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Avril in trouble for posting picture of Maribe’s son on social media



Singer Avril has landed herself in trouble with her fans who have taken offense after she shared a picture of TV journalist Jacque Maribe’s son on her social media.

Avril shared the picture that captures Maribe’s son from the back while he overlooks his mother’s portrait at Citizen TV studios.

Ms Maribe has been making endless headlines for the last three weeks following her arrest after she was linked to the gruesome murder of businesswoman Ms Monica Kimani.

Maribe and her fiancé Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu, who is the main suspect in the murder are currently on remand.

Avril, who has recently made a comeback to music after taking a hiatus while she was pregnant, found herself on the receiving end of harsh comments from fans who chastised her for sharing the picture during the mother’s difficult time.

“Two voices of reason… aweke sura ya mtoto wake hapo awachane na jackie… that boy has nothing to do with whats going on… Haven’t heard Avril talking about what this story of Jackie teaches young ladies about love,” said d_mokeira.


“I agree with your point, she is sympathetic but I wish she would have chosen another picture, we barely see her own so she should not post Maribes at a time like this. I feel like its a sensitive issue all together, that kid does not need social media right now, you know how insensitive people can be,” wrote wanjiku_lil.

The fact that you’re posting this is so hypocritical. am sure you wouldn’t want your baby’s pics all up on social media like this! Surely Avril,” commented ad_kh.

Posting that boy’s picture is wrong,wrong,wrong,2 said njerikanini.

I also don’t understand why people are posting somebody else’s kid would they want their kids to be put on social media by other people?” asked suzzy sue.

Seriously Avril….. No one has the right to start circulating the kids pic.. He is not involved in this,” said Rexy Ndungu.

It’s not right that you can’t post your own kids photo yet you want to post Maribe’s son. Common Avril the kid is going through enough already.” said bellah_phenty.

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Omosh reveals his pay while starting out at Tahidi High



Comedian and actor Joseph Kinuthia popularly known as ‘Omosh’ from his role in Citizen TV’s program Tahidi High has opened up about how he landed the role and how much he was being paid per episode.

Before joining the program, Omosh was a garbage collector but in 2005, his elder sister Naomi Kamau told him to try out for the Tahidi Auditions.

“I worked as a garbage truck driver for five years until 2000,”  he said in the interview with Nation.

“Naomi always told me I had something special as an actor as she had watched me since childhood…I became ‘Omosh,’ a smart-aleck, know-it-all watchman and with my years working in the garbage dumps in the slums of Nairobi, I could not have been better suited for this part.” 


While many actors in Kenyan have always started with a low amount, Omosh was lucky to be paid a considerable amount of money after enlisting.

“I was only getting paid 3,000 per episode, but I was giving the part the very best I could.” he said. 


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GSU man in Monica’s murder probe well trained



A General Service Unit officer held over the murder of 28-year-old Monica Kimani is highly trained. Jennings Orlando, 31, belongs to the Recce Squad of GSU, which is based at Ruiru in Kiambu County.

Sources said Orlando was among dozens of officers attached to the US embassy and a member of the Special Programme for Embassy Augmentation and Response (SPEAR).

SPEAR is a team composed of GSU officers whose mission is to respond to critical incidents involving US mission facilities and personnel locally.

Currently, SPEAR teams support US diplomatic missions in Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Iraq, South Sudan, Tunisia, Nigeria and Kenya.

The SPEAR programme provides training for a quick-reaction force as well as movement security training, a master trainer programme, and equipment loans.

Orlando was arrested on Thursday and produced in a Kiambu court on Friday, where the prosecution requested to hold him for 14 days to conduct investigations into Monica’s murder

Orlando is a friend of Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, who has, alongside TV journalist Jacque Maribe, been charged with the September 19 murder.

Maribe and Irungu will appear in court on October 24 for their bail application hearing. Sources said Orlando could be used as a witness in the case if he co-operates with prosecution. Monica’s body was found in a bathtub in Lamuria Apartments in Kilimani, Nairobi, where she lived.

Her throat was slit and hands tied to her back. Police suspect she was drugged before she was killed. The killer weapon, thought to be a knife, is yet to be recovered.

Also still missing are her house and car keys. Detectives are reconstructing Orlando’s movements before and after the night Monica was killed. Kiambu magistrate Justus Kituku on Friday directed that Orlando be presented in court on November 2.


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I had been messing around with a girl then found out she has HIV: Nick Odhiambo



Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo has finally revealed the why he decided to shave his seven-year-old dreadlocks.

Speaking during K24’s Talk Central show hosted by Kalekye Mumo, Nick disclosed that he almost contacted HIV/AIDS after finding out that a girl he was ‘messing’ around with was HIV/AIDS positive.

I was messing around with this chic then after messing around for some time I found out that she has got HIV. Weh! Weh! Eeh! I went to the hospital I did all those tests and I said ‘God to give me another chance I will never let you down. Let me change my life,” said Nick.

It was then that he decided to accept change and approach life from a different angle. In October last year, the husky-voiced radio personality shaved his trademark dreadlocks.

I decided to cut off my dreads because it was October the cancer awareness month, I had changed jobs and some things had happened in my life and I decided to change everything. In 2017 something happened in my life and I said ‘Dear God I will not do this again,” he shared.

After verifying the hospital tests, an ecstatic Nick promised God he will change his ways and live according to his will and he will never let him down.

Everything just started happening, I changed houses, changed girlfriends, the only thing I had remained was the job and the look. So I got a job at a Swahili station and as things were going on I just had to get rid of the look. That’s how the look changed,” he revealed.


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