of his stay. “Deya also introduced DSTV in prison. This was unheard of but he somehow negotiated with the prison authorities until he was allowed a set,” an inmate says.The changes he pioneered, known as VIP, have cascaded to other wards. Although the famous former Vice President Moody Awori’s reforms in 2003 had provided TVs for prisoners, they were all smashed up during a riot in 2008.

Our investigations found that there are at least 50 TV sets in Kamiti, which are distributed in the various wards. Block A, which has 10 wards has an equal number of TVs while block D has four sets followed by E with two, while F, G and isolation have one set each. In the wing where terror suspects are remanded, there is one TV.At the VIP wing three former police officers, a hit man and a highly connected former court clerk are all serving life sentences and death for murder.

They all enjoy the services of pay cable TV programmes.However, in the other wards, the inmates have found alternatives.“We have subscribed to a lower digital service TV where we pay about Sh1,000 a month. The accounts were opened by prisoners who are in Kamiti. I pay mine every month using mobile money transfer,” says a prisoner.The prisoners say some TV packages were preferred because they do not require satellite dishes but instead rely on aerials.However, inside their cells, the inmates still have to contend with thin and tattered mattresses, which are shared  by because of a serious shortage.“Some inmates share mattresses because the prisons do not have enough.

The same case applies to uniforms and sweaters where inmates have to pay for their own uniforms or walk around in rags,” says an inmate. A prisoner on death row says, “It is normal for the bus to carry at least 120 inmates and prison officers. At times we are ferried to courts using leased lorries, which are equally uncomfortable.


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38-year-old DJ Makena says she’s not yet ready for marriage: Searching for someone who really speaks to my heart is not easy



DJ Pierra Makena isn’t ready to walk down the aisle any time soon because she hasn’t found someone worth it.

The mother of one who recently clocked 38 years revealed that she’s not in a rush to settle down because she’s looking for someone who will understand her.

“I’m not ready for marriage, not ready to be someone’s wife yet. I’m not in a rush. Searching for someone who really speaks to my heart is not easy,” she said in an interview with Mpasho. 


Makena said that though her love with her baby daddy went sour and he walked away, she’s still not afraid of loving again. But, she’s keeping everything private now more than ever.

“I believe in love. Many people thought that after the breakup I would not love again. I tend to give a lot of love, I get to receive a lot of love. But you know what, I never put my love life in public. I am a loved girl. I really like to keep my life private,” she said. 


“Nowadays I look for the heart. It’s not all about material things. I love someone who speaks to my heart.” she posted. 


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Why Zahra Moi declined appointment to Nairobi Hospital board



Zahra Moi has explained why she turned down her nomination to be a director at the Board of Management of Kenya Hospital Association, the owners of the Nairobi Hospital.

Zahra, who is the wife of Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, has expressed her reservations regarding the nomination through a letter sent to the Nairobi Hospital Company Secretary.

“It is with regret, however, that I must decline your invitation. Due to time constraints, my schedule simply will not allow me to participate meaningfully on your board at this time,” Zahra explained in her letter.

“I have immense respect for the work you do, and fear that the demands on my time will prevent me from giving the KHA the attention it deserves,” she explained further.


She also noted that she did not participate in any of the meetings leading to her nomination, nor did she offer herself for election.

Zahra said she had not been at the Nairobi Hospital in recent times, contrary to media reports on the recent change of guard at the facility.

On 17th April there was a standoff at the Nairobi Hospital as the newly-elected board members tried to access the premises.

The current board members said that they were still running the hospital as they had been given a court order barring the elected members to assume office pending hearing.


“We are happy to inform you that the court has issued an order restraining those purported to have been elected from assuming office pending inter-party hearing,” the board members said in an advert in local dailies on Friday.

“We wish to assure you that the validly elected Board of Management continues to run The Nairobi Hospital and is making the best efforts to implement strategic decisions to enhance the governance and operations of the hospital,” read the advert.

Last month, Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala reappointed Mrs Moi to sit in Tourism Research Institute Board, a post she has held since 2016.

“In exercise of the powers conferred by section 54 (1) (h) of the Tourism Act, 2011, the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife re-appoints Zahra Bahwela Moi to be a member of the Board of Tourism Research Institute, for a period of three years, with effect from the 1st June, 2019,” the notice read.

source:Nairobi News

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