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VIDEO: This young man’s knowledge of EPL dazzles Kenyans.



A young football fan has become popular online after a video of him naming first team players in various English Premier League teams went viral.

In the video, he tells the curious and amused listeners that he knows the big teams in EPL and when taunted to name them he simply asks them which teams they want him to name.

He goes ahead and names the entire line up of Manchester United and Chelsea.

The boy, identified as John Okendi from Bonchari, Kisii County, was filmed by football fans, who later shared the clips online.

To show them he knows what he is talking about, he also points out that former Chelsea first choice goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois recently left the club for Spanish side Real Madrid.

In the clip, barefooted young boy also tells those recording the clip that he is unhappy that Alex Mwakideu, who previously used to be a presenter at Radio Maisha left the radio station and joined Milele FM.

The clip has been retweeted more than 600 times with people on social media praising the young boy for his amazing knowledge of the EPL.

Some are even calling on TV and radio sports shows to take him under their wings and mentor him.

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Six reasons men just can’t stop staring at women, even when they have their own



It was one of those warm days that inflated Mombasa this week. I was on my way to campus on my bicycle. Two blocks from where I resided, I turned right towards the main road and found myself five metres behind a young lady.

She had long black hair and was wearing a short putty-colored top, grey sweatpants – the top tucked primly beneath the sweatpants.

My first sight of her felt like a light blow to the chest. Her body held my interest, so did her decision to put on fitting sweatpants along with her splendid figure, her loveliness.


Even with the fleetingness of the six blocks, I kept her company close behind- she turned right, and she was gone. We owe each other nothing.

The inevitable backwash of guilt arrived, as my fellow men know it does. I had spent minutes gazing at a pretty girl`s backside. I have a girlfriend and heck! I hope she is not reading this. I could hear my inner critic pressing charges against me.

So, why does girl-watching have such terrible reputation?


I had a heated discussion with some of my classmates and everyone had their own reasons, others rebuking it while others praised it.

I found myself at crossroads and finally set out to unearth why the infamous male gaze is not creepy as some think it is.


Why It Is Okay To Creepily Stare At Women

Science Suggests…

When a man looks at a woman, a chemical reaction happens in his brain. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are released, giving him an involuntary surge of pleasure. It is simply nature.

2. Men can`t help it

It is right there in the headline! Whether they want or not, men can`t stop staring at women. It is “UNAVOIDABLE”. That`s just how male sexuality works. Do you really want men to stop doing something that they can`t stop doing? That just won`t happen.

3. The weather

It`s a scientific fact: When the weather gets hotter women`s clothes get smaller, and when women`s clothes get smaller, men have no choice (see no.2) but to catalogue and analyse every inch of exposed skin. Don`t like it, ladies? The last time I checked, men did not make the weather- Mother Nature did!

4. Women have boobs

“I`m having a hard time concentrating; the waitress at the cafe is brain-stopping. Her cleavage seems to be the prix fixe. Those boobs are on the menu, just like food! Isn`t it?

5. Charles Darwin

Men look at attractive women because attractiveness means women are healthy and fertile, an evolutionary advantage.

6. Not staring at women is pointless

Would not staring at women “help” anything? I wonder. No, it would not.

So, there you have it! I have done my homework. To those ignorant people slumbering in the dark ages of culture and dogma or whatever it is, kindly wake up and face reality.


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Popular musician Chameleone and wife split after 10 years of marriage



Chameleone is one of Uganda’s greatest exports. The man who is a veteran of the industry is also very well-known in Kenya with some of his old hits like “Mama Mia” and Bageya being a staple for many.

But what has also endeared the man with the husky voice is his loving relationship with his wife Daniella. The two had been together for 10 years and have had 5 kids in that span.

If one wanted to believe in true love then this celeb couple might have been that example. But it seems that all good things must come to an end, that is the couples relationship is done.

Chameleone himself revealed this sad news when he posted on his Facebook page the sad truth. He wrote with nostalgia and melancholy:

Everything has an end!I failed,  I was not the best I could be ! 

What else do we need,  God had blessed us,loved us, He will always be there for us: 

Stupid people will think it’s a promotional craft. And put their stupid opinion. But for us who know what we are going through,enough is enough!! We need to live beyond our egos!!I am single and not searching!!

I will be the last man standing d’I let you be be daniella. 

God bless you always.I can’t prove my self more than I have 

Only losers will prove 

😏you have been everything but enough is enough 

I wish you the best.Heartbroken but have to make a decision finally.

When the going gets tuff the tuff get going.Leone island music empire

The couple had just had a baby early this year. The baby girl is called Xara Amani Mayanja and  was born on 5th April.


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VIDEO: Tina Kagia opens up about her battle with alcoholism




Caroline Kagia might not be a household name but her siblings Tina and DNA are more well-known. The lady has become a topic of discussion since her viral “Engage” discussion.

In it, she comes out to candidly speak about the struggles she went through and how her alcoholism battle started. She explained that the first time she drunk alcohol was when she was in form 5.

When she later revealed to her friends in school that she had not got intoxicated,  after taking a  whole bottle of wine, they were confused. She finished her A-levels and then she went to the popular Westlands club, Q’s to celebrate.

At one of her lowest moments, she traveled to Johannesburg where she worked while in a constant state of intoxication. She still wonders why her bosses didn’t fire her.

Add to that she entered into a toxic relationship in 2013. She had to end it in 2015 after the man was a bad influence on her beating her and also being a heavy drinker as herself. They still got a child together during that period.

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