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I’m hurt but have accepted my fate: Obado



Admittedly resigned to fate yet steely, composed and raring to get out!

This is the mood at Kenyatta National Hospitals Side Room B in Ward 6A where an important guest of state, Migori Governor Okoth Obado, is receiving treatment ahead of court appearance on Monday.

When we walked in to the ward, the governor feigned a smile as he pulled himself up the six by four bed where he is chained and wryly exclaimed: “This is how it is now. And I have accepted it.”

The dimly lit hospital room has now become Obado’s new home since Wednesday morning when he fell ill.

Next to the bed was a pair of red slippers and knee height silver metallic shelve holding plates with leftovers served during the day.

“They brought me some ugali, vegetables and oranges. I liked the oranges. Dinner was served around 4pm,” he said.

A dry piece of ugali and orange peels were on the white plates. And in another set of plates, a white tea cup perched waiting to be cleared.

He said breakfast is served at around 9am. “They bring tea and some few slices of bread. But I am comfortable with it,” Obado said. A bowl of grapes, a plastic cup, a blue flask, toiletries, a shaving machine and a few items rest on the shelve top that is now the full storeroom of the governor.

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“I am happy that my family is standing with me and I thank them so much,” he said.

Though ill, he was more pained by the tarnishing of his image for what he claims he did not do; murder his girlfriend Sharon Otieno. Police have charged the Governor with the murder of Ms Otieno, a 26-year-old student at Rongo University.

“I have accepted the circumstances I am in and I am willing to deal with them. My spirit is still strong. I will continue to serve my people (of Migori) and I hope this will end soon,” Obado said.

When he arrived at KNH on Wednesday morning after being taken ill at the Industrial Area prison, he was first admitted to the private wing before he was moved to the General Ward on Thursday.

“It has been blown beyond what it should have been. As a normal human being I am hurt and it is a painful experience that you cannot wish on anyone,” said Obado.

Obado’s left hand is handcuffed to the frame of the bed and during the interview he was using his right hand to emphasize points.

Lying on the bed covered with a blue mosquito net, Obado said it is unfortunate that people have worked hard to ‘set me against the masses and they will fail.’

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Woman charged with stealing pistol from DP Ruto’s guard, selling it for Sh3,000




A woman was charged yesterday for stealing a gun from the deputy president’s security officer at his residence in Mombasa.

Elsie Kazungu alias Gladys Wanjala reportedly stole the pistol from the police constable’s pillow and sold it to Joshua Oliech in Kisauni.

The two were charged with theft.

The charge sheet reads that on December 19, 2019, Kazungu “secretly stole a mobile phone valued at Sh1,200, a Ceska pistol serial number E1546 loaded with 15 bullets from the deputy president’s residence.”

The gun is yet to be found, but Kazungu and Oliech were charged before Chief Magistrate Edna Nyalotti.

The court freed them on a KSh200,000 bond each.

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China building special coronavirus hospital in just six days




China has started to construct a new hospital in a record of six days in a bid to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The virus has so far infected at least 1400 people in China and around the globe and killing at least 41 people. 

 The city of Wuhan, where the disease is believed to have affected most people, has been put on lockdown and national officials requested the 11 million residents at the city to stay put. 

Chinese state media revealed that a new hospital will have a bed capacity of 1000 and the set up will be similar to a hospital built in Beijing in 2003 to contain the Sars virus. 

The new center will source for medical supplies and equipment from the neighboring hospitals and construction made out of prefabricated buildings. 

The virus has already been detected in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, and the United States.

There are fears that the spread could be faster as hundreds of millions of Chinese travel during the Lunar New Year holiday, although many have canceled their travel plans.

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‘We had to drive to Naivasha,’ Tedd Josiah on wife’s request before her death




Tedd Josiah, a Kenyan music producer, lost his wife in 2017 has shared on the last moments with his late wife, Reginah Katar.

He shared a photo explaining how his wife wanted something different.

On this day, mama gummy bear (RIP) decided she didn’t want the usual Sanford fries that she used to ask me to drive her to go buy almost every evening.


This Sunday she wanted fish, and she wanted it fresh from a lake, so we had to drive to Naivasha (her choice of lake) and buy some fish and have it made there…”

“Brothers, you see when you decide to have a baby, there’s gonna be cravings, mood swings and emotions your wife can’t even explain.”

Tedd urged married men to take care of their wives now that they are still around. 

“At that point u can’t flake!! You got to find some resolve and make it come together, if it’s Sanford fries or fish from the lake!

 Go do it! Cause a lot of children suffer cause their mothers were depressed during their pregnancies.”

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