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Woman ‘kidnapped’ in Mombasa was faking pregnancy – police



Detectives in Mombasa have revealed shocking details on the alleged abduction of 20-year-old Saida Abderehman.

Mombasa Urban DCIO Jacob Kanake said on Monday that Ms Abderehman was not pregnant as claimed by her family.

It also emerged that Ms Abderehman had a miscarriage in March.

Mr Kanake told journalists that medical reports from Coast Provincial General Hospital (CPGH), where Ms Abderehman was admitted after being found in Nairobi, showed she could not carry pregnancy.


“We have confirmed with the doctors that the woman was not pregnant. Her cervix was not open to show if she delivered a baby or if an abortion was done.

“It is clear that there is something behind all this that we are not being told, but we will get to know it soon,” said Mr Kanake.

Earlier, doctors at the CPGH said that “the matter is bigger than what we think”.

The police boss spoke before he handed over the woman back to her family.

Ms Abderehman will be summoned for further interrogation.

The DCI boss added that the woman’s mother, Ms Khadija BwanaOmar, and her husband, Mr Mohammed Abdulkarim, will also be summoned to give details surrounding the mystery story of their kin.


Mr Kanake said charges, including giving false information to the police, may be preferred against her.

“We used our resources to look for the lady and we are happy we managed to get her alive but this is the beginning of this matter. We would want to know who was to benefit in all this,” said Mr Kanake.

Despite the contradicting reports from Mr Kanake, the family insisted that Ms Abderehman was pregnant.

“I saw her. Her bump was big and no one could doubt if she was pregnant. We are just shocked with the turn of events,” her mother Ms BwanaOmar said.

She spoke even as Ms Abderehman, who was abducted last week in Mombasa and surfaced in Nairobi without a baby bump, insisted she was kidnapped by six women.


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TV host Joyce Maina denies dating DJ Mo: “I’m not dumb to post a married man”



Switch TV’s Joyce Maina has refuted rumours of her having an affair with renowned DJ Sammy Muraya alias DJ Mo.

There have been allegations about the two being together but Joyce has labeled it hearsay and fake news.

Sharing her side of the story, the TV host shared messages on her Instagram Stories asking if guys thought she was dumb enough to post pictures of a married man.

“How dumb do you think I am to post a married man (not that I’d ever be with one) on my IG,” she wrote.

Joyce found the news hilarious adding guys just mistook a person that was holding her, in a trendy photo, to be DJ Mo.

“Fake news is actually hilarious. So you guys went from not knowing what the man looks like (you just have a blurry photo that makes him look like a shadow), and now all over sudden its DJ Mo? Lol,” Joyce added.

The TV girl must have found the news hilarious and wondered why people would want to tarnish her reputation with such allegations.

Size 8’s take on cheating

Back in 2017, reported on a story where Size 8 claimed that one should be ready to forgive the other when he/she cheats in marriage.

Speaking during a recording of their vlog, the singer said that partners should always be ready to forgive each other in a relationship even when cheating occurs.

“And whoever says they cannot forgive, that is a root of pride,” she said. “Who tells you cannot do that?”

She told her fans cheating shouldn’t be allowed in marriages but in case it happens, couples should find a way to get past it.

“So when your spouse cheats, remember you cheat on God all the time but God forgives you. So forgive your spouse,” she added.


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The Sun is now Setting on your Chance to be Part of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace



With only 26 plots measuring 1/4 acres remaining, the window to own a plot of land at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace is now closing. As this is happening, the cost of these plots is now set to move up by 20%.

Here is the good news though; you still have a chance to secure your property before this change takes effect.

As this window slowly closes, the value additions are tripling as we are now headed to start internal roads murruming before we finally lay cabro on the same streets. On the other hand, the Kenya Power contract to lay underground power is right on the heels.

At the same time, the Razor Wire installation on Wall of Happiness and Wall not Knowledge (1.4Km in length) is also set to start next week.

Meanwhile, we are heartily celebrating the completion of the four walls surrounding this top gated community in Kiambu (Wall of Peace, Wall of Wisdom, Wall of Happiness and Wall of Knowledge).

As we share this update, the laying of paving blocks (cabro) on a one acre gate-area is ongoing as you see on the accompanying photo.

This cabro works on the estate’s driveway has been designed to give all families and visitors coming into this gated community an inviting welcome.

Do you want to know how to be part of Optiven Family?

Call us now: 0790300300 or 0723400500

Experience the difference

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What’s Happening at Victory Gardens – Kitengela



Effectiveness of Gated Communities in Providing Safe Environments for Childrens’ Outdoor Convenience

Due to safety factors, children use of outdoor spaces can be limited.

Victory Gardens, a residential gated community with access control and guarded area has been deliberately developed to give parents peace of mind as they get about their daily business without worrying so much about the safety of their children.

The Children’ Play Park along Mwangaza Avenue was also designed with children that are brought up in this gated community in mind.

This project’s Care Taker, Mr. Ondiek and his team have a brief to make sure that the grass is well manicured to make this space as safe as possible for children.

Why not secure a site visit and invest in your children future?

Call us on: 0790300300 or 0723400500


~Experience the difference ~


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