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Journalist wins hearts after outing suspected drunk driver 



Journalist Saddique Shaban has won the admiration of Kenyans online after helping police to arrest a driver suspected of driving under influence and who had caused an accident on Mombasa Road.

In a thread of tweets, Saddique gave a chronology of how the driver rammed into a taxi near Mlolongo that was carrying three people, a mother with her two children with one being an infant.

“The incident happened on Sunday at midnight and I was driving behind the car and just near the weigh bridge on Mlolongo there are usually a few bumps. And as the taxi in front of the lady’s car slowed down because of the bumps the car being driven by the woman did not reduce its speed and rammed into the taxi.”

As a result the mother of the two children in the taxi sustained injuries on her neck and lower back.


Pictures shared by Saddique of the taxi shows it’s back dented by the impact made by the driver’s SUV.

The victim was later rushed to hospital after police arrived at the scene.

However the drama did not end there. According to the journalist, the driver started bragging that no one can arrest her due to her “influential” connections.

“The DUI suspect rammed a taxi carrying three people, including a baby. Passenger sitting at the back suffered neck & lover back injuries. Rushed them to hospital. Lady driver says no one could arrest her due to her influential “connections”. This inspired me more,” tweeted Saddique.

He started recording the woman using his phone. She was later arrested and taken to Athi River Police station.

Saddique urged the government to reinstate NTSA back on the road because motorists driving under the influence are on a killing spree.


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VIDEO: Someone tell New York Times, in Kenya we align the journalists ourselves



A furious Citizen TV journalist turned on his colleagues on Wednesday for blocking his shot during a media briefing that was being televised live.

Senior Reporter Hassan Mugambi, with vast experience in security matters, had spent hours covering events at 14 Riverside complex and did not take it kindly when his view was blocked

In a video clip that has gone viral, Mugambi is seen smacking other journalists on their backs as he tells them to cower and stop blocking his view.


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VIDEO: Woman claims singer Ben Githae has abandoned her with twins 




A woman has come out claiming  Tano Tena hit maker Ben Githae has left her with two little girls.

The woman, Rose Wanjiru said she had an affair with the gospel singer and got twins from the relationship, but Mr Githae has now neglected taking care of the children.

However, reached for comment, Ben Githae rubbished the claims saying he was paying for rent for the woman.

“If she want to soil my name by going to media and if she thinks going to the media will help her, let her do it, but I have not denied the children are mine,” said Mr Githae.

The woman claims she met Mr Githae in 2011 in Thika where he had gone to perform, she got pregnant in 2016.

According to Ms Wanjiru, the singer helped her for sometime and later withdrew. She claims he at one time sent Mungiki thugs to beat her up when she was pregnant. Ms Wanjiru claims Githae later claimed the children belonged to a Pastor called JJ Gitahi.

“I have told him if the children are not his, let him come we carry out a DNA, he has stopped paying for rent, and claimed the children are Pastor JJ’s,” she said adding that she had met with pastor JJ Gitahi on three occasions then stopped so she could concentrate on Mr Githae.

Singer Ben Githae

See video below

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American newspaper New York Times declines to pull down graphic images on Dusit attack



The New York Times has come under intense pressure from its readers and Kenyans online for publishing graphic images of victims of Tuesday’s terror attack at Dusit D2 Hotel at Riverside Drive in Nairobi.

Kenyans on Twitter came out in droves to condemn the New York Times after it published gory images that attracted a global outcry.

In a statement, the American publication said: “We have heard from some readers upset with our publishing a photo showing victims after a brutal attack in Nairobi.”

“We understand how painful this coverage can be, and we try to be very sensitive in how we handle both words and images in these situations,” the statement read.

Images published by powerful paper on its website showed bodies in the restaurant, victims covered in blood and gory scenes.

This sparked off an online backlash, with some readers asking the publisher to pull them down, because of their distasteful nature.

But the publisher is yet to delete the photos from their story.

We want to be respectful to the victims and to others affected by the attack. But we also believe it is important to give our readers a clear picture of the horror of an attack like this — this includes showing pictures that are not sensationalised but that give a real sense of the situation,” the publisher said in a statement published on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

The publisher said they take the same approach worldwide whenever such events occur by balancing the need for sensitivity for respect with its mission of showing the reality of the happenings.

Source: Daily Nation

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