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He came crying, he started removing his clothes: Maribe’s story



In filings to the High Court, the prosecution included the following excerpts from the statement given by Ms Maribe


I am above 18 years and able to read and write. This statement is in English language. I make it to the best of my knowledge and believe knowingly that if tendered in court as evidence I may be liable for prosecution if I willingly state in it anything that is fake or believed to be untrue. I am the above-named person, Kenyan Kikuyu adult aged 30. I work at Royal Media Services as a senior reporter and news anchor. The above are my particulars.


Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie is my fiancé whom we got engaged in the month of June 2018.

The first time I met Jowie was in mid 2017 at a Jubilee Party function at Bomas of Kenya, and later at Kasarani, also in a Jubilee Party function.

At the time he used to work as VIP security (guard) for Madam Joyce Lay, the former Taita Taveta Woman Representative. He was residing in Buru Buru Phase III together with his two friends. Apart from the VIP security job, he was also working for a private military firm in Dubai.


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He came crying: He started removing his clothes. By this time I had got into bed. When he came back in the room he was crying, telling me he was sorry and that he loves me.

I told him my child was sleeping and that he should stop making noise lest he wakes the child from sleep. He kept crying, saying “Jacque I am sorry”, but I ignored him.


He then went to the walk-in closet. I heard what sounded like a gunshot. I jumped out of bed and went to the closet, and he was lying on the floor. He had blood on his upper left chest area.

He was repeatedly saying: “I love you. I am sorry.” I panicked and ran back into my bedroom for my phone.

When I turned back to the closet area he was not there. I saw through the window that he had gone to our neighbour, Mr Bryan Kassaine.

I ran out and found Joseph Kuria Irungu lying down. Bryan Kassaine had come outside.

Bryan’s wife Cate also ran outside to where Joseph was lying.

He was still bleeding from the chest.


Further to the statement which I made to police at the DCI headquarters on the 28th day of September 2018, I wish to state that my activities and movements of 19th day of September 2018 remain the same as I had outlined in my previous statement.

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‘You don’t have to watch a film, but buy tickets,’ Wanuri pleads




Wanuri Kahiu, the director of the controversial Rafiki film, has pleaded with delegates at Davos to purchase the cinema tickets to support women directing movies in Hollywood and worldwide.

Wanuri was addressing a World Economic Forum in Davos in a session that was webcast on Wednesday.

Her call comes after women failed to make it to the best director category nomination for the 2020 Oscars.



“If there’s a female director and you want to see more female-directed films, buy tickets. Do it for the data. Because this is the data for the industry that allows us to continue to make work,” wanuri said.

She further added that one didn’t have to watch the film,

“I’m just saying you have to buy the tickets. Do it for the data, and do it for us, because we’re doing the work, she added during a panel on artistic freedom.”

The case on the controversial Rafiki film which was banned in Kenya is still pending and a court ruling will be given soon.

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‘I paid over Ksh 5m in dowry for Anerlisa Muigai,’ Ben Pol reveals




Anerlisa and Ben Pol met early 2018 but started dating later that year. Though the Keroche heiress has tried to keep her relationship with the musician private.

The two had a traditional wedding in September last year after Ben Pol proposed.

Ben revealed in an interview with Tanzanian media that he had already met his fiancé’s parents and paid the dowry that is equal to a hundred cows.

Going by the math, if the price of one cow is Ksh 50,000, then hypothetically, the round figure paid as dowry is around Ksh 5million.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Ijumaa newspaper, he adds,

“what many do not understand is that when it comes to planning a wedding, privacy should be paramount. Not everything should be announced online. So, I’ll urge those pressurizing us to wed to be patient and see what the outcome of our relationship will be. And when we tie the knot, they will still know, given a wedding is something that you can’t do in secrecy.”

The musician further adds, “we are planning to tie the knot formally and start a family.”


Currently, I am in the process of putting things right, but if you’re asking if the wedding plans are still on, the answer is: ‘yes, they are.’”

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How I was conned on Instagram! Vanessa Mdee speaks




Vanessa Mdee, the Tanzanian singer, has revealed how she was conned by a furniture shop on Instagram. 

She shared on her Instagram how she was convinced into buying and paying for furniture that never got delivered.

“Nasemaje watanzania wamekuchoka mwizi wewe leo ni mwisho wako, you messed with the wrong one!!” She wrote in her post.

The singer soon realized she had been conned after numerous enquiries concerning the purchase but all she got were excuses. 

In the aim of ensuring the same doesn’t happen again, Vanessa requested her fans to report the page so that it can be closed. 

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