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Musician Joseph Kamaru’s burial date set



Legendary Benga artist Joseph Kamaru is set to be buried on Thursday at his Kaharati farm in Muranga County.

The funeral service will be held at Muthithi Primary school in Murang’a.

The popular Kikuyu musician died on Wednesday, October 3 at MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi where he was receiving treatment.

Kamaru was born in 1939 in Kangema, Murang’a County where he attended his primary education till 1957.

After his Primary School education, Kamaru, who didn’t continue with his Secondary education, moved to Nairobi in search of a job.

He hawked clothes in the streets of Nairobi and also engaged in odd house chores in the different neighborhoods to eke out a living. In a month he could roughly raise about Ksh.180, a tidy sum back then.

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¨The doctor did another ultrasound and I was told there was no heartbeat¨ TV producer Milly Chebby speaks on painful unborn baby´s loss



TV producer, Milly  Chebby , wife to comedian Terrence Creative, has opened up about the painful loss of their unborn baby.

I was spotting on an off at week seven of my pregnancy so I went to the hospital and the doctor did an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat.

At week 13, I spotted again and my hubby was so sad, that morning he was going to a meeting and he dropped us at the hospital.

The doctor did another ultrasound and I was told there was no heartbeat.

Heartbroken Chebby reveals how she started spotting at week 7 of her pregnancy and decided to seek the Doctor´s attention.

Apparently, the baby died at week 7, three days after leaving the hospital.

I screamed in the room and cried nonstop that day.

I have never cried that much in my life.

My sister called my husband, he was silent for a minute then told my sister it was okay and he came back to the hospital only to find me devastated.

TV producer, Milly Chebby and husband comedian Terrence Creative

The TV producer further on explains that:

I had an amazing support system from my family, my mum was always at my house, my small sister never left my bedroom because I could not to anything.

My pastor and my ministry ushering team at House of Grace were there for me.

My friends also paid for my counselling sessions and my hubby was always by my side.

Milly Chebby highlighted how supportive a family she has.

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Her Advice

It is after such a massive support system that Chebby had this to leave behind:

It is never easy but whatever will make it easier do it.

Cry if that will make you better, sleep if it will make you feel better above all have people around you and let your spouse know that you need them most and also speak out and it lightens the heart.



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Former street urchin who won hearts with epic transformation dies



Former street urchin Patrick Hinga, whose story of transformation captured the nation after he was rescued by a former schoolmate, has passed on.

The circumstances of his death still remain unclear.

Wanja Mwaura, the childhood friend who helped Mr Hinga’s journey from street life and drug addiction, announced the death on social media on Sunday.

“With deep sorrow, I want to inform you that Hinga has rested. He passed on this morning (Sunday, March 17). I do not have the strength to say much right now. Rest in peace, my friend,” her Facebook post read.

In early October, 2017 Ms Wanja, was on her way to the market in Lower Kabaete, Nairobi, when she heard someone shout out her name.

She looked up and was surprised to see a tall man with bulging eyes, an emaciated frame, dirtied black overalls and when Hinga introduced himself, Wanja says she found herself in shock.

Standing before her was a friend she had known since she was seven years old.

Wanja shared their story on social media and that is how Hinga was introduced to Kenyans for the first time as a destitute man in the streets of Wangige Town.

Born on September 15, 1983, he attended Ndararua Primary School in Kabete and sat his KCPE exams in 1998 where he scored 447 marks out of 700. He was admitted to Uthiru High School, then a provincial school, in 1999.

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Hinga’s involvement with drugs started when he was in standard eight after friends introduced him to the lifestyle.

“It all began with cigarettes,” he says. “Before we knew it, we were smoking Bhang. I gave in to drugs because of peer pressure,” he told Daily Nation in an earlier interview.

Hinga and his friends would sneak to the toilets to smoke cigarettes and bhang.

When his teachers discovered that Hinga was doing drugs, he was immediately expelled. He was in form two.

This, was the beginning of a downward spiral towards the path of ruin that would see him hit the streets.

After being expelled from Uthiru, he was enrolled at Elite High School in Kayole where he dropped out due to drug use.

Kenyans were amazed by Ms Wanja’s commitment as she launched an appeal that saw Hinga undergo a rehabilitation programme at the Chiromo Medical Lane Centre.

He successfully completed the programme in May 2018 and the hospital waived a Sh149,000 bill.

In August 2018, however, it is reported that Hinga had a relapse and was spotted at Wangige Market in Kabete where a few people tried to reach out to him, including his former classmate.

source: Nairobi News

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There are no bones, not even a skull — Father of Ethiopian Airlines pilot speaks



Dr Getachew Tessema, father of Yared Getachew, captain of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed killing 157 people, has revealed that he cannot find the remains of his son.

In an interview with Sky News, Tessema stated that he was hoping to take home some remains for closure but it seems that will not happen.

“There are no bones…there is not even a skull. Everybody is just dust. So I have nothing to send even for his mum.

“I was hoping I would get something and take it to where he came from but there is nothing.

“We never expected this to happen. Well. Sometimes you cannot change destiny,” he said.

The late Getachew was just 29-years-old but had 8000 flying hours under his belt and was described by many as a brilliant young man.

He also had roots in Kenya as his father is an Ethiopian while his mother, Rayan Shapi, is a Kenyan. Both are retired dentists.

Having excelled in school, his dad convinced him to go back to Ethiopia to study and he got further training in the United States of America.

Tessema requested the airline to set aside a section and publish names of all those who perished in the crash as a sign of respect.

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“Many young people perished, many nationalities…even children. I am appealing to the airlines to put the names of everyone who died in the crash,” he said.

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