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‘Atwoli lied to me he was divorced’



Trade unionist Francis Atwoli’s third wife Roselinda has for the first time spoken out about her failed marriage.

Roselinda Simiyu, 53, said she married Atwoli when she was 30 years old and lived in Kariobangi. The two were mostly broke, she said. He did not reveal to her that he was married but instead told her he was a divorcée, she claims.

“I met Francis in 1996 when I was a chairperson at the Kenya Union of Sugar Plantation Workers. He was 47 years but never told me he was married, instead he said he was divorced,” Roselinda told Radio Jambo.

Roselinda also denied claims that Atwoli left her because she wanted to join politics and insisted that even when they started their affair, she told him that she would one day join politics, which he agreed to.

“I told him I wanted to make change. I loved helping people and I wanted to do politics, general politics. I grew up seeing people being oppressed. He agreed and promised to support me in politics. When he was contesting for a political seat for the first time, as the wife I supported him even financially with the money I had saved to buy myself a car.”

Roselinda said that the marital hiccups started in 2015.

But it was not always like that, she says, recalling a ‘prince charming’ Atwoli whom she met and married 22 years ago while a single mother of three. They later bore two children.

“He (Atwoli) abandoned us in 2016 when I allowed my eldest daughter to take aviation studies in South Africa. He wanted her to come back but she was not yet through with education. As any mother would wish for their child, I stood my grounds that she had to finish what she had started. That was why Atwoli became annoyed and stopped providing for us,” she says.

Roselinda said she tried to fight for their marriage to work but he (Atwoli) was not ready to stay.

“I had never talked about him not providing or abandoning us until recently when he came to to speak about our marriage on national TV declaring that he left me because I wanted to join politics. Even when he left me, I tried to mediate our relationship by calling Eliud Wabukala who tried to look for him and talk to him but he refused.”

Atwoli had in an interview said that he married again because he was lonely but Roselinda claimed it was something he had made his mind up for.

“If he was lonely, it was by his own choice because he was not coming home, not receiving calls nor did he want to send me money for the children. He was only supposed to pay school fees but he did not provide the basic needs. I had to sell my shamba for my daughter to complete her studies in South Africa,” she said yesterday.

She admitted that he pays school fees for the children but does not provide for their upkeep.

“I want him to remember how I supported him during those times when he had nothing, when he wanted to be the Central Organisation Of Trade Unions (Cotu) boss. I used to cook for the delegates without anyone to help me but he has forgotten all that. I miss him because we lived together for 22 years and it was a good marriage. We were so free and happy together, joked about everything and we had a good life and he was a good husband and a dad.”

She added during the show: “He does not provide for my children and I and recently he came and disconnected the power and we are now living in darkness apart from the solar we are using.”

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CJ Maraga rejects Senator Malala’s three-goat gift 




Chief Justice David Maraga on Friday turned down Kakamega Senator Cleaophas Malala’s three goat gift citing the Judicial Service Commission code of conduct that bars him from receiving a gift worth more than Sh20,000.

CJ Maraga had graced the Grand opening of the new Kakamega Law Courts building when he was presented with the gift.

“Today on behalf of the people of Kakamega and as the Senator for Kakamega. I want to present to you a symbolic gift that is going to help you achieve this legacy.

“I have three animals here representing three arms of the government. I want to present it to you as a symbolic gift representing unity among the the three arms of the government.” said Senator Malala

The CJ who instead handed the goats to Kakamega law courts users’ committee chairman Sylvester Mambiri also sited Malala’s ongoing court case.

“If am not wrong, the senator has donated a gift to me but he has put me in trouble because I think he has a case in court, secondly under the Judiciary code of conduct I am not allowed to take a gift which is more than 20,000 shillings and this goats look like they are more than 30,000.” the CJ said

During the event, the CJ steered clear of the controversy over his advisory to President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament for failure to legislate on the two-thirds gender rule.

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ODM MP suspended for attending Ruto’s meeting




Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has suspended Kilifi North Member of Parliament Owen Baya days after he attended Deputy President William Ruto’s meeting.

The MP was accused of switched alliances and teaming up with DP William Ruto and the party had resolved to take action on the MP over what they called “recent political alignments.”

In a statement through the Party’s Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna, the party announced that the National Executive Committee (NEC) had also decided to suspend Baya from his position as the Deputy Organizing Secretary.

The party explained that the decision was made after his recent move which has cast doubt on his commitment to this party and its objectives.

“Cognizant of the central role that the party’s NEC plays in the management of the party and the need to maintain the probity of its deliberations the NEC resolved to suspend MP Owen Baya from membership of this critical organ and from his position as the Deputy Organizing Secretary given his recent public utterances and conduct that have cast doubt on his commitment to this party and its objectives,” read a statement from the party.

On Wednesday, Baya was part of a delegation of Coast MPs that escorted Feisal Abdallah Bader, an aspirant for the Msambweni parliamentary seat, to meet Deputy President William Ruto at his Karen office.

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Atwoli intensifies fight with DP Ruto over hustler tag




The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli has once again put Deputy President William Ruto on blast for using the ‘hustler’ tag.

Speaking during a press conference, the Atwoli stated that the tag hustler had a negative meaning which translates to someone who uses mischievous ways to get wealth.

He added that all Kenyans are yearning for is an organized system of government that could provide employment and not creating hustlers.

He pointed out that William Ruto was not poor as he makes his supporters believe and he is just using them to climb to the top. He disclosed that William Ruto owns choppers, mansions, and every space in the country.

Atwoli went on to call out the DP for the donations he has been giving out to the youths and women stating that they were just peanuts compared to the amount of wealth he has amassed over the years.

“The person telling you about being a hustler owns five choppers, a mansion and owns every empty space in the republic of Kenya. You are calling yourself a hustler and yet you are not. Even God cannot allow. Then you go to the church to cheat about being a hustler,” he said.

A few days ago, Atwoli blasted William Ruto for using the tag while asking Kenyans to reject him stating that no one should allow themselves to be called a hustler. He claimed that hustlers are thieves.

Atwoli who claimed that he would disown his children if they referred themselves as hustlers stated that people should go to school, get an education and get jobs in reputable companies instead of hustling.

“You then become a branch manager of Kenya Breweries, get a house allowance, a car loan, and have a nice house. You are not hustlers. We cannot have a nation of hustlers because it is a man eats man society,” Atwoli said.

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